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Ke-D2-W2900 Phased Pulse Cannon

Like the original W2800 and W2900 for the Sakura-class Gunships, it fires an incredibly intense scalar interference pulse that causes a tear in the fabric of space-time. When this occurs, all energy potentials in the target area are released into real space simultaneously, causing catastrophic destruction.

The KE-D2-W2900, or the 29L, however, is meant not for the Sakura-class Light Gunship, but for the Nozomi-class Scout. The previous Nozomi Main Gun, the Type 27, is environmentally unsound; and can interrupt CCD use in the area of space it has been used in. Because of this, the use of the Type 27 is frowned upon in Yamataian space, and improper for use near a Scorpio-class Star Fortress, which generally maintains a defense force of a dozen Nozomi and a dozen Sakura, and is meant to be a highly trafficked area. Because of this, an alternative main weapon for the scout was deemed necessary. Fortunately, the Type 27's assembly permits easy changing, it is merely a matter of making a Type 29 to fit the mounting brackets, and adapting it to the Nozomi's Power System and Weapons Control. Due to energy contraints resulting from the Aether Generator and differences in the power distribution system, the range for the weapon has been halved, and the charging time slightly increased, and the arc mode eliminated, but the desctuctive power remains. Given that the weapon is attached to a scout vessel, the alterations are acceptible.

The 29L only posesses Pulse Mode due to power constraints and the systems in place for the weapon.

The cannon is also referred to as “the main gun” , the “29L”, or the “Type 29 Light.” The Light Designation is due to the fact that there are multiple W2900 designs (for different ships).

Designer: Kage Yaichiro

Location: Forward section of the ship Purpose: Anti-starship (normal usage) Damage: Rating of 10, Total Annihalation Area of Effect: A 15-meter wide beam

Range: 300,000,000 km (About 2 AU or 186,000,000 miles) Rate of Fire: Once every 20 seconds Payload Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power

Note: Systems that make up this weapon were built in a modular fashion so that the sections composing the ship's main gun could be easily switched with other modules (weapon systems, additional crew space, sensor arrays) at a later time, if desired. Exchanging the main gun's systems in this fashion requires about 6 hours.

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