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Ke-D2-W3200 Shock Cannon

The Ke-D2-W3200 Shock Cannon is a main gun designed for escorts and scouts in YE 32, and the latest in an effort to transfer some measure of firepower from the legendary Sakura-class to these smaller vessels within reason.

This is based directly on the Ke-D2-W2900 Phased Pulse Cannon for the Nozomi-class Scout, which Engineer Kage Yaichiro also designed, modeled after the Sakura-class’ variants. It fires an incredibly intense scalar interference pulse that causes a tear in the fabric of space-time. When this occurs, all energy potentials in the target area are released into real space simultaneously, causing catastrophic destruction. This particular version has been designed to be more compact and streamlined with modern technology.

The KE-D2-W3200 was initially meant to serve as the Yui 7-class Scout’s main gun, but due to the fact this weapon is an upgraded version of what was used on the Nozomi, essentially the younger sibling of the Yui, it was designed for mounting on both the Yui 7 and the Nozomi-class Scout. Unlike the 29L, however, it has a wide firing arc function which is accomplished by sacrificing most of its range -– an effort to counter the close-swarming tactics of NMX Battle and Bomber Pods by concentrating the same volume (53,000 km^3) of firepower into a destructive cone of fire.

  • Location: Forward section of the ship, on lower deck
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Mecha/Anti-Starship
  • Damage: Tier 13, Light Anti-Capital Ship
  • Pulse Mode Area of Effect: A 15-meter wide beam
  • Wide Mode Area of Effect: A 30 degree-wide arc
  • Pulse Mode Range: 300,000,000 km (About 2 AU or 186,000,000 miles)
  • Wide Mode Range: 308 km (About 191.4 miles) out, with the cone being 25.6 km (16 miles) in diameter at maximum range.
  • Rate of Fire: Once every ten seconds
  • Payload Effectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power

Note: Systems that make up this weapon were built in a modular fashion so that the sections composing the ship's main gun could be easily switched with other modules (weapon systems, additional crew space, sensor arrays) at a later time, if desired. Exchanging the main gun's systems in this fashion requires about 6 hours.

Also, all measurements in kilometers are accurate to to 3 significant units.

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