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Concordia Veil: Ship's Ledger

This page is for the tracking of the operational funds attached to the plot ship Concordia Veil. Naturally, this is confidential information for the eyes of its owner, Sienna Shelton, and should be treated as OOC information unless somehow made aware of it in the RP.

Pay Structure

Position Average Share
Captain n/a
First Mate 18%
Pilot 10%
Astrogator 10%
Medic 5%
Soldier 5%
Deck Hand 2%

The percentages listed are not solid figures, but rather serve as a guideline for payment of shares when the ship receives a payout or captures salvage. The captain can award bonuses on top of this amount for exceptional performance.

The captain, as the ship's owner, pulls from the ship's fund as necessary.

The medic and soldiers aboard the ship typically have the most variance in their shares, since their job is the most unpredictable. On a โ€œblue milk runโ€ with no armed resistance or casualties, their work load is very light, whereas situations where their skills are called upon will warrant a much larger payout.


Balance Salvage/Loot Accrued Credit Debit Paid To/From Reason/Item
7,000 KS 0 KS 7,000 KS Sienna Shelton Allocation of initial funds
8,000 KS 1,000 KS 1,000 KS Bithut Palmatar Tam First advance payment for rescue
7,350 KS 650 KS The Black Moon Fuel and supplies
1,687 KS 5,663 KS The Black Moon Purchase of Moon Dust and Silk
12,197 KS 10,510 KS Khorsovarolor Sale of Moon Dust and Silk
10,743 KS 4,393 KS 1,454 KS The Black Moon Sales commission to vendor
13,743 KS 7,393 KS 3,000 KS Bithut Palmatar Tam Second advance payment for rescue
20,993 KS 14,643 KS 7,250 KS Bithut Palmatar Tam Third advance payment for rescue
28,243 KS 21,893 KS 7,250 KS Bithut Palmatar Tam Balance payment for rescue
56,486 DA 43,786 DA Currency conversion at Dawn Station
50,486 DA 37,786 DA 6,000 DA Amelia Stroud Payout
44,986 DA 32,286 DA 5,500 DA Stitchtech Pat 64-4406-2207 Payout
39,486 DA 26,786 DA 5,500 DA Shrie "Pinpoint" Zar'koe Fyunnen Payout
0 DA n/a 39,486 DA Various Money frittered away during Sienna's two-year bender and amnesiac episode

OOC Notes

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