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OIF Inquest

The OIF Inquest is an Assayer Class Starship registered in the Origin Industrial Fleet as AY-02.

Assayer-Class Starship

About the OIF Inquest

The OIF Inquest was constructed in YE 40, and customized and outfitted throughout the following year to be launched in early YE 42. It is the research and exploration ship used by Mimi Merkur in the course of her duties on behalf of Origin Industries.

OIF Inquest
Name OIF Inquest
Owner Origin Industries
Operator Origin Industrial Fleet
Port of Registry Dawn Station
Home Port Dawn Station
Builder Origin Industries Fleet Yards
Class Assayer Class Starship
Comissioned YE 42
Registry AY-02
Status Active


The OIF Inquest is a relatively new ship whose mission has only just begun.

YE 39

  • Construction ordered by OIF

YE 40

  • Hull Laid Down at Dawn Station
  • Standard fit and finish applied
  • Assigned OIF registry number AY-02

YE 41

  • Upfitting and Customization
  • Certification

YE 42

  • Commissioned as the OIF Inquest
  • Launched


These modifications have been made which vary from the original design of the Assayer Class Starship.

Modified Ship Interiors

The empty facilities have been devoted to science, engineering, and research to reflect the Inquest's mission.


The Inquest's Armory has a small private office for the Chief of Security, and a security monitoring and control station for the on duty Security Officer.


Part of the empty facilities on Deck Three have been converted into a bathhouse. In addition to being for the rest and relaxation of the crew and officers, this bathhouse features special equipment and provisions for physical therapy for patients of the Inquest's Medical Center.

Crew Quarters

Around a third of the Deck Three empty facilities have been converted to six additional VIP Rooms.

Drone Hangar

The drone hangar's Variable Launch Tubes accommodate the machinery and systems to launch Sensor Cruise Missiles. The Inquest does not possess the systems to arm and launch destructive warhead equipped OI-Z1b Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (Refit)s and can only launch the sensor payload version.

Frame Bay

The Inquest's frame bay has been modified to fit four of the larger M1 Series frames. The Frame Bay has been outfitted with locker rooms for the pilots.


The standard medical center and laboratory would be insufficient for the type and scale of research intended, as that laboratory is specialized towards the medical and life sciences. One of the empty facilities on Deck Five has been turned into a cutting-edge laboratory. It addition to lab benches and storage areas, the Laboratory is equipped with essential science equipment such as glassware, titration stations, scales, microscopes (optical and electron), centrifuges, fume hoods, and mass spectrometers. More specialized equipment for high energy and particle physics has been installed as well such as linear and ring accelerators. The Laboratory has its own dedicated X-type Quantum Computer Node, networked with the others aboard. Additionally, the Laboratory has installed a dedicated HONEY SLAM generator with quadruple fuel supply for backup and emergency power, which it shares with the Medical Bay. There is a private office for the Science officer here,


A little bit of the empty facilities housing the laboratory and workshop have been carved out into some well-lit office space featuring a couple of private offices, and several open-plan workgroup desks. A few small breakout rooms are soundproofed and have teleconferencing and telepresence equipment and smart display walls. The office space features a restroom and kitchenette, and a small Lounge as a breakroom.

A pair of standard-model Mimic Computers are stationed here as office assistants:

  • Em (Feminine)
  • En (Masculine)

Shuttle Bays

The Shuttle Bays have been outfitted with locker rooms for the pilots.

Star Gazer Lounge

The Inquest's Star Gazer Lounge still features all of the typical Lounge amenities. However, taking another cue from the Karakoram, it is set up as a garden lounge with ambient lighting, and features a modest hydroponics garden.

Volumetric Simulation Room

Located on Deck 3 and occupying the greater portion of one of the Inquest's formerly empty facilities, the Volumetric Simulation Room uses Solid Volumetrics and an entire X-type Quantum Computer Node dedicated to running simulations (though it too is networked with the others aboard). It was originally intended for scientific and engineering research, but its usefulness for crew recreation and training was discovered very early on.

Workshop and Fabrication

For all of Mimi Merkur's (and the other crew's) tinkering, inventing, and repairing needs, this unit is located in one of Deck Five's empty facilities. Like the Laboratory, the Worksop has its own dedicated X-type Quantum Computer Node, also networked with the others aboard, and a dedicated HONEY SLAM generator with quadruple fuel supply on a completely isolated circuit for backup and auxiliary power. Besides the tool storage, workbenches, and mundane but state of the art shop and manufacturing tools such as lathes, drill presses, metal bending fabrication machines, metal and polymer extrusion system, vacuum tables, and saws of all types, the well-lit fabrication area features computer-controlled mills, lathes, and cutters, 3D printers, and nanofabrication chambers, and even printed circuit board manufacturing units, robotic arms, nanomachine colonies, matter-to-energy converters and refiners, and other implements of industrial construction. Hand tools and diagnostic equipment are stored in locking cabinets to keep them in place. The Chief Engineer's private office is in here.

Modified Ship Systems

The following systems on the Inquest have been modified:

Power Supply

The Inquest has a pair of HONEY SLAM generators with quadruple fuel supplies for backup and auxiliary power in addition to the Assayer's standard.

Computers and Electronics

The default 'Destiny' AI System Knight Suite and its accompanying sensors have been upgraded to the 'Destiny' AI System Queen Suite. The ship's X-type Quantum Computer has been upgraded to a full Node (10 units), and an additional full Node is networked in for backup, redundancy, and auxiliary computing resources.

Emergency Systems

Taking a cue from the Karakoram and Kouken, the Inquest features upgraded safety and emergency systems in addition to those included in the Assayer by design.

  • Survival Lockers: There are two lockers on each deck which when combined contain enough Armored Pilot Suits for the entire crew.
  • Airtight Bulkheads: Most junctions in the Inquest can be closed off by bulkheads which act as airlocks between sections with and without an atmosphere, allowing for properly-equipped crew members to pass between atmosphere-containing and vented sections.
  • Fire Sprinklers: The Inquest has a ship-wide system of sprinklers that spray dry chemicals in order to put out fires as quickly as possible.
  • Halon Fire Suppression System: The frame bays, shuttle bays, and cargo storage areas, as well as the laboratory and workshop, each contain a halon-based fire suppression system that works by displacing and removing oxygen from a fire, thereby smothering it and removing its ability to oxidize; when the halon system activates, however, the crew must evacuate the bays - as they will not be able to breathe until the halon has been removed from the air.


The Inquest's Continuum Distortion Drive and Hyperspace Fold Drive have been optimized and upgraded a bit, providing a small boost to FTL speeds.

  • Continuum Distortion Drive: 12,500C
  • Fold Speed:0.5 Ly/m

Weapons Systems

The Inquest retains the 2×2 Ionic Pulse Cannon main guns and five Plasma Flak Cannon as secondary and point defense weapons. A pair of 125mm Gauss Cannon have been added to augment the main guns and the number of point defense weapons has been increased. A bank of OI-Z3 Armiore Missiles has also been added for anti-fighter and anti-power-armor defense.

Miscellaneous systems

Several utility systems have been added to the Inquest to improve its capabilities in research and exploration, many taken from other Origin Industries Fleet Yards ships such as the Courier 2c 'Collector'.

Harpoon Cables

The Harpoon cable system is the same one used on the Courier 2c 'Collector'. It is a multiple use system which can work in several ways to retrieve salvage. The first way is by simply being fired through salvage and physically attaching to it, the second is by being magnetically attached to metallic salvage, and the last way is by deploying small grasping 'hands' to grab smaller or more delicate salvage.

The like the Collector, the Inquest has three of these systems, two mounted on the nose, and one on the rear. They are on gimbaled turrets allowing them several degrees of freedom each.

Graviton Beam Arrays

The Inquest, like a Collector, is equipped with the same Graviton Beam Arrays. One is inside the cargo hold for the manipulation of objects in front of the ship, and one in the hangar bay to help guide shuttles and other small craft inside. Another is in the center of the ship's aft portion, for towing, and there is one more to either side, for a total of five. The externally mounted ones are on the same sort of gimbaled turret as the Harpoon Cables, while the internal ones are on articulated arms.


Four Large MultiStruct Multitool are mounted at the corners of the ship's ventral surface: fore-port, fore-starboard, aft-port, aft-starboard, on the retractable, articulated arms. All four feed to the same matter collection, distribution, and storage system located in unused space between decks.

Vehicle Complement

The Inquest carries the following vehicles:


Each Shuttle has a standard-model Mimic Computer as an attendant.

Fighters and Interceptors

Starfigher Accessories


Sensor Missiles


Frame Equipment

Ground Vehicles

Ship Inventory

The Inquest is well stocked for extended, unsupported missions in the frontier.




  • 2500 lb Beef (assorted cuts)
  • 4000 lb Chicken (whole)
  • 4000 lb Pork/ham (assorted cuts)
  • 3000 lb Fish (assorted types)
  • 3 tons breads (assorted types)
  • 7500 gallons of water
  • 2500 gallons of milk
  • 5000 gallons of Soda-water
    • 250 jugs of soda-syrup (assorted)
  • 5 tons green vegetables
  • 1200 lbs coffee beans
  • 4 tons Miscellaneous cooking ingredients
  • Many, many cases of emergency rations
  • Dozens of boxes of Star Army Emergency Ration Pill, 1000ct



The ship is crewed by Origin Industrial Fleet.

Executive Officers

The leadership of the Inquest:

Name Rank Position
Dyna Shevi Captain Captain
First Officer

Bridge Officers

The following personnel are bridge officers:

Name Rank Position

Fighter Pilots

These personnel pilot the Scimitar Starfighter:

Name Rank Position Fighter
Squadron Leader 1
Wingman 2
Wingman 3

Interceptor Pilots

These personnel pilot the OI-V2-1A Swordbreaker Interceptor:

Name Rank Position Interceptor
Squadron Leader 1
Wingman 2
Wingman 3

Frame Pilots

These personnel pilot the OI-M1-1c Oban frames:

Name Rank Position Frame
Squadron Leader 1
Wingman 2
Wingman 3
Trail 4

Shuttle Crew

These personnel pilot the Starbryte shuttles:

Name Rank Position Shuttle
Pilot 1
Co-Pilot 1
Pilot 2
Co-Pilot 2
Pilot 3
Co-Pilot 3


These OriSec personnel ensure the safety of the ship and crew:

Name Rank Position
Security Chief
Security Officer
Security Officer

Technical Staff

These personnel keep the ship and its craft running:

Name Rank Position
Chief Engineer

Medical Staff

These personnel keep the crew healthy:

Chief Medical Officer

Science Staff

These personnel support the ship's main mission:

Mimi Merkur Ensign Science Officer
Chance Tierney Shipman Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Assistant

Logistics Staff

These personnel keep the crew fed and equipped, the ship stocked, and all cargo securely handled:

Galley Chief

Bunk Assignments

The crew is berthed as follows:

Name Room Bunk
Captain Dyna Shevi Captain's Suite N/A
First Officer VIP 1 N/A
Science Officer Mimi Merkur VIP 2 N/A
Chief Medical Officer VIP 3 N/A
Chief Engineer VIP 4 N/A
Chief of Security VIP 5 N/A
Galley Chief VIP 6 N/A
Loadmaster VIP 7 N/A
VIP Guest VIP 8 N/A
Sensor Cabin 1 1
Communication Cabin 1 2
Navigator Cabin 1 3
Pilot Cabin 1 4
Nurse Cabin 2 1
Medic Cabin 2 2
Laboratory Assistant Chance Tierney Cabin 2 3
Laboratory Assistant Cabin 2 4
Frame Squadron Leader Cabin 3 1
Frame Pilot Cabin 3 2
Frame Pilot Cabin 3 3
Frame Pilot Cabin 3 4
Shuttle 1 Pilot Cabin 4 1
Shuttle 1 Co-Pilot Cabin 4 2
Shuttle 2 Pilot Cabin 4 3
Shuttle 2 Co-Pilot Cabin 4 4
Shuttle 3 Pilot Cabin 5 1
Shuttle 3 Co-Pilot Cabin 5 2
Security Officer Cabin 5 3
Security Officer Cabin 5 4
Scimitar Squadron Cabin 6 1
Scimitar Pilot Cabin 6 2
Scimitar Pilot Cabin 6 3
Technician Cabin 6 4
Swordbreaker Squadron Leader Cabin 7 1
Swordbreaker Pilot Cabin 7 2
Swordbreaker Pilot Cabin 7 3
Technician Cabin 7 4
Deckhand Cabin 8 1
Deckhand Cabin 8 2
Cook Cabin 8 3
Cook Cabin 8 4

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