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Cloud Harbor

The Cloud Harbor is a specially designed station that is in ASE-006 and used to stabilize the anomaly that leads to the Sea Of Clouds.

More About Cloud Harbor

The Cloud Harbor was designed to anchor down the anomaly that leads to the Sea Of Clouds and act as bridge so that people can travel to and from. It is also fitted with the necessary facilities for refueling and handling quarantine as well. Because there are other stations in ASE-006 facilities have been minimized in terms of accommodating others.

  • Type: Specialized Space Station
  • Designers: Kaiserlich F&E
  • Production: Single
  • Crew: Approximately 500
  • Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 1000 people. About 5000 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.

Main Station Dimensions

  • Length: 2km
  • Width: 2km
  • Height: 800m
  • Decks: 150

Propulsion and Range

  • Range: In-System
  • Lifespan: Indefinite
  • Refit Cycle: Every 20 years


The Cloud Harbor has a very basic and minimalist appearance since it was designed with the intent of keeping it out of public eye. The station consist of once main structure with two rings surrounding it that are connected through large multi deck walkways. There is a raised portion of the station both above and below to hold the primary facilities of the station. The Cloud Gate annex attaches to the outer most ring.

History and Background

In YE 38 it was discovered that the reason for the lack of celestial bodies in ASE-006 was a recently discovered anomaly that occurs within the system. Occasionally a fold in space would form, and the different celestial bodies would be drawn in and removed from the system. In order to investigate this further as well as prevent it from happening again, the Cloud Harbor station was built along with a specialized stabilization system to control the power of the fold and use it as a jump gate that leads directly to this unknown space. The Cloud Harbor quickly became the base of operations for investigation, and the Nachrichtendienst has done what they can to keep the station a secret from other nations.

Notable Unique Structures and Compartments

Because of the specialized nature of the Cloud Harbor, its interior has been designed simply and many of it's compartments are similar to those that would be found in a Frontier Asteroid Base, however there are some unique locations inside the station.

Astrography Room

A large room with a specialized display system that can cover the entire room with an image. This room collects the data from the Cloud Array and converts it into maps so that the Sea Of Clouds can be properly charted. A secondary purpose for this room is to act as a war room, making use of it's ability to create detailed displays of a solar system.

Transitional Fold Gate

Also called the Cloud Gate or simply the Gate. This large ring like structure is used to open the anomaly that leads to the Sea Of Clouds. This portal is protected by armored shell that folds over the structure when not in use. The cloud Gate is a 2 kilometer ring that is attached to the station as an annex.


Because of the possibility of visitors from a different sector, a whole wing of the station has been reserved to be used as a quarantine facility until the visitors can be cleared to leave. This facility has all the amenities required for extended stay so that the station personnel can have minimal interference. There are 20 two person rooms, and communal rooms to hold another 200 people comfortably. places like the infirmary and cafeteria have connections to the main station that are monitored, but designed so that station personnel can temporarily service and man those areas if needed, without having to travel through the rest of the quarantined area.

Ship Systems

Much like he basic compartments of the station, the Cloud Harbor takes many systems from the Frontier Asteroid Base. There are some unique systems to the station however.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Cloud Harbor is fitted with Military Station Tri-Armor to ensure protection from unexpected assaults.

Cloud Array

The Cloud Array is a specilized network of subspace probes designed with the ability to transmit data from one side of the Cloud Gate to the other. The probes are mainly used for Astrographic data, but communications can be sent through as well.

Computers and Electronics

The station uses a CU-24 system for its primary electronics. Though it's been modified, priority was on being able to set the station up quickly, so a more advanced system was not developed.



Emergency Systems

With its mission dealing in ambushing and early warning, the Frontier Base has no escape pods to save its crew. It is compartmentalized in the freak case of a breach, but other than that the crew must rely on rescue ships and its own shuttle complement to save themselves.

Life Support Systems

Though the Cloud Harbor mainly receives provisions from the other stations in ASE-006, it is equipped with everything it needs for a fully self sustained life support, handling water and air recycling as well as fuel production. It even has agriculture facilities that could sustain 100 people indefinitely if operated properly.


Vehicle Complement



Other Vessels

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