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Bai'yusaenahe'mah Star System

Faction: Kingdom of Neshaten
System Population: 890
Number of Planets: 5
Status: Active

Colonized in EE 001, the Bai'yusaenahe'mah system is primarily used for researching of dangerous items; because of this, most of its planets are left untouched so that attention is not drawn to it, although there are numerious sensor outposts - manned and unmanned - spread throughout the system.

Type G6 V Red Main Sequence

The Type G6 is the primary sun of the star system.

Type: M6 V Red
Radius: 7.10 x 105 km (1.02 x sol)
Mass: 1.74 x 1030 kg (0.88 x sol)
Temperature: 5300 K
Luminosity: 4.54 x 1026 W (1.19 x sol)

Bai'yusaenahe'mah I

Bai'yusaenahe'mah I is comprised of thousands of millions of small chunks of rock and debris; the area has several scientific probes that are used to monitor the star.

Type: Asteroid Belt
Orbital Radius: 5.13 x 107 km (0.34 AU)
Period: 3.24 x 103 hours (0.37 earth years)

Bai'yusaenahe'mah II

Bai'yusaenahe'mah II is the systems only gas giant, currently it is not used for anything within the Kingdom.

Type Jovian Planet
Orbital Radius: 7.37 x 107 km (0.49 AU)
Period: 5.58 x 103 hours (0.64 earth years)
Gravity: 23.62 m/s2 (2.41 x earth)
Special: Planetary rings, 47 small moons, 12 large moons

Bai'yusaenahe'mah III

Bai'yusaenahe'mah V is a resource rich planetoid, unfortunately, it is of little use to the Neshaten due to its corrosive atmosphere.

Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius: 3.64 x 108 km (1.01 AU)
Period: 3.54 x 104 hours (4.05 earth years)
Gravity: 7.61 m/s2 (0.78 x earth)
Special: corrosive atmosphere

Bai'yusaenahe'mah IV

Bai'yusaenahe'mah IV is a read world, barren, and is of little to no use due to the lack of any plentiful resources that could be mined. The Shukara Volunteer Navy has taken interest in the planet due to its underground caverns and plans are in place to construct an underground military complex.

Type Rock Planet
Orbital Radius: 2.11 x 108 km (1.41 AU)
Period: 1.56 x 104 hours (1.79 earth years)
Gravity: 4.67 m/s2 (0.48 x earth)
Special: Underground Caverns

Bai'yusaenahe'mah V

Its name has been left unchanged in order to maintain secrecy, Bai'yusaenahe'mah V is a toxic world with a thin atmosphere; the surface of the planet only has a few areas that are livable while the rest of it is not. A small research colony exists beneath the planets surface. A sensor station orbits the planet.

Type Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius: 1.48 x 108 km (2.99 AU)
Period: 9.22 x 103 hours (1.05 earth years)
Physics: Large iron/silicate
Gravity: 13.29 m/s2 (1.36 x earth)
Hydrosphere: 43% water, 7% ice
Atmosphere: Dense reducing
Civilization: Colony
Special: Toxic
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