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Star System E-9

E-9 is an uninhabited star system. It was formerly claimed by the United Outer Colonies, but no colonization effort was actually made.

Star Information

Type: Main Sequence Class: G Radiation Output: High

Planetary Information


Type: Barren Size: Medium Primary Composition: Nickel, aluminum, titanium Atmosphere: None Moons: 1 Climate: Extreme Heat Information: E-9-I has an orbit which holds it at a rather decent distance away from the star, however, due to the high radiation output from E-9, the surface of E-9-I has been scorched of any chance of sustaining life, liquid, or even a colony settlement due to heat levels being so high, the surface of the planet is actually near a liquid state.


Type: Barren Size: Large Primary Composition: Lead, copper, tin, zinc Atmosphere: Fluorine, chlorine, argon, radon, helium Moons: 2 Climate: Extreme Heat Information: Another planet which has been rendered inhospitable to life due to the high levels of radiation put out by the star it orbits. More so, this planet is inhospitable due to its atmospheric composition being immensely toxic.


Type: Barren Size: Medium Primary Composition: Carbon, titanium, zinc, silica, aluminum Atmosphere: Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen Moons: 0 Climate: Temperate Information: A geological marvel, the crust of E-9-III is comprised of ordinary quantities of silica rock, however, beneath the thin crust are sizable deposits of crystalline materials. Diamonds, rubies, amethysts, emeralds, among many many other valuable gems have been formed by the compression of various quantities of materials.


Type: Jungle Size: Medium Primary Composition: Carbon, silica, nickel, iron, titanium Atmosphere: Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium Moons: 2 Climate: Tropical Information: E-9-IV sustains itself by having a rather thick atmospheric composition at higher altitudes. This denser outer layer has produced an effective screen against the radiation output of the star. However, the denser atmosphere has also produced erratic weather patterns which result in nearly perpetual rains over the majority of the planet at all times. Additionally, life has managed to form on this planet in the form of primitive amphibian life, basic mammals, and large quantities of insects.


Type: Frozen Aquatic Size: Large Primary Composition: Nickel, titanium, silver Atmosphere: Oxygen, hydrogen Moons: 6 Climate: Frozen Information: E-9-V is a planet which has frozen over entirely. Ice comprises the entire surface of the planet, and beneath the ice is more ice, and more, until the crust, which is covered with additional ice. Beneath that is more ice in pockets, and finally the mantle and core, which have lost all heat and have frozen… like ice.

Inner Rim

Within the inner edge of the E-9 system are strings of gases which have formed into a ring around the star of the system. This ring has a blue-ish hue and does not serve as a navigational risk. The gas composition of the ring is largely of mundane materials.

Outer Rim

The outer rim of E-9 is comprised of large quantities of ice, methane, and hydrogen. Not much of interest can be found on the outer edges of the system.

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