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System R-1 "Freebeer"

Located in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, the Freebeer system was named by Captain Rodrigo Starblaster of the NSS Venus as the first system he and his crew entered in YE 34. It is named after the generous hospitality shown to the Venus' crew and the complete lack actual alcohol. Due to this unforgiving environment, the only habitable areas on the planet are the coastal regions. The system was opened for colonization in YE 36. Colonists have created both above and underground complexes for living and storage. A small landing zone has been built for shuttles to land. The system was originally colonized by survivors from a crashed colony ship but the population has since been removed for rehabilitation and reintegration into the Imperium. It is also the closest of the new colonial star systems to Malaise.

System description

Sun Type Binary Yellow Dwarves
Celestial Bodies 4 Terrestrial with satellite moons, 1 Gas Giant, 1 Asteroid Belts
Order Poison, Boiling Hot, Icey Blue, New Belfast, Asteroids
Current Occupants Nepleslians

Boiling Hot

Boiling Hot is roughly the same size as Nepleslia Prime but is roughly 60% water. It is divided into two continents, both of which are capable of sustaining life. The proximity of the planet to the suns, however, makes the living conditions extremely hot save for the coastal areas. This results in the interior of both continents being barren deserts. There is a rainy season on the whole planet for roughly two months each year, when it rains heavily without stop.

New Belfast

The second habitable planet, New Belfast, is the polar opposite of Boiling Hot. Early in the planet's development, it was impacted by another planetoid, pushing New Belfast far from its previous orbit and pushing it into an orbit out near the edge of the system. New Belfast's new orbit now forms an oval shape around the system. Thus, New Belfast is a frozen rock. Most colonists would avoid it for that reason, but New Belfast holds great riches for those who wish to risk it all. Due to the impact of the planetoid early in New Belfast's development, the planet is rich in natural resources. There are three continents on the surface, as well as a single ocean: The Cobalt Sea.


The other terrestrial planet, Poison, is covered by toxic and acidic clouds. Any effort at remote mining or exploration would be too costly. A single NSN starbase was installed in the system to monitor traffic. It is orbited by two moons: Toxic and Gas.

Icey Blue

Lastly, the gas giant, named Icey Blue, has abundant natural gases that promise decades of gas collection. No attempt so far has been made to count the satellites in orbit of the gas giant.


The asteroid belt is quite dense past New Belfast. It contains the remains of the systems formation so it is quite rich in metals. The are many large hollowed out asteroids that contain different kinds of facilities from mining bases to Pirate hideouts. Because the belt is so thick it easy to hide in. Because of this it is a popular place for pirates, smugglers, and many others to hide their bases from prying eyes.

In-system Assets

  • 1 Orbiting SMDIoN base with 32 starfighters
  • Roughly 400 NSN personnel total
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