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Kotori System

The Kotori System, formerly known as Goumon, is a colony of the Yamatai Star Empire located in the Bard Cluster. Kotori was named Ketsurui Kotori for her role in saving Yamatai from the plans of Melisson.

Flag of the Yamatai Star Empire

During the First Mishhuvurthyar War, the system was captured for a year by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX). In YE 30, Sbuhfaba was released to the Yamatai Star Empire's control as part of the Intergalactic Armistice Agreement of YE 30 (IAA) signed at the International Relations Conference of YE 30.

System data


Red Dwarf Star

Type: M9 V Red Dwarf
Radius: 2.57 x 105 km (0.37 x sol)
Mass: 4.71 x 1029 kg (0.24 x sol)
Temperature: 2000 K
Luminosity: 1.24 x 1025 W (0.03 x sol)


Type: Rock Planet
Orbital Radius: 1.51 x 107 km (0.10 AU)
Period: 5.76 x 102 hours (0.07 earth years)
Gravity: 3.57 m/s2 (0.37 x earth)
Special: Heavy radiation


Type: Terrestrial World
Orbital Radius: 3.19 x 107 km (0.21 AU)
Period: 1.77 x 103 hours (0.20 earth years)
Gravity: 6.60 m/s2 (0.68 x earth)

Kotori Globe


Water: 50 %
Ice: 10 %


Type: Standard breathable
Pressure: 121.54 kPa (1.20 x earth)
Composition: 88.5% argon, 11.5% oxygen, trace other gases

Details on Planet Kotori.


Kotori was originally explored by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. The third planet was colonized. The original name for the system and planet was Gouman, but it was renamed in YE 33 in honor of Ketsurui Kotori.

"Guriddo" Defense System

In YE 33 the Fourth Standard Fleet deployed 4SF Standard "Guriddo" System Deployment for the defense of Kotori.

The Planet

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