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Nesha (System)

The Nesha Star System is the home system for the Kingdom of Neshaten, their homeworld is Nesha Prime, and it is located in the kuirenasova_cluster. The Nesha System is comprised of eight planets, three of which are gas giants, with a large asteriod belt located between Levia and Nesha Five, Levia is considered the last planet in the Nesha Star System.

Levia serves as the primary training facility for the Neshaten.

Due to a series of anomalies, the Nesha Star System is a deadzone where Neshaten FTL drives can't function.

System Data

M4 V Blue Dwarf

The parent star of the Nesha Star System, the sun's bluish color casts an eerie glow upon most of the systems planets during the daylight hours.

Name: M4 V Blue Dwarf
Radius: 2.35 x 105 km1)
Mass: 3.59 x 1029 kg2)
Temperature: 2700 K
Luminosity: 8.83 x 1024 W3)

Nesha I

Nesha I is the first planet in the Nesha star system, it is used as a research and development world where high-value projects are researched within close proximity of the sun via orbital labs. The planet is also used a source of hydrogen fuel production.

Type: Jovian Planet
Orbital Radius: 1.53 x 107 km4)
Period: 6.72 x 102 hours5)
Gravity: 23.25 m/s26)
Special: 12 small moons, 9 large moons

Asteroid Belt

Type: Asteroid Belt
Orbital Radius: 0.58 AU
Special: Solar Monitoring Stations, Mining Operations

The first asteroid belt within the Nesha star system that is used by the Kingdom for two separate reasons. The first is that a number of solar monitoring stations have been built on the surface of a number of asteroids that are designed to monitor the systems primary star, due to increasing solar activity, it has become a point of concern for the Kingdom.

The second reason stems from the fields plentiful sources of minerals which are mined through the use of automated platforms.

Nesha Prime

Nesha Prime is the capital world of the Neshaten; it is a planet that is rot with problems brought on by it's systems precuiliar issues. The planet is covered in a storm that rages constantly, although there are periods where this storm lets up and ships are able to both enter and leave.

Nesha Prime (Planet)

Type: Terrestrial, forested world
Circomference: 254,000 miles
Orbital Radius: 1.54 AU
Physics: Standard iron/silicate
Gravity: 12.5 g's
Hydrosphere: 22 % water, 36 % ice
Atmosphere: Breathable
Civilization: Fold-capable, capital world
Special: Planetary rings, Jumpgate.

Nesha III

A rock planet found near Nesha Prime, the planet doesn't serve much purpose other than a stopping point before merchent vessels head to Nesha Prime. Although it does have a military training base on the surface.

Xuiโ€™varan Training Center

Type: Rock Planet
Orbital Radius: 2.34 AU
Gravity: 2.27 m/s2 7)
Special: 4 Small moons, 1 Large moon

Asteriod Belt

Sometimes referred to as 'Nesha IV' due to the presence of asteriod colonies, the belt serves as a central mining location and starfighter training base.

Type: Asteroid Belt
Orbital Radius: 2.58 AU
Special: Asteriod Colonies

Nesha V

The fifth planet in the system, Nesha V serves as another hydrogen fuel gathering point. However, it also serves as a jumpgate location for ships needed deeper into the system. It's moons are used for a variety of different purposes.

Type: Jovian Planet
Orbital Radius: 4.77 AU
Gravity: 17.14 m/s2 8)
Special: 16 small moons, 2 large moons, Jumpgate.

Nesha VI

Another gas giant in the Nesha Star System, Nesha VI served it's purpose as a booster colony for when the Neshaten were spreading throughout their system. They colonized two of the four largest moons and used them to boost their advance toward the edge of the system. Now-a-days, however, all four moons are used as places of training for the Navy but also as surface mining locations for Trade Families who are involved in that sort of business. However, this is also the location for some private research facilities.

Type: Jovian Planet
Orbital Radius: 5.06 AU
Gravity: 19.43 m/s2
Special: 16 small moons, 4 large moons

Nesha VII

Nesha VII is considered an important planet in the Nesha star system because it is the only ice-planet that exists, it is used exclusively in ice-mining to provide water for nearby stations.

Type: Ice Planet
Orbital Radius: 6.46 AU
Gravity: 1.51 m/s2 9)
Special: Planetary rings


Levia is the last planet in the system, and serves as an edge-system colony and military stronghold. Levia is home to most of the Navy's military assets and is also home to there vast sensor network control centers.

Levia (Planet)

Type: Terrestrial, Forested world
Orbital Radius: 8.23 AU
Physics: Standard iron/silicate
Gravity: 1g
Hydrosphere: 45% water, 36% ice
Atmosphere: Breathable
Special: Jumpgate, stations.
0.34 x sol
0.18 x sol
0.02 x sol
0.10 AU
0.08 earth years
2.38 x earth
0.23 x earth
1.75 x earth
0.15 x earth

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