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System R-8 "Red Sky"

Located in the Northwestern sector of the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, the Red Sky system was named after the red giant that remains as the system's only star.

While there may have been other planets in the system before it was discovered, only two terrestrial planets remain - Ascension and Typhoon. Two unnamed gas giants with satellite moons remain, and an asteroid belt spans the outer edge of the system.

System description

Sun Type Red Giant
Celestial Bodies 2 Terrestrial, 2 Gas Giants with satellite moons, 1 Asteroid Belt
Order Ascension, Typhoon, Big Green, Asteroids
Current Occupants Unknown, Possibly Nepleslian

Terrestrial World "Typhoon"

  • Standard (Greenhouse)
  • Radius: 11,395 km
  • Gravity: 2.37
  • Rotation: 20 hrs
  • Climate: Varies
  • Atmosphere: Hospitable
  • Atmospheric Composition: 78.4% carbon dioxide, 19.63% sulfur dioxide, 1.97% trace gasses
  • Planetary Composition: 31.1% iron, 27.9% nickel, 23.9% magnesium, 11.6% silicon, 5.0% other metals, 0.4% other elements
  • Volcanic Activity: Moderate
  • Tectonic Activity: Light
  • Resource Value: Abundant

More information can be found on the planet article.

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