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Svodog is a star system claimed by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia after its annexation in YE 35, during The Rok'Veru Offensive. It consists of a single red dwarf star and three terrestrial planets, one of which is habitable.

Svodog's Star

  • Type: M2 V Red Dwarf
  • Radius: 2.84 x 105 km
  • Mass: 6.34 x 1029 kg
  • Temperature: 3100 K
  • Luminosity: 1.52 x 1025 W


  • Planet: Samdog
  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Circumference: About 3,300 km
  • Surface Gravity: 0.69G
  • Length of Day: Tidally locked to Star
  • Special: Frequent electromagnetic storms, heavy radiation


  • Planet: Svodog
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Circumference: About 5,000 km
  • Surface Gravity: 0.88 G
  • Length of Day: 18 hours
  • Length of Year: 40 days
  • Special: Planetary asteroid ring, suitable for mining and habitation

More about Svodog

Svodog has been uninhabited until the NMX occupation during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. It was mainly used as a staging post and supply base by the NMX.

In YE 35, the SMDIoN's Rok'Veru Offensive entered the system and conquered it in the name of Nepleslia. Grand Admiral Charlie Coast presided over the formal declaration of annexation.

Nepleslia immediately stationed a Bulwark Starbase, two Rooks, and four frigates.

Colonization plans are being considered.

The planet itself is divided into two continents with a single ocean. The larger continent is, geographically more central than the smaller, more southern one and a candidate for colonization. Temperatures generally stay in the range of 32-36 degrees Celsius with a rainfall period every 30 days. This means that 10 days out of its 40 day year are relatively cooler and more pleasant. Its slower rotational speed, compared to its sister planets, makes acclimatization easier.


  • Planet: Samdog
  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Circumference: About 3,000 km
  • Surface Gravity: 1.2G
  • Length of Day: 14 hours
  • Special: Rich in raw materials; no native ecology or atmosphere
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