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Star System UX-13 is a star system charted by Kitsurugi Uesu during his departure from Central Yamatai. It is a strategic location in that it watches over the northern gate of the Ketsurui Military Sector and has a habitable world, Forge.


The First Expeditionary Fleet colonized UX-13 I in YE 30, building the UX-13 Training Center (Fort Ready II)

The Yamatai Star Empire placed a global communications network of Emrys Satellites into orbit of the system's terrestrial world in YE 36.

In YE 41, the UX-13 star system was conquered by forces from the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41.

Star System Data

UX-13 (Star)

  • Type M1 V Red Dwarf
  • Radius 2.95 x 105 km (0.42 x sol)
  • Mass 7.08 x 1029 kg (0.36 x sol)
  • Temperature 3200 K
  • Luminosity 1.26 x 1025 W (0.03 x sol)

UX-13 I

  • Type Terrestrial World
  • Orbital Radius 2.50 x 107 km (0.17 AU)
  • Period 1.00 x 103 hours (0.11 earth years)
  • Physics Large iron/silicate
  • Hydrosphere 45 % water, 16 % ice
  • Atmosphere Standard breathable
  • Biosphere Prokaryotic microbes
  • Special Large moon
Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameUX-13
Map Coordinates266,354
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Place Categoriesstar system

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