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Yuukan System

The Yuukan System was discovered in early YE 30. It was used an outpost system for the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and became part of the United Outer Colonies. In YE 32, it was taken over by the NMX and/or SMX.

Its name means “bravery” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

Statistical Information on the Yuukan System

Red Dwarf Star

System Name: Yuukan

Star:(1) Red Dwarf Star Name: Yuukan Type: M4 (Spectral Class) Surface Temperature: 3000 K Average Mass (In comparison to earth’s sun):0.30 Radius (In comparison to earth’s sun):0.40 Yerkes Luminosity: Type V

Number of Planets: 5


Yuukan I

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Colonies: Fort Yuukan Miltary Installation/Training Base
  • Population: 5,000 Personnel, and Trainees
  • Other uses: Resource Extraction, Water Mining

Yuukan I has a moderate climate and breathable atmosphere consists of oxygen, nitrogen, with trace amounts of water vapor, and helium. There is a small, but diverse ecosystem thriving on this world, with animals and plant life evident. If any of these species are edible or useful remains to be seen.

There is a automated subterranean mining facility formerly owned by Kakutama Heavy Industries that mines the metals within the planet.

Yuukan II

  • Type: Volcanic World
  • Colonies: N/A
  • Population: N/A
  • Other uses: Resource Extraction.
  • Moons: Yuukan IIA

Yuukan II is a harsh world, with a lot of volcanic activity. The atmosphere is mostly toxic due to this. The terrain of Yuukan II is rocky, blackened in some areas by magma, soot and ash. The planet itself has large deposits of titanium, iron, with few in way of precious minerals. Initial reports have been somewhat favorable for gems to be found due to the nature of the world.

Due to the mineral wealth of the world, several small mostly automated mining bases were maintained on Yuukan II by Kakutama Heavy Industries. These bases were setup strategically on areas with the least volcanic activity.

Yuukan III

  • Type: Jovian Planet
  • Colonies: N/A
  • Population: N/A
  • Other uses: N/A
  • Moons: N/A

Yuukan III is a large gas giant world. It has been noted during initial, and more in depth scans that this world is a failed star that did not ignite. Now it is a large swirling mass of gases, with a liquid core that emits enough gravity to hold itself together.

The Halo

  • Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Colonies: Several small mining bases owned by Kakutama Heavy Industries, Former SMX Asteroid Base
  • Population: 1,500 Miners, 800 Researchers
  • Other uses: Resource Extraction

Separating the inner worlds from the outer is a large, dense asteroid belt. Once the site of a battle between Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) and Star Army of Yamatai forces, an SMX asteroid base was captured in the process once the system was liberated. Scans have concluded the belt to be very rich in precious, and basic metals including the basic materials used to make Nerimium and Durandium Alloy. Several deposits of radioactive materials and titanium have also been discovered.

Mining operations have been mostly centered in the asteroid belt due to the plentiful nature of it, and the mineral wealth waiting to be mined. The SMX base has been recaptured by the Mishhu and is back in service.

Yuukan IV

  • Type: Rogue Planetoid Body
  • Colonies: N/A
  • Population: N/A
  • Other uses: N/A

Yuukan IV, after closer observation was theorized to be a rogue body that entered Yuukan's gravity field a few thousand years ago, and was unable to escape. The surface is devoid of life, atmosphere, and gravity is below the norm, allowing visitors to 'float' or 'bounce' along its surface.

Yuukan V

  • Type: Ice Planet
  • Colonies: Orbital Research Colony, with a small surface facility.
  • Population: 500 researchers
  • Other uses: Water Extraction, Ecological Research

Yuukan V is a small bleak looking world. It is covered entirely in ice, and has been theorized to be a mostly water based world. There is no life on this world due to the constant subzero temperatures and no vegetation. The only known land masses are located within the eastern, and southern hemispheres, but these are very small, likely simply islands with mountainous outcroppings. However, a recent discovery of note was the finding of several species of life, frozen dead, but immaculately preserved within the ice. Most of the findings have suggested a mostly aquatic ecosystem, but one or two mammalian species samples have also been found, meaning at one point in time Yuukan V supported life.


  • Fort Yuukan
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