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Aether Weaponry


Aether in a weapon form does not refer exclusive to weapons derived from Aetheric energy, but an entirely family of varied and legendarily deadly weapon systems that employ a combination of Aether-derived 'pure' energy and scalar energetics to initiate highly destructive effects. In general, these weapons can be split into four categories, which include Aetheric Detonators, Aether Shock, Pulse Beams and CFS-based Energy Beams.

Weaponry Types

Aetheric Detonators

Aetheric Detonators are modified Aether taps that are designed to self destruct while drawing out the maximum possible amount of Aetheric energy at the point of detonation, causing a massive release of energy as the Aether destroys matter by completely shearing their atomic bonds. Aetheric detonators are dangerous in that they can have large areas of effect are more difficult to defend against in case of an ambush, compared to beam weapons which have strong energy signatures when fired.

Aether Shock Weapons

At the apex of Aether weapons is the Aether Shock Weapon, which uses scalar energetics to suddenly unleash the given energy potentials in the path of the weapon, flooding the area with raw Aetheric energy. Average-sized arrays are known for being able to singularly cripple or annihilate an enemy, while the larger capital-class arrays can effectively rip holes into enemy formations. While powerful, they are also known of being poor weapons for planetary bombardment and precision assaults due to large areas of effect, and are thus unsuitable for anything but long to medium range anti-ship or anti-fleet engagements.

Phased Energy Pulses

Phase Energy Pulse beams do not specifically constitute Aether, but are an after-Aetheric energy particle created as it decays into normal matter and energy. This 'degenerate' Aether is then excited into a plasmatic state via applied scalar energetics and accelerated through a focusing system. These weapons are popular on units with Aetheric reactors, as they can inflict as much damage as a medium anti-armor weapon and require only minimal additional energy to function.

CFS Energy Beams

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