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Exo-Skeleton Arm

A bio-cybernetic (See below) layer covers the inside of an advanced, flexible Titanium-based alloy casing giving the user the advantage of not having to flip any switches to conserve power.The arm allows the user to have ten times their normal strength without cause to worry about muscle tears or strains, though without proper leverage the body would not be able to sustain this extra exertion. This arm has a power jack hook-up in the back of it's shoulder blade which is meant for recharging the unit after the power is drained.(It's built to go a week without a recharge but extensive use of its full power drains it rather quickly.) The entire shoulder blade area is a battery pack that constantly monitors and displays power usage on the top of the shoulder. The fingers are intricately designed to be wedged at the tips to pry into tight places and make a gap big enough to tear at. (Some times the index finger of the arm can be removed to grip a trigger of a rifle. This is the only finger that can be removed without removing the entire arm.) The arms weight is approximately 25 lbs and increases the arm by about 2 times its normal size. (This could be making clothes that fit hard to find.) The arm itself is actually three pieces, the top and bottom layers of the fingers up to the bicep and the shoulder mount battery pack. There are 3 layers to the top and bottom arm pieces. The first layer is the bio-cybernetics attaching themselves to the skin for motion detection. The second layer is an Electro dampening shield cloth that prevents the delicate circuitry from being damaged by an EMP. (Though the battery pack is not shielded and an EMP can knock out the arms movement but all that would be required is a new batter shoulder pack or work on the current one.) The final layer is the advanced, flexible Titanium-based alloy casing which is strong and light and also provides slight EMP protection to the circuitry. This outer coat is normally finely polished yet never glossy in color. Normally it's a dull shade of gray or black depending on the design.

(A “bio-cybernetic” system uses bio electric sensors attached to the skin on the arms to monitor signals transmitted from the brain to the muscles. It can do this because when someone intends to stand or walk, the nerve signal to the muscles generates a detectable electric current on the skin's surface. These currents are picked up by the sensors and sent to the computer, which translates the nerve signals into signals of its own for controlling electric motors at the shoulders and elbows of the exo-skeleton. It takes a fraction of a second for the motors to respond accordingly, and in fact they respond fractionally faster to the original signal from the brain than the wearer's muscles do.)

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