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Internal Medical System

The Internal Medical System is a Nepleslian power armor system that is designed to improve its user's survivability in combat.

Designed in YE 36 by NAM Medtech, the IMS is an improvement over the previous NAM designs. Medical systems from the second generation of Nepleslian power armor were good at two things, keeping a Marine going through combat and preserving the Marine's head in the event of death. It was capable of providing limited amounts of painkillers, combat stims, and performance enhancing drugs.

One problem, however, with the original system was that it was not as proficient as a Marine medic, who had far more sophisticated tools. Unfortunately, the power armor by definition made access to the Marine within more difficult. Many medics complained about how critical moments were lost punching in the medical override codes to access the Marine within or how it was impossible to open the armor to provide treatment when fighting in a vacuum or toxic atmosphere.

Early attempts to solve the problem were by making ports to allow the medics' equipment to reach the Marine, such as a port for injecting medical nano, painkillers or other drugs. These measures improved Marine casualty rates but were nothing more than a stop gap measure. A wounded Marine still relied on the unit medic.

Medtech wondered what if it could reduce reliance on the field medic? If the armor's medical systems could have a greater functionality, then the medics would be able to focus on more serious injuries.


The IMS features PLACEHOLDER capabilities which allow it to administer multiple forms of treatment to the power armor's user.


The most important feature of the IMS is the Auto-Injector, an injection system that is used to administer various drugs to the Power Armor user. As a sharp needle is a hazardous thing to have in such an enclosed space, the auto-injector uses small, nano-scopic needles to make tiny punctures to infuse the user. Beyond the mechanical changes, it works exactly the same as the previous system.

The auto-injector has a store of the following:

  • Painkillers
  • Medical Nano
  • Detoxifying agents for most poisons, drugs, and alcohol
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs and Hormones
  • Combat Stims
  • Blood Coagulants and Thinners
  • Relaxing Agents
  • Nutrient-rich liquids to replace electrolytes and water in combat

Joint Lock

In the event that the user suffers injuries that will worsen with movement, or if the patient is simply being uncooperative, the IMS has a feature that allows all joints to be locked into place and cushioned as tightly as possible to prevent movement. A single joint can be triggered or multiple joints, depending on the needs. This can only be activated by a medic or another person manually punching in the code through a wired connection from a datajockey.

Auto-Tourniquet System

Sometimes, one must sacrifice a part to save the whole. The Auto-Tourniquet System (ATS) is meant to prevent blood loss and suit structural failure. It serves these two purposes by having two functions. Firstly, it is able to constrict the blood flow to any of the user's limbs by squeezing the power armor's nano-muscles. In doing so, the user's life is prolonged by the stemmed blood flow.

In more drastic situations, the ATS is also able to amputate sections of the limbs off. Nano-machines formed into blades can be commanded to slice off parts of the limb at any section. To prevent exposure to toxic or hostile environments, these nano-machines then immediately harden into an air-tight seal while medical nano and blood coagulants are injected to stem blood loss.

Thermal Pads

As Nepleslian forces find themselves in more and more varied environments, the need for temperature control systems became more apparent. Extreme temperatures that affect the user reduce the Marine's health and combat effectiveness. To alleviate this, thermal pads that are electrically heated are placed around the body's core and extremities to provide relief. The temperatures can be adjusted up or down so as to fit the conditions. If in a desert, the pads can be used to cool the user while if in cold winter conditions, they can heat up the user to prevent frostbite and numbness.

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