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Scalar Mine

The Scalar Mine is simply a land mine (or sea mine, but a space mine would probably not be of much use) which, instead of exploding, emits a scalar field when triggered. The mines themselves are designed not to be harmed by Scalar Fields, allowing them to be placed in minefields without duding each other, and are also shielded against EMP effects. They use a small cloaking device to hide from most sensors, and can be triggered by pressure, magnetic, thermal, motion, or any other type of sensor one can imagine (and make small and cheap enough to put in a mine) and can also be set to use a time delay, or to wait until a certain number of units/people are within a certain radius, or a variety of other conditions. They are powered by a small Zero Point Energy generator, and unlike exploding mines, they remain intact after being triggered and still pose a threat to the next wave of enemy troops, and they cannot be cleared by deliberately detonating them (today, this is the only method to quickly clear mines). They can be deployed just like ordinary mines (planted by an engineering unit, spread by artillery or aircraft, etc.). The blast radius is normally set to 3 meters horizontally by 10 meters vertically, but can be varied up to 50 meter in every direction. The scalar field will kill vehicle crews and infantry (power armor or no power armor), detonate fuels and explosives, fry electronics, ignite combustibles, destroy ablative armor, and all the other stuff scalar weapon normally do.

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