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International Relations Conference of YE 38

The International Relations Conference Of YE 38 was the fifth multinational diplomatic summit conducted by the Yamatai Star Empire. It began on March 1, 2016, which is YE 38 in the RP. The goal of the conference was to improve relations between nations and to promote international cooperation.


The conference took place at the international conference center in Reikan Embassy Park in the Kyoto Megacity on planet Yamatai, where most factions already had an embassy within walking distance.


The following nations were invited to participate:


On the first day of the conference, the Star Army of Yamatai's commander, Ketsurui Yui, argued that the Senate of Yamatai and Nepleslian Senate failed to properly ratify the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States and therefore Yamatai and Nepleslia were not members. Yamatai's senate held a session to ratify the treaty but it was voted down. The result was Yamatai left the treaty two years earlier than expected. Meanwhile Nepleslia opted to ratify the treaty and stay in.

Previous International Relations Conferences

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