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YE 40

YE 40 is the in-character Yamataian Calendar year that aligned with 2018. It began on January 1, 2018 and ended on December 31, 2018.


The themes for YE 40 are making the setting deeper (not just wider), faction diversity, and the heating up of the Kuvexian War.

Notable Events





  • Seismic activity increases on Nesha Prime.
  • Neshaten scientists detect a strange anomaly to the galactic east, send's a scientific group to investigate.
  • The Netrunu'marol launch an attack on Ne'ushae.
  • SNV Furi'ken is launched.

New Dusk Conclave

  • Section 6 is reformed into the New Dusk Conclave.
  • Obsidia city is constructed as the seat of power for the NDC, on their new home world of Sirris VI.
  • Forms alliance with Monarchy of Dovania.
  • NDC engages in a war with a raider organization, the war ends in victory for the NDC after only three months.


  • Akemi's Umbrella, a conglomerate holding business ventures of Koga Akemi, is formed.
  • Ken-TEC forms on Kennewes; a small corporation with a focus on providing tools and services for the working stiffs of the Kikyo sector.
  • The Exodus Fleet; a fleet of deserters from the increasingly totalitarian state, the OSO, leaves for the southeast of the Kikyo sector.
  • Osman Heavy Industries; a business built around the sale of mecha/armored frames, is founded in the OSO and eventually leaves under economic pressure from the local economic syndicate.

Origin Industries

New Technologies

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