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Star Army Personnel Database

The Star Army Personnel Database is a YSE faction-specific Struct schema used by Star Army Personnel Command for tracking the hundreds of Star Army of Yamatai characters with wiki character biography pages.

Insignia patch

Uses of the Star Army Personnel Database include:


The SAPD is applied to the following namespaces:

  • characters:**
  • characters:yamatai:*
  • individual character pages as necessary


The name of the schema is stararmy_personnel.


Available columns are:

  • saoy_status
  • saoy_rank (Dropdown lookup field that connects to the stararmy_ranks schema)
  • saoy_occupation (Dropdown lookup field that connects to the stararmy_occupations schema)
  • saoy_assignment (wiki page of current assignment such as starship or base)
  • saoy_fleet (Dropdown lookup to the Star Army Fleets Schema)
  • saoy_battle_buddy (page)
  • saoy_battlestation
  • saoy_callsign
  • saoy_entry_year (Year the character joined the Star Army; lookup to years schema)
  • saoy_entry_month (1-9)
  • saoy_exit_year (Year character was discharged or is schedule to be discharged; lookup to years schema)
  • saoy_dor_year (Date of rank - year of last promotion; lookup to years schema)
  • saoy_dor_month (1-9)
  • saoy_discharge_type
  • saoy_reenlist_pref
  • saoy_respawn_pref
  • saoy_awards

Star Army Crew Roster

Here's a sample crew roster as seen on the page YSS Eucharis Crew & Personnel. It calls from two schemas and uses columns from each one.

---- struct table ----
schema: stararmy_personnel, characters
cols: character_image, saoy_rank, %title%, saoy_occupation, owner, status
filter: saoy_status = Active Duty
filter: saoy_assignment = stararmy:starships:yss_eucharis
order: %title%
csv: 0

Crew Cabin Assignments

---- struct table ----
schema: stararmy_personnel, characters
cols: saoy_rank, %title%, saoy_occupation, owner, saoy_quarters, character_gender
filter: saoy_status = Active Duty
filter: saoy_assignment = stararmy:starships:yss_resurgence
order: saoy_quarters, %title%
rownumbers: 1
csv: 0

Automatic Info Box

If you use this code at the bottom of your Star Army character's infobox you will never have to update these boxes manually:

^  Occupation:  |  {{$stararmy_personnel.saoy_occupation}}  |
^  Rank:  |  {{$stararmy_personnel.saoy_rank}}  |
^  Current Placement:  |  {{$stararmy_personnel.saoy_assignment}}  |


Wes made this page and the schema it is about.

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