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ketsurui aiko

  1. Ametheliana

    OOC Kaiyō: Task Force 282 Discussion

    Spearheaded by the warship YSS Kaiyō II, Task Force 282 was formed in YE 44 following a need for autonomous clandestine operations to investigate threats to Yamatai. Working during a time of post-war chaos and conflict, Task Force 282 can function outside of the normal theater of operations and...
  2. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 25: Modori

    ((OOC Note: Modori means return. Kaiyō means ocean.)) 7日 7月 YE 44 (Ocean Day) Kikyō Sector Near Vicky Ikoi Starbase Swimming Pool "Try opening it again!" came the excited and exasperated request of a mousy Nekovalkryja as she pushed her towel under her hand in order to try opening the swimming...