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  • In 2020 we're going to have our community meetings on the second Friday of the month except when those are holidays (Valentine's Day and Patriot's Day). I've added dates to the 2020 wiki page.

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Well, life has gotten a bit more interesting.

We finally got James home from Wake Med, but they would not approve him to use his insulin pump. So I am having to monitor and control his dosages. So far I've only had to stick him with a syringe once. But I suspect that I'll be doing it more. At least I have control over what he eats, and how much Insulin he should get.
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I hope things start to go better for you man.
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Sorry for my lack of participation recently... had some legal issues to untangle with the new year. Should be back in action soon!
So happy! Resolutions of the Ghost has its own subforum now. 18+ permissions only though!