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I was looking for something in my email and I came across an email I sent you in 2011 where I was giving you an unlock code for something in Star Trek Online. We used to get in the game together and fly our ships around. That was a fun time. All the good memories and the sadness of losing you came flooding back and I cried.
I was thinking about how we used to meet at ConCarolinas too. I don't mean to be all sappy but I miss you and I'm posting because I need to let it out. I miss you so much.
Yoshiro Tanaka
Yoshiro Tanaka
I remember when my character Yoshiro was under his character's command Nash was always so kind. If I had any questions, he would answer them and if I had any confusion about my situation in the RP he was nice enough to explain. Here's a toast to one of the best and awesome characters in and out of Star Army I have ever known. Huzzah, Nash. May you forever be Taisho to your ship of heaven.