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OOC YSS Kaiyō II Discussion


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It's about time another Yamataian plot ship opened up. There are too many players looking to play Yamatai and not enough open plots from what I've seen in the last few months. I'm looking to change that.

This one would focus around a plumeria named the YSS Kaiyō!

If @Wes would like to okay this, that'd be great!

Plot page
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It's great that you're taking the initiative, Ametheliana!

Unfortunately, an YSS Hoshi already exists. It's the Kansashi-class auxiliary ship that survived the YSS Miharu. For instance, Hoshi's avatar, Miharu Hinoto, is the Clan Mistress of the Miharu Clan.

Would it be possible for you to select a different name for your ship, please?
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So, any details on the premise/theme of the plot?
The YSS Kaiyō is intended to seek and destroy enemy starships within a squadron of the same four vessels, the Plumeria. It is a plot that will focus on space combat, including starship operations and power armor infiltration. As the impending war against the Kuvexians unfolds, the Kaiyō will be an asset for the Star Army of Yamatai as it plows through enemy lines.
I like hearing that, Cadet!

@Navian said they'll Co-GM for me.

I'm getting some plot details sorted before I make a plot page, but know that it's on the way!
There is some additions to the plot page, which is up and at 'em.

@Navian you will notice two NPC's I gave you.

We have one player character already approved and ready to go, next to Navian's player character, Navian.

@HAMnJAM will be joining us and @Noodles will be, as well.

Is there anyone else who will want to join this plot?
Okay, we're not waiting for boarders anymore! If your character is not approved yet and you want in on the plot, it is assumed they are on the ship already (or one of the other three plumerias)!

I will make the ship page tomorrow. This will include food stuff served in the wardroom (Yes green tea mochi, Cadet) , cabins, the arsenal, MEGAMI (Named "Boss" by Navian!) , etc!