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  1. Ametheliana

    RP Ocean Day of YE 41

    OOC: This thread is open to all Star Army of Yamatai characters and other characters visiting Yamatai. That's right, crossover time! Kyoto Prefecture Beach The tides on the sprawling beach pushed the Sea of Coriolis' waters onto the shore and unhurriedly pulled the sands into the crystalline...
  2. Andrew

    [FM Yamatai] Updates to Ketsurui Fleet Yards Wiki Pages

    Hi all, as was announced by Wes, I will be stepping up Co-FM for Yamatai. My first project is the update of several wiki pages that have become outdated, have the wrong structure, or need refreshing. I will be keeping the list here so people know what I am working on and I will update it as it...
  3. Wes

    Personnel Updates for the Star Army of Yamatai

    This thread is for discussing changes to personnel (e.g. who is in what position) in the Star Army of Yamatai. It's historically been the case that I strongly prefer that the Star Army's leadership be filled with PCs or NPCs who are being controlled by active players who will actually make...
  4. Yoerik

    Approved Submission Ketsurui Dome

    Hello SARP'ers, Here is yet another great location to make Kyoto come even more alive. This time, it's a location where you can enjoy the galaxy's greatest bands rock on, Live Aid style. I was inspired by Bohemian Rhapsody, and made a concert dome. Submission Type: Location FM Approved Yet...
  5. Ethereal

    RP Yamatai-Conclave First Contact

    {^^Sync Network^^} »»»Inbound Message««« FROM: [Mark Oaklen] TO: [Iemochi Seinosuke] >Hey old friend, I wanted to drop a line and say hi. As well as maybe discuss a few things. The main one being possible representation of our new government out here to arrange an alliance treaty. >Greetings...
  6. Yoerik

    RP The Kyoto Debate Club Sessions

    (OOC: The following takes place in the Imperial Archives' Clipper-Nogara Debate House. It is open to all Yamatai characters, and Senators are encouraged to participate.) This Week's Topic: International Relations Clipper-Nogara Debate House, Imperial Archives, Kyoto, Planet Yamatai. Date: 34日...
  7. FrostJaeger

    Resolved Yamatai Channels

    @Wes - would you remove the restriction that prevents those without the "Yamatai" role from posting in Yamataian channels on the Star Army Discord server, please? I personally don't see any reason to keep it around - not when the other faction channels (none of which have a similar restriction...
  8. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Hana Mission Three: Shapeshifter

    YSS Hana Wardroom The YSS Hana crew and the two other craft involved in the ship's last mission had been safely retrieved from Elefirn territory. The data they had been able to garner about the grouping of stations in the NorthWest of the star charts helped the Ninth Fleet narrowly avoid a...
  9. Ametheliana

    Approved Submission [Yamatai] Sushi

    I hope this adds to the depth of Yamatai! Feel free to checklist without FM approval, but wait for @Wes before rubber-stamping this! Thanks for putting aside the time to read and review this submission!
  10. FrostJaeger

    Ketsurui Samurai

    @Wes, are Ketsurui Samurai allowed to - or would they even consider to begin with - teach(ing) foreigner individuals (such as those not born or raised on Yamataian soil) their martial techniques and knowledge?
  11. Ametheliana

    Holidays in Yamatai/Kikyō Sector

    This is a thread meant to help decide the fate of Yamatai... Here are two months that have no holidays in Yamatai. I would like to change that! Please help decide which holidays can fit into the summer months! For existing holidays, click here.
  12. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Thirteen: Miyabi

    Gemini Star Fortess YSS Kaiyō II The XO and Captain, Teien Eden and Taiyou Hoshi respectively, looked between one another, waiting for one to start. Hoshi coughed before Eden diverted her eyes and nudged her shoulder towards the gathering crowd inside of the Gemini Star Fortress hangar, in...
  13. B

    RP: 188604 [Havok] Tuesday: The Redheaded Stepchild of Weekdays

    Uesureyan Fields... Havok Customs HQ... The breakroom... Tuesday... 2:30-ish in the afternoon... Splat. Out of all the days of the week, Jax hated Tuesdays the most. Splat. Wednesdays were the official halfway point to the weekend, so they had that going for them. Splat. Thursday was...
  14. Wes

    Hanami Festival of YE 40

    OOC: Crossover time! This thread is open to all Star Army of Yamatai characters and other characters visiting Yamatai. Kyoto, Yamatai Spring YE 40 Around lunchtime A newly-arrived spring season greeted Yamatai's northern continents with warmer weather, marked by the prolific pink petals of...
  15. Ametheliana

    RP [YSS Kikyō] Shinu no Hanakotoba: Dead Flower Language

    Kikyō Sector YSS Kikyō 1日 3月 YE 35 0800 Hours There was a lack of stillness on the YSS Kikyō as Taiyou Hoshi was in the Captain's suite, kneeling at a diminutive and flowering sakura tree. She had been given it one year ago, some short time after she herself had first lost her life. The...
  16. Yoerik

    RP Red Carpet Premiere: Yui's Gamble

    Cosmos Theatre, Riverside, Kyoto " This is Today Galactic Entertainment & Culture, with Okuma Rea." " Welcome, viewers, to this night's main event: the premiere of what has been called the biggest film to come out this year, 'Yui's Gamble'. During this evening, the film main cast and crew will...
  17. Kim

    RP [Yamatai/Asteria] The Kami and the Sun

    31st Ichigatsu, YE 40. Springtime in Yamatai wasn't to be missed. There were festivals, though they varied from place to place depending on the province. Lukina hadn't at first understood why Bhelith had waited for so long to meet the new Vice-Premier. It seemed that, for a little while, the...
  18. Legix

    The New Kawaii

    L O V E M E
  19. Primitive Polygon

    SYNC To: Sachiko From: Linelayer Hammerhead

    Greetings once more, my good friend. I hate to ask for a favour so soon in our relationship, but with the sector on the verge of heating up so quickly, I feel like the Wire Guided could be of much more industrial use to Yamatai with an increased number of small-scale worker vessels. Is there...
  20. raz

    Approved Submission Tami update

    Submission Type: Star System Template Used: idk I just added a history header Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Faction: Yamatai FM Approved Yet? (Yes/No; Who, When) No. @Wes...