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OOC (Independent) ISS Sobek plot-ship


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Greetings everyone, I have a plot that I am going to be getting going here after the new year (1-1-2023)
  • This is going to be a plotline around a civilian-owned military gunship turned into a cargo ship.
  • Due to the heavy military gunship theme of the craft, ship-to-ship combat is an option, as with escort, and attack missions.
  • The ship owner is employed by a Kuvexian independent faction and may do missions from there here.
  • Most of the ship has been automated, but with crew makes operations a lot better.
  • The max crew is 14, or 24 with shared quarters. (half crew sleep while other work) (players from the Sood Zadra plot have priority as crew)
  • Captain, tactical, helmsman, and maybe one engineering spots are taken.

Positions that are available​
  • Gunners
  • Sensors and communications
  • Cargo handlers (Including ground vehicles)
  • Engineers
  • Medics
  • Small craft pilots (Including ground vehicles)

The main plan for this is a place where the ISS Sobek can run missions that are assigned to the crew by Soon Bardoon of Sood Zandra on UX-3 III.
There also may be some missions that will be run by me.
The ISS Sobek has room for small craft, and power armors so those are options that are able to be used for missions.
Missions are going to be cargo-themed whereas it will be a lot of flying from here to there to get or drop off cargo, there might be pirates after said cargo so combat is possible.

ISS Sobek ship wiki page
ISS Sobek Plot wiki page
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Yep that sounds good, welcome onboard, I was kinda counting on Zeck being there from what you had spoken to me about her and the Sobek earlier.

I'll be updating the crew list with links to character wiki pages once I get them again. Or if you are comfortable with editing the page itself, just let me know.
Due to issues with focusing with my eyes, and my ADHD acting up this plot is getting delayed a little. I STILL plan to have it happen just delayed for now.
Get well first, your health comes before everything.
OK since the Doctors are taking forever for getting back to me and do not know how to pick up the damn phone or call me back so I can talk to them and get my surgery scheduled I am posting here.

Due to Micropoo winblows eating some files on my PC during the last update I did, I lost about 2-3 months of GM notes on what I was going to do here as with a few other things. I Want to get this going even If I have to wing it for the first month or so. If you are going to jump in please get your character's wiki posted, and approved so we can get this ball rolling on this plot.

The plan so far is going to be most likely going to be a cargo run from Sood Zadra to somewhere else, OR maybe even the Sobek heading to pick up something to take back to Sood Zarda. the notes I had was something more along those lines anyway.
sounds good, and eek bad doctors

if you're still open to something between us let me know, otherwise i'll just jump into the first thread you make for the plot.
I unfortunately can no longer contribute a character to this plot. Thank you for the opportunity.
Due to events that happened in Discord about another plot I am going to state this now.

Any rule-playing is not welcome here, If there is an issue with a ruling you are to keep roleplaying going and address it later. UNLESS it is a major break Do not break character to bring up the invalidity of the roleplaying. Asking questions when given the option to do so will be allowed. And above all "play your character!"
ok, I have waited too long and so I am doing an update.

It's been 3 months into the new year and I said I was going to start it on the first of the new year. I wanted to wait for a wrap-up of the Sood Zadra plot thread but I feel that I am just holding things off. If you are still interested in joining let me know and message me in the discord a good time that we can get together for any JP's that need to be made for how your character got introduced to Lenna, Nikicon, or The Sobek. There is an issue that I have with one crew member's player that can no longer be part of the roleplay. I have one confirmed player, and another that was interested. If there are any other people that wish to join up feel free to post here or message me. It is possible for me to do this with one or two players but it might not be fun for those that are part of the plot.

I still need to redo the planned missions that I had in mind and get with Yukki to plan any of the side missions from Sood Zadra once that one finished its current arc.,
Ok folks one more update here, I am going to launch this plot in May, If you need to get a character made and approved go ahead and get it done soon™ let me know. Also If you need to have a joint post with me about how your character meets up with the ISS Sobek and crew give me a message in Discord and we can get that set up to get done. Or we can bounce posts back and forth in Discord itself so we can get backgrounds down.
Ok folks, just a heads up, I am looking to get me 4 NPC's for the plot line but I am having issues with making them and it's holding me up. If you want to try and make me some feel free and send em to me in Discord to look at. I am seeking gunners with cargo handling skills mainly but might be nice to have someone with medic knowledge also so I can bang up the crew some... er I mean just in case you know accidents happen. ~loud crash and scream in the background, followed by Nikicon's voice. " I'm ok!"

Shakes their head and goes on, "I am also writing up an encounter sheet for added fun to the adventure, and leaning toward "sealed cargo containers" for Sood Zadra settlement and go from there for this first mission. I am hoping that we can get a "special" mission from the Baroness here soon™ and then the real fun will begin! "
Hello everyone,

I am not sure that everyone that was wanting to join the plot has posted, I know I have two others that have posted, I think there is one more that wanted to join up that has not posted but I forget who it was.

Immortal Cyan did you want to still join up with the soon-to-be fun?

If you have not posted and wished to join up please do so here soon as I am going to get this rolling after being such in the Rixxor muck for so long... poor Larry, it was only meant to be a joke!
Mhmm maybe will need to do a flashback to where Nikicon, Lenna, and Dom run into each other and flow things back together, Or a JP where they run into each other. I was gearing this start as everyone already meet up and was getting together for the latest mission after they got hired and stuff.