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  1. iaincarter

    RP Concluded (Solo Story) A Trader's Lament

    For a long, drawn out moment, silence ruled the quarry as the warning klaxon ended its clarion call. Then, the moment ended as a mighty explosion shook the ground underfoot, the shockwave of the detonation sending a cloud of dust and detritus blasting across the unwashed bodies of the slaves...
  2. Commissar Farzi

    RP Reactivated M1: Blood on the Sand

    ("This is Cobalt 3-1 to Control; reporting multiple enemy IU's in the open, coming from western perimeter-requesting mortar barrage, HE, elevation one-five-zero meters, range two-five-zero-over.") ("Roger that Cobalt 3-1, sending barrage, over.") The thump of mortar fire roared as a half-dozen...
  3. Primitive Polygon

    Approved Submission {Spacer} Tech Scum

    This is a submission to; A) Slightly formalize all of those Spacer criminals that keep appearing, B) Let people make Spacer crook characters themselves without bothering with a subfaction, C) Explain what the heck is going on with Freehold/Port Hope lately, with @Charmaylarg Dufrain 's...
  4. icekatze

    Digging Up Ghosts

    hi hi An Unnamed Planet Rimward of the Ayumi Nebula Surface gravity: 8.13 m/s^2 Atmosphere: 434.73 kPa (Argon, Carbon Dioxide) Current Surface Temperature: 29°C Dusty brown clouds reached through the otherwise blue sky in bands, stretching from horizon to horizon above the rocky landscape...
  5. Damaske

    OOC (Independent) ISS Sobek plot-ship

    Greetings everyone, I have a plot that I am going to be getting going here after the new year (1-1-2023) This is going to be a plotline around a civilian-owned military gunship turned into a cargo ship. Due to the heavy military gunship theme of the craft, ship-to-ship combat is an option, as...
  6. Yuuki

    RP Sood Zadra

    Sood Zadra, UX-3 III Soon Bardoon had bet on the winning side. More precisely, she hedged her bets both ways, but the way the odds worked out paid better. She'd retired from the Kuvexian Navy long before any hostilities with Yamatai, and, shrewdly, had divested her wealth from the Kuvexian...
  7. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Approved Submission Shasta No Sekai

    Im honestly going for a loose satirical edge with this one... I'm not looking to make a corp with the aim of putting super unique and high end cutting edge tech. Or state of the art innovations. We make made in china quality pieces here with sometimes dangerous bugs unique features. And hire...
  8. Bullroarer

    OOC Baba Sails Again!

    I am looking to restart/continue the Baba Yaga, a (insert faction here or going independent) piracy/mercenary plot. Willing to take (almost) any character. send me a PM or post here for positions.
  9. Primitive Polygon

    Approved Character [188604/Independent] Veda-F9

    Current Wiki; https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=wip:character:veda_f9 Future Wiki; https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=characters:yamatai:veda_f9 GM Tags; @Zack @ArsenicJohn @Jack Pine Not rush in reviewing this, since it's December and all. Just felt like making something fun and weird...
  10. Bullroarer


    made a thing
  11. Seehund

    Interest Check REX-Q Operations Group

    "But this ship's the only home that I have ever known, and I curse my luck for the price I pay." The Iucundus Rex is no more. King Awesome has disappeared. Beaten but not defeated, the few survivors pull back from that dusty, nameless rock and return home. To reorganize, to bolster their...
  12. CadetNewb

    Interest Check Crimson Corsairs

    When money is on the table, people don't simply walk away from an offer. Money brings folks coming, gets them curious, and maybe, maybe, they'll bite. Nevermind that they don't know who it is that's offering the big bucks. Nevermind that this little 'adventure' could get you far, far away from...
  13. Wes


    I notice there's an interest in roleplaying smuggler type characters (e.g. like Han Solo from Star Wars) on Star Army. Which makes me think, maybe we should have a guide for smuggling in Star Army, or at least add a section to the guide for independent characters. Let's start with some...