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RP Sood Zadra


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RP Date
7月 YE 43
RP Location
Sood Zadra, UX-3
Sood Zadra, UX-3 III

Soon Bardoon had bet on the winning side. More precisely, she hedged her bets both ways, but the way the odds worked out paid better. She'd retired from the Kuvexian Navy long before any hostilities with Yamatai, and, shrewdly, had divested her wealth from the Kuvexian financial system well before Yamatai had a plan to destroy the banking planets. The other nobles and businesspeople laughed behind her back, thinking she was crazy for exchanging her Kuvexian wealth for that of the Kikyō sectors' natives at rates they couldn't even believe she was offering. Yet the Baroness Bardoon knew even the greatest wave had to break eventually, no matter how far inland it reached, and roll back quietly into the sea.

Now, those nobles and magnates were penniless or dead, and she was the one laughing inside. On the outside, however, she was not. She needed more. Taking over as the top representative of Quallox Vaibal on planet UX-3 cemented her hold over the neutral spaceport of Sood Zadra, but her lifestyle needed more support. And it was not in a Kuvexian's nature to be satisfied with what one has. Surrounded on all sides by Yamatai, and the Kingdom in tatters, the Baroness was always the first to see the writing on the wall. Rather than be retaken by Yamatai as a Kuvexian holdout, she wanted the original plans for the neutral spaceport as a trade buffer to continue, so, she declared independence. Good for her. Now she needed a way to enforce it.

At the Laughing Nonapus, a cafe named after the nine-tentacled mollusk delicacy she so enjoyed, she sat drinking Yamataian tea, preparing to interview privateers to rebuild her trade empire and establish the security forces for her independent rule, with her gold-armored bodyguards and enforcers beside her and around the cafe.
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RP Date 7月 YE 43RP
LocationSood Zadra, UX-3

One of the ship of the line for Yamatai came into scanner range of the station. The call sign would signal this was the YSS Koun. Sitting in the captains chair was none other than Alastair Belmont. The recently promoted to captain of his own ship. Slowly he stood and looked at the viewing screen. The large space station Sood Zadra lay before them. Recently Alastair had been given orders to explore areas outside the inner worlds of the Yam Empire. It was believed there could be new factions coming into power to fill the void left by the war. One such person of interest had caught the attention of Alastair. The just appointed ruler, Soon Bardoon, was a most curious development. It was not often to see a fairly well off person to break away from the home empire. This felt like a good chance to build a working relationship ether through official channels or through Belmont name. Either way this story had much to tell.
Despite the imposing array of Quallox Vaibal ships in orbit, nothing more than a brief check of the Koun's broadcasted identification was done. Yamataian warship: entry allowed. The navigation beacons direct the Koun to the spaceport's landing pads, routing through the rather busy traffic. Independent ships of every make: Noval, Origin, Yugumo, Kuvexian, and even some completely unknown to the YSE identification database that must have come from very far away indeed, line up for their turn to enter or exit orbit, to land, and takeoff.
A smile crossed his face as the all clear was given. He instructed the helm to dock at the nearest open port on the station. His eyes taking in everything around the ship. He expected a high turn out but this seemed a little much. Had all these ships came here to pay respects to the new leader, or was there other plans in play.

"Alright crew, play it safe and travel in groups. I do not expect anything to come up but best safe than captured." He took a seat and tapped a few times on the chairs command console. "Me and first officer will be going to introduce ourselves. Everyone else see what you can learn about our guests.

As the ship came into range of the clamps, it halted to nothing more than a drift. A few moments later the ship was secure and the ramp extended. Alastair had already made his way to the door and ready to leave the ship into the unknown.
Waiting at the bottom of the ramp, already in place well before it was lowered to put it in sight of the disembarking crew, was an exquisite hovercar, long and golden. Despite the cool, wet air of the recently terraformed, frigid planet it is open-topped. The luxurious divan seating is arranged around a heater displaying crackling, blue volumetric flames, atop a platform reminiscent of the deck of a pleasure-cruising sailing ship. A pair of sharply-dressed Kuvexian youths, the equivalent to Minkan high schoolers, one male, one female, are waiting before the car with a gold-plated servitor android. They're so identical they might be twins, but more likely are clones, and they both, in unison, perform deep Yamataian-style bows in greeting.

"Welcome to Sood Zadra. You're our first delegation from the Star Army of Yamatai," says the young woman.

"Please enjoy what hospitality our community has to offer," finishes the young man, in cadence with no delay, as if the words were spoken by one person from two mouths.

"The Baroness Soon Bardoon, administrator of Sood Zadra and the top Quallox Vaibal executive of the system will handle all expenses."

"This car is at your service for the duration of your stay,"

"And so are we," she concludes, with a wide smile.
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Bottom of the Ramp

Alastair was impressed with the introduction that lay before him. He was curious how much wine and dinning he would receive. It would seem all the stops were being pulled out. Though he'd not expect anything less if this new person in power was to bring in power to assist with whatever she had in mind. Which was the main reason he was tasked for this mission. Though not official, it was understood that finding out at least part of her agenda would be of most interest. Both to the empire and also to the Belmont family.

After a bow in return he spoke. "Thank you for the kind offer. Please share our many thanks to the baroness kindness. While we are but a humble ship of the Star Army, I am happy to see that even we receive this level of kindness and respect." He reached into his coat and pulled out a box. "I was unsure the best gift to get so I decided to go simple. Knowing the Kuvexian have a fashion sense for collars, I thought I'd offer this as a sign of respect and thank you." He opened the box and inside shined a bright golden collar. The diamonds reflecting all colors of the rainbow. "As to schedule in the right way, when will be getting an introduction to meet her baroness?"
Blinks looking at the line of craft that is around the newly declared neutral and independent station around UX-3 Lenna would smile some as she moved over toward coms and flipped on the station approach channel " Greetings Sood Zadra, Sobek requesting docking permission, Over". The oddly looking large corvette or small frigate weapon systems were powered off except some low power defense miniguns, shielding was at minimal power and drifted on standby thruster power, awaiting permission for docking. Lenna's eyes over a Yamatai ship of the line as it moves inward to dock and thoughts go back to her home on Pagoda No Uesureya and she smiles some missing her family and wonders how they are doing now.
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Laughing Nonapus

The doors of the Nonapus were just barely up to the task of permitting its newest arrival. Standing just below twelve feet tall and half as wide, the black-furred Kodian drew more than a few eyes as he stepped in. He wore an open leather vest, its pockets full of visible tools and gizmos. Shorts and boots matched the vest, all looking to have been cobbled together rather than purchased outright. Each of his wrists had either side of a huge pair of manacles, though only a single link of the chain remained on either.

He rumbled up to the table that Sood and her people were at, his bulk shaking glasses and chairs with each step. The bear man considered Sood and her retinue with a face that was far harsher than the average Kodians; from up close the numerous scars on his chest, arms, and face were easy to spot. Less easy to spot was the damage around his neck from some sort of collar; burn marks around his throat were prominent beneath his fur for anyone who spent enough time looking.

One wickedly clawed hand raised up, then delicately plucked out a data sheet from inside of his vest. He waited for the guards to calm down before setting it on the table before Sood.

It read:

Yohgiro B:

Former enslaved Prize Fighter in the Kuvexian Empire; now engineer for hire. Seeking gainful employment in independent territories.

A short summary of his skills and work experience followed, demonstrating his lack of traditional education but extensive experience performing repairs and maintenance on a wide range of craft and ships, ranging from small craft all the way up to large cruisers. The ship he worked on had been captured by Kuvexian privateers, leading to his 'career' in the slave fighting rings.

As the timeline of his 'work history' went, the Empire had fallen. Then, he paid his way to neutral territory by providing his services one vessel at a time.

Resume delivered, he waited patiently.

In front of the hoversled

Both of the Kuvexian teenagers' eyes widened when the sparkling jewelry was revealed. Avarice is one of the main Kuvexian emotions, and the finery before them was stimulating that center of their brains to near-overload. They looked at one another for a moment, the eyes of either one going completely unfocused: it seems perhaps they had some sort of wireless communication between them. Eventually, the young woman coughed and the young main straightened himself up and spoke.

"The Baroness only asks that you pay her a visit before you leave," he said.

She's been working out of her favorite tavern, the Laughing Nonapus," she continued.

"But don't feel like you are in a hurry," he bowed again.

"You'll understand her better if you understand Sood Zadra better," as did she.

The two stepped apart, to either side of the carpet being rolled out from the bottom of the ramp of the hoversled to the bottom of the ramp of the ship by the attending android

"Please," she implored.

"Be our guest."


Landing array six

"Sobek, you are clear. Enter pattern and land at pad three, array six." The operator on the other side seemed to be a Nekovalkyrja, however, something also seemed different about her compared to the Nekos encountered while crossing Yamataian space. The navigation beacons lit a path through the upper-atmospheric hailstorms that left behind little glowing dots for a moment as they self-destructed against the ship's navigational shields.

That Yamataian ship of the line, as Lenna would see as she arrived after Alistair and his crew departed, had been cordoned off at a respectful distance. Gold-armored security guards, mostly Kuvexian but some other species, kept any curious onlookers, or others, at bay. Soon Bardoon wasn't taking any chances with something happening to the ship to provoke the Yamataians. She had enough enemies after ousting the prior ranking executive in the colony that her paranoia was well-warranted.

Leaving the landing area, there were many hoversled taxis ready to take someone anywhere they need to go, though they aren't nearly as nicely appointed or well-maintained as the one waiting for the Yamataian visitors. While waiting for transportation into the settlement's commercial district, a pair of passing Minkan could be heard discussing how well Baroness Bardoon was paying freelancers and privateers.


The Laughing Nonapus

Soon Bardoon's eyes narrowed, then one brow raised as she read over the printout in her slender, blue hands. She leaned over to one of her waiting attendants and said, not even bothering to whisper. "Make sure we've never lost money betting on this one." Giving a nodding bow of her head, the attendant's eyes glazed as she accessed the database detailing the Baroness's finanical dealings.

"At any rate," Soon Bardoon said, after a contemplative pause, "I'm sure we can find you a ship. The ragtag rustbuckets that come in and out of this port can use all the engineers they can get." The attendant came back to presence after another pause, and gave the noblewoman a nod. Soon Bardoon smiled at the gigantic mammal before her, that stood chest, head, and shoulders, or more, above the tallest of her armored Kuvexian guards. "Have a seat while we process your application. Don't worry, it's all on me, Yohgiro. Eat, drink, as you like."
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Another voice was heard from a speaker " Lenna the Meson reactor is showing critical error in contentment fields I was forced to shut it down and activate the backup cold-fusion reactors" Lenna sighs and then says "Thanks Nikicon, I wonder if anyone here knows what a Meson reactor is we are far from where we got this craft. Might have to get some work to refit or get another craft. Are you able to correct the errors?" The voice returns " I have no clue the ship will need to be powered down before I can even find out what went wrong. Might need to get a much better Tech I was still learning before we meet." Lenna sighs some and returns to the Station com channel, "Thank you Sood Zadra, that was Pad three array six I got it. Also, my main reactor is having some issues, running on backups now might need to get someone to look at my Meson reactors. It is not at risk as we have it shut down and saved.

Lenna noses down and starts to into the atmosphere as she activates the jet startups for atmospheric flight, and changes over to planetary mode as she smiles some hearing some footsteps behind her she looks back toward the approaching figure and smiles some " Hello there Nikicon, got everything buttoned up back there. " The snowshoe hare smiles as she enters the main cabin and takes a seat in the engineering station and smiles nodding " Yes Ma'am Everything is buttoned up and all controlled transferred to here. Meson reactors are confirmed on standby cooling down for full shutdown."

After a few moments, the Sobek starts to hover over pad three as Lenna moves to drop the docking hatch and moves to latch onto the side of the landing pad as Sobek was an odd craft that was only able to dock by the sides due to its odd vertical configuration. Hearing the thunks as the latches grab the landing platform and pull the craft to the dock and docks. " Shall we go find some trouble then Nikicon?" The snowshoe hare smiles some long ears start to pull upward as she nods. " Yep and this time let's try not to get jailed again! " the two friends giggle and Lenna nods some " I can not promise Niki!" Lenna moves to her quarters and places her Katana on her side, and a small slug pistol.

Talking a few steps away from the landing pad Lenna takes in the sights as Nikicon stands there nose working as she scents the new world to her and then smiles " I am hungry boss, let's go get some carrots! " Nikicon smiles and bumps her side into her friend's side. Lenna meeps and stumbles a little for extra effect and giggles. " Naw I think we need some good ole rabbit." Nikicons eyes grow sad and she whimpers, Lenna giggles and pets Nikicons head. " I only kid Niki you know that let us go find a place. "

"Excuse me, " Lenna asks a pair that was walking by " We are new here and would like a good place to find something to eat and maybe some nice carrot juice for my engineer!" Lenna smiles and then Nikicon says " Don't forget I want to eat them also boss."
Alastair looked at the twins for a moment before putting away the gift. The reaction was exactly as he had planned and hoped she would like it just as much. "That goes without saying. Entire reason I came was to meet with her." He said in a matter of fact voice. "However I like your idea of getting a tour before our meeting. I see many ships and may do some good to rub elbows with new possible friends." Though the main reason for the delay was his lack of excitement of going to a tavern. If it was like the taverns back home, he knew he might be in for a party.

"So what exciting place shall we see first?"
She'd find that Yohgiro's early fighting record wasn't fantastic. One day his record flipped and began to improve dramatically. Whether she had bet on him at all, or if it had been when he'd started winning - who knew?

He gave her a nod and a gruff rumble of a "mmm" before turning and approaching the bar.

The bear pulled a stool back, then the one next to it, and sat on them both. They groaned under his mass. They held out. For now.

One of his elbows brushed the side of another patron and caused them to spill a bit of their drink. When the patron turned, anger on their face and invectives in their throat, they paled at the sight. Yohgiro looked at them and let out a terrifying, yet conversational, roar.

He tapped one of his massive claws next to the drink and looked at the bartender meaningfully. Then, after considering it, motioned with the same claw at the patron - and then himself.

Yohgiro smiled toothily when the two drinks came over and delicately clinked his new glass against the other man's.

Landing Array Six

The pair, one Kuvexian and a bulky, devilish-looking being with a gnarled red hide that was clearly alien to the Kikyō sector, stop and look at the pair, then at each other. There's two beats of pause and the Kuvexian snorts while trying to hold back laugher, then begins to say, "I know where you can find a car–nn!"

"He means," begins the devil-man who had just elbowed his blue companion,"Depends on how nice you mean. In case you didn't notice, this planet's nothing but a big snowball, and that means fresh vegetables aren't cheap." As his companion glares at him and rubs his side, he eyes the ship that the two women had just disembarked from, taking it its unusual build with a look of familiarity most don't have. "Nicest place in town, and I mean that in relative fashion, is the Laughing Nonapus. It's where the Baroness holds court half the day."


In a Hoversled on the Streets of Sood Zadra

Sood Zadra's excitement is limited if you're not up to no good. The only settlement on the frigid wasteland world, it caters to two demographics: working-class spacers of a particularly mercenary bent, and cutthroat Kuvexian businesspeople, and thus its entertainments slant more towards baser pleasures than culture. Which means there are lots of places to get drunk, but only a few it's safe to without getting shivved or robbed or both if you aren't a regular. And even in those you might end up walking out with an overpriced interest in a timeshare.

Eventually, even a Belmont will surely run out of the drive to debauch, though the Kuvexian youths escorting him and his officers don't rush. All roads lead back to the center of power. The Laughing Nonapus. It really is one of the nicest places in town, in the settlement's shopping district that surrounds the glittering towers of the Quallox Vaibal corporation's local headquarters. That just means the bad guys are classier. Still, it seems as if everyone in town is going out of their way to make sure the Star Army crew is treated well, or at the very least, avoided with a wide berth. There's the feeling that the local security forces are just going ahead of the hoversled and cleaning house right before Alastair and company arrive on scene.


The Laughing Nonapus

At least this forsaken frozen rock has good booze. That's one thing the Kuvexians get. The finer things in life. And they'll go to the effort of making sure they're always available. Kuvexians don't do without. And certainly not when there's some other poor soul to do without in their stead.

Now, if only their cups were bigger.
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The Laughing Nonapus

Not too long after the hulking Kodian had entered and stole away everyone's attention had a young woman arrived in smart-casual attire, some melted snow visible on the fur-lined winter coat whose hood was partially obscuring her face. What was visible however was the woman's short tie, crisp blouse, pleated skirt, some warm leggings and thick leather boots, along with the nondescript duffle bag slung over one shoulder.

She approached with both hands outstretched and was, understandably, stopped after a few steps. One gloved hand pulled back the warm hood to let a wave of green hair cascade most of the way down her torso, revealing the lass' sly, fox-like features.

"Easy now, I have paperwork for this," she spoke, a confident tone as the duffle bag was presented for inspection, a holographic barcode affixed to a durandium tab on one side of the bag making itself known.

Remy Belmont - Proprietor of Veilfire Tactical
1x sealed hardcase, small, confidential contents
1x handgun, w/ 2 extra magazines, assorted ammunition
Miscellaneous communications equipment

Being the enterprising thing she was, of course the green haired Belmont would find her way to this independent little hub eventually, it was only a matter of time.

She had new connections to make, and alliances to consider.
Nikicon's eyes go great big as the other says he knows where to get a carrot, but then looks toward the other with a scowl as he elbowed him. Then blinks a few times lost as she looks toward Lenna, Lenna smiles some and leans in to say that he was making a sexual joke. The bunnies cheeks and ears turn a reddish shade as she blushes deeply. Lenna just giggles at her friend's shyness and then spotting the look in the red-skinned ones face she smiles some and then says " I take it you have seen a ship like this before Sir? " She pauses some and then asks, " And where would this Laughing Nonapus be located at? " There was more than Lenna would like to ask but she wanted to know if this red-skinned one would know about her ship's systems and might be able to fix her defense turrets that oddly stopped working a while back, as with the error in the meson reactor.

Landing Array Six

The Kuvexian rubs his side where he'd been hit and frowns deeply at Jenna. "Oh yeah, they'll love you in there, I'm sure. The Baroness is hiring every desperate expendable in a run down ship that's obviously their last shot." The devil-man made a motion as if he was about to elbow again and the Kuvexian took a step sideways and snorted wetly in annoyance. "Oi, enough of that I was being nice. You're buying lunch, for that."

"I thought I had, for a moment," the big red one replied to Lenna, looking at their ship again before shrugging. "Must've been a while ago, a long way from here, I suppose." He clapped his broad, clawed hand on his smaller blue friend's shoulder. "Sometimes he forgets it's part of the job to direct new talent to the hiring queue, pay it no mind. Just head out through customs to the taxi station, they'll know how to get you there. Just remember though, it is part of the job. If someone's nice here, they're getting paid to be, no exceptions. Got it?"

"Oi, get off."

Landing Array Transportation Terminal

The hoversled taxis available for hire to Lenna and Nikicon are nowhere near as luxurious, or well-maintained, as the one that the ruling corporation had sent for the Yamataian delegation. One pulled up nearly toppling sideways as it J-turned into the parking space, and crewed, quite unfortunately, by at least a half-dozen Rixxikor. "EYYY, BUNNY LADY AND FRIEND, YO." The mantis-like creature, who served a good reminder of the close relationship between mantids and roaches, leaned over the gunwale of the sled and stretched its neck down until Lenna and Nikkicor were reflected, distorted, in its massive compound eyes. "YOU NEED RIDE, RIGHT? THIS SLED THE BEST MANE, THE BEST, RIGHT?"




The obnoxious, humanoid insects chittered and giggled and sprayed their foul-smelling discharge everywhere as they laughed. It was a good thing the sled is open-topped, as being stuck inside the confines of a small vehicle with the odorous creatures would be a trying ordeal. It appeared the heater mostly worked, which is more than could be said for some of the other rattle-traps pulling up to the station. The volumetric flames flickered and glitched, but the heat output seemed steady. Maybe even a little too hot, as it could be felt from the ground. The sled chugged and vibrated and shooked a bit, but nothing seemed to be falling off of it. "NEW IN TOWN, NONAPUS RIGHT? GETINGETINGETIN!"

@SirSkully (Also @Whisper)

The Laughing Nonapus

Despite being referred to as a "Tavern" in the Trade translations referring to it, the Laughing Nonapus was not a small place, though it was not particularly busy or full at this time of the short, cold, UX-3 III day. It was dim, dark even, designed for the eyes of cave-dweller Kuvexians first, and others later. It seemed more like a nightclub, it was so dark, and only where Kuvexians sat in alcoves, doing business or reveling with their mates, was it lit well enough for details. The rest of the Nonapus was a morass of shadows and movement. Through this sparse forest of silhouettes, the guards, whose gold armor shone in the darkness as it reflected every last bit of light cast on it, led Remy back to her meeting place with the prime mover of Sood Zadra.

As the Baroness Soon Bardoon was reviewing volumetric "paperwork" she was snacking on the calamari-like delight that gave the restaurant-bar-lounge its name. She drew them delicately from a small bowl of broth with the tips of two fingers and popped the bite sized creatures, filleted whole and nearly raw except for soaking in the liquid, directly into her open mouth with relish. One of her attendants bent low and whispered to her, making the Baroness look up just before the guards brought the Belmont to her.

Almost instantly, that guard was struck by one of the delectable mollusks, making a splattering sound and getting the liquid all over the armor. It flopped down his body armor to the floor, like a sticky wall crawling child's toy.

"I pay you to keep me safe, not slow me down. What took so long? She was pre-cleared! I swear I will have your mates liquidated if you ever screw this up again, do you hear me?" The baroness took a deep breath, put on a business-smile, and stood, her tone shifting from screeching anger to charmingly wheedling when she next spoke. "You must be Miss Belmont," she performed a Yamataian-style bow, "Volumetrics do you no justice my dear, no justice at all. You're simply ravishing. Glowing in the darkness like the finest phosphorescent moss." She crossed over to Remy, walking around the desk-table in her alcove. "Now, I hear you have something to show me. No sense in having a little fun before talking about the money. That is the fun part, right?"
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Frowns as the red guy would say he thought it did but that was a long time ago. Lenna speaks up and says " Well it was on its way to be recycled down when I got it. It's got a ton of systems that I have never seen before and its weapons are old, gunpowder instead of magnetic. The main reason I was asking is I've been having slight issues with the main Meson reacters and my Engineer is still new, she is more at home at the tactical station. And she has never seen anything like the Meson reactors that power this ship. Seeing the look in your eyes gave me hope you might recognize the ship.

Looking back toward the Kuvexizn, Lenna would say " I'm not that desperate just yet, but I did hear that there was a lot for jobs opening up here so I came before I was on the drift, and my poor ship falling apart on every jump to lightspeed, or planetfall. Then looking back toward the red-skinned man once more she nods "Thanks for the warning, I just hope that I don't have to knock a few heads around. Thank you very much for the help Sirs" with that Lenna glances toward Nikicon, and then both bow down in respect, yet Lenna is looking upward toward the men just in case. The bow finished the two women start to walk off toward the transportation terminal.

Seeing a random taxi jerk into a parking spot Nikicon would shake her head and then as they called out she tapped Lenna's shoulder and pointed toward it. The women move over to the taxi and find the Rixxikor attending this taxi. the driver talking out his line as Lenna looks around, then to her friend who is lost in the heat as she murrs standing there eyes closed. Lenna would nod and then says " yes yes on both accounts. " looking down at the sled Lenna would smile and then say " er um your tires gone flat" IF they would look Lenna would grab her friend and then board the sled while they were all distracted, OR if they were not the two would still board.
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Outside The Laughing Nonapus

Alastair was happy they gave him the nickle tour around the area. It gave him a chance to survey the area in more details. This using his own eyes and the sensors installed into his outfit. Old habit he picked up from his days prior to star army. One could never have too many hidden sensors on your body. After a while Alastair asked to be taken to the Laughing Nonapus. He felt time was right to get the formal introductions out of the way. He was here on both business and by command so had much ground to cover.

As the car rolled up, Alastair wasted no time getting out of the car. He was flattered to get the red carpet rolled out but now it was game time. No more brushing the dirt under the rug, he wanted to find out just what all the aim was here. Was this to be an outpost for random thugs. Could be a staging ground for a larger invasion. Then again maybe they just wanted to be left alone and make some new trade partners. Either way this was going to be good for business.

Inside The Laughing Nonapus

Alastair walked through the front door like a school teacher with an attitude. One that would make people turn and look knowing someone was about to get busted. Granted this was more for show but time would tell if something would get busted or not.
The Laughing Nonapus

"Oh please, you're far too kind ma'am, your radiance far outshines my own and I'm not even wearing any makeup," Remy chirped back with a coy little grin that briefly closed the scar through her right eyebrow, her cheeks bearing a healthy little flush of red.

There was a reason she'd walked the last leg of this journey, after reading up on the azure-skinned Baroness she figured some bashfulness would play well with this mysterious woman, so a brief jog through the chilly night air did wonders for her complexion~

The bow was returned, purposefully a little lower than Sood's own greeting, before Remy flicked herself upright and continued speaking.

"But uh yes I am Miss Remy Belmont, the owner of Veilfire Tactical , I've quite the something for you," the greenette chirped, straightening her skirt out over those densely muscled legs before carefully placing the duffle bag on the presented table. A brief flicker of something crossed the human's emerald eyes before the bag was unzipped, revealing a small but sturdy looking container inside, after undoing a few secure latches and removing the lid her good were finally revealed.

Two metal disks made of what looked like brushed Durandium, with a darker, golden core, each disk the diameter of a dinner plate and just shy of being two inches thick.

"I've heard you recently came into some pallets of scrap Zesu... it's not much but these should make working them into desired shapes easier, feast your eyes on some aetheric plasma lathe chucks- obviously you still need a power source to hook them up to but here you go," Remy explained, moving aside some of the packing material so that Sood could get a better look at her offering in all its perfectly-machined glory.

"The best part? It's completely legal, if a bit difficult to mass produce. So what do you think?"
The Laughing Nonapus (Bar)

A writhing mass of glossy grey scales and red hair, the creature that apprehensively entered the bar behind the white-haired Minkan captain was clearly keeping their distance. Draconic and befangled, it's body was mostly neck, torso and tail, a rotund sort of sea drake bordering seven foot in stature.

Eyes narrowed, it skulked along behind him, mouth-breathing so heavily that it resembled gnawing at the air itself...

The sight of Soon Bardoon in all their azure glory, though, that sparked an immediate change in mood. The head began to coil in a slow figure-eight pattern, mitten-clad hands pressing themselves to it's orange vest in an obvious swooning motion.

Webbed claws clicked. Their considerable mass slid around- They meandered around five foot behind the green-haired human, and generally did a really bad job of hiding their distinct and overwhelming desire to serve the noblewoman.

It broke off without trying. It was too sheepish. It retreated to the bar for now, finding the similarly sized fur-creature there, and thudded their considerable rear next to them instead.

"...Kikyo-fur-man?..." It addressed them by rubbing those mitts together again, lowering their triangular ears, and making a really badly practiced smile. "It is buying me drinking? Please? I am liking you, please?!"

Kuvexian auxiliary markings, Yohgiro would have recognised...