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  1. Commissar Farzi

    (Open RP)Street Sweepers

    Location: Downtown Funky City, Easter Slums Gunshots rang out in the distance; granted when it came to Nepleslia gunfire was common no matter where you went. And Yeoman Sergeant Olaf knew this as he sat in the cupola of his Stumpy armored car, Natasha-stenciled on the side of the vehicle, as...
  2. Charmaylarg Dufrain

    Approved Submission [Nepleslia] Mutant Species

    Mutants already exist and aren't anything new and are just getting an official species page as I promised I would 10ever ago. Ive broken mutants up into three categories from nepleslian looking almost-human anthro to much further mutated bebop and rocksteady from TMNT. What few mutants there...