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shore leave

  1. Waffles

    RP [Open RP] Flyboy takes Shore Leave

    Random Park Kyoto Yamataia Having completed Yamataian flight school, Menelaos had been given shore leave as he waited for his first set of orders to come through and send him back into space. He may not be the first Separa'Shan to complete Yamataian flight school, but he was definitely near the...
  2. Pancakei

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Intermission

    Gemini Star Fortress Room 142 15日 9月 YE 39 12:30 PM The past few days had been a blurry mess for Anastasia. To start with, the most recent thing she solidly remembers was hitting a tree while landing in Komorebi. She assumes she made it to the ground, and someone found her, because the next...