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  1. Wes

    Closed Create An International Neutral Zone In the Himiko's Gift Area

    This idea is to estasblish an international zone roughly here... ...that would be jointly administered by Nepleslia, Yamatai, and Elysia and would be open to any faction's ships as well as independents. Pisces is already located here and would be the international trade/social hub.
  2. LittleWasp

    I'ee Starmap (Feedback and Advice desired)

    Hey, everyone! Today I whisked up a hopefully more aesthetically pleasing and detailed map of the I'ee territories. As before, the main Star Army starmap is off past the upper-right area of the map. The red, six-pointed stars represent I'ee starbases. I didn't include a key on the picture...
  3. LittleWasp

    I'ee Territory Map (Preliminary draft/experiment)

    Since the Heartbreaker is edging closer to space wasp territory in its current mission, and as I add more gadgets and lore to the I'ee, it's kind of inevitable that I'll have to sort out just where exactly they are located. Due to the location where the HB met my two I'ee characters, it is...