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Athalae Quorum and the Imperial Bloc Vote to Move Worlds

United Norian Imperium​

YE 46.4​

In a public session of the Quorum, it was announced that due to the ongoing threat of void rift expansion in the Chrystalis Unvorsum, the transition of the Capital Worlds to the Kosuke Sector of the Kagami Galaxy will commence. The session was led by Sol'Voli (Crowned Prince) Uaeso Eitan, in the absence of his father, Jol'Aestaesys Tetsuya Eitan, who has made limited public appearances since emerging from a coma earlier this month.

Officials from the United Norian Navy, along with scientists and other specialists, presented the transition plan ahead of a planned summit with the allied Yamatai Star Empire. The summit aims to coordinate efforts and solidify plans for the move.

Surgeon-Admiral Jun Eitan detailed the expected health impacts of the transition, stating that while most individuals will experience minimal effects, some may suffer from the loss of weaving abilities and other consequences. The administration is prepared to offer support to anyone experiencing mental or emotional health issues due to the transition. Over the coming months, the Imperial Bloc and the Athalae Quorum will announce the precise relocation plans.

United Norian Navy officials also confirmed that moving to the Kosuke Sector will involve the Imperium in the ongoing Third Mishhuvurthyar War, currently being fought by the Yamatai Star Empire. This involvement was already planned under the leadership of Jol'Aestaesys Tetsuya Eitan before he fell into a coma several months ago. Despite the anticipated casualties from the war, projections suggest they will be fewer than the potential losses from another voidic incursion in the Chrystalis Unvorsum.

The transition plan is set to be gradual, spanning two years. The first of the restored Capital Worlds, likely Lorenz, is expected to be moved to the Kosuke Sector by the end of this year or sooner provided everything goes as planned. To support the war effort, Vespa Lakara shipyards have ramped up production as part of the United Norian Navy's strategic plans.