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RP: Neshaten Division 5, Case 03 part 2: Burn and Rave


🦾 FM of Nepleslia
🦊 FM of Neshaten
🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
YE 45
RP Location
Nesha Prime
Division 5 HQ


Leo stood at the head of a long table, towers of files and a few portable computers scattered across the surface, communicators rigged up to data hubs laying alongside a few abandoned cups of coffee-to-go. The snowy-haired man had definitely seen better days, showing up at the end of the team's ordeal in that sandstone plain worse for wear, refusing to acknowledge any mention of the events that had transpired what felt like so long ago. His face wore a few more wrinkles and bags beneath his eyes that never seemed to fade away, his voice had less energy but the commander refuted any worries team-members might have voiced about him.

In the man's own concern-causing words, "He didn't have enough time to stop and worry."

Leo stared into his wrist-mounted communicator a few moments longer, waiting for time to tick over before he gave the device's side button a decisive click.

"Time is seventeen hundred, the escort vehicles will be arriving from their respective stations via the under-street tunnel network in roughly one hour, so let's take the remaining time to make sure everyone is on the same page." Leo spoke, words flowing with the same charisma he'd always been known for despite the deep shadows his face wore these days.

"The bomb-maker we stopped last week has been surprisingly co-operative for such a vehement Laibe-supremacist, we have lists of names and locations enough to deal some major damage to Netrunu'marol's operations not only on this planet but across their entire network," the captain reiterated, leaving out a few key details about how exactly that information had been extracted, a few members of the squad had seen the bloody bandages being removed from the sound-proofed cell as high-pressure hoses were brought in.

"We've kept specifics on her location as need-to-know as we could, nobody is supposed to know which carrier she'll even be in until we disembark. The convoy is running due-east through the tunnels to a private starport, where a Tri'se Collective-owned interceptor will quickly ferry her to the La’zerus Class Carrier passing through the planet's atmosphere. I'm not sure why the brass is opting to use mercenaries for the hand-over but they're refusing the budge on the topic, so it is what it is."

"Sir?" Operator DePolanskaya started, sitting further forward in her chair, ears perking up as Leo turned to face her.

"I heard each vessel in the convoy is going to have a decoy, but I'm not sure how true that is, do you know anything of it?"

Leo paused and thought momentarily, hand moving to scratch at the small bit of scruff that'd grown on his jaw.

"Yeah, I heard something similar. Laibes of similar build all bundled into jumpsuits with a bag over their head, I guess we'll see when we board... any other questions?"
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Kiln'da nods is head once the meeting is over and they get their turn to weigh in on this "So how is it going to go for the team? Will we be watching the real target? Or broken up to cover the various transports. And where are you going to stick your handsome Sniper at to be the best of effect? "He states with a chuckle. He had done his best to focus on getting back to the normal life as they know it and less time thinking on the fleet that totally doesn't exist. He just kept his hopes up he might go back into space some day. So in other words back to normal.