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Do You Use "Sign In With Twitter" on Star Army's Forum?

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Hey Star Army,

Twitter has suspended our Star Army app because it some changes to apps with new price tiers and basically it's either pay $100 a month or drop one of my two "sign in with Twitter apps" so I can use the free plan.

This has me wondering how useful you find this feature.

If it's useful I'll keep it and drop the other app (Ayenee, sadly, but there are less active members there so it makes sense). If not maybe I'll just stop using Sign in With Twitter on Star Army and Ayenee.

So my question is: Do you use this feature? If so, is it important to you?
Honestly not sure I have ever used it which probably means I don't. But I've only been back here for 3 weeks, so am probably not the best suited for feedback on this...
I use Twitter to shoot out Kaiyo links for the world to read, but don't use it in conjunction with signing in to the forum.

The benefit of these things is that they make it easier for new people to join, right? Don't think many older members use the third party sign-in abilities so it seems like they exist to foster potential growth.
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