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SANDRA Fighting Far: Kaiyō Finds Friendlies


"Recently back from a three month voyage, the YSS Kaiyō II returned with interesting cargo. Towing a full planet with the use of alien technology, the starship once known for its exploits in the Kuvexian war's frontline has seemingly brought a whole new terrestrial world into the Kikyo Sector."

The voiceover of a SANDRA reporter came over video taken from a space in which the blue and silver livery could be seen. Panning out, it became dwarfed by the varying gemstone colors of purple cloud layers that striped around pistachio-colored lands below. The feed changed to that of the pink skinned face of Taiyou Hoshi with a mic in her face. Behind her were the loping vines and rocky walls of Tami's hangar. Further behind her, crewmen in red panels worked on uninstalling the planet-mover from the YSS Kaiyō II.

"The people that had terraformed this planet didn't know that the Mishhu had taken over, even their planetary leader had been infected by a parasite, so it was all done under their nose. They were understandably very upset, especially to find out that there were a million NMX Nekovalkryja that had been made there. They didn't want anything to do with it after that."

"Interesting, they knew nothing until the Star Army of Yamatai was there to save them?"

"The enemy had set up a new home on this planet with a breadbasket right next door." Hoshi replied. "But they were very resourceful in helping us save Nebel."

"New friends! So, we've been given this terraformed planet as an act of gratitude," the reporter responded.

"I wouldn't say that," Hoshi said, pushing a hand into her hair, disheveling her Type 36 white hat. "They were pretty upset at us at first, understandably. But once they realized the threat the Mishhu posed, you could say they were pretty grateful. Hopefully we'll be able to call them friends in the future."

"And where is this planet going? Where is it being placed?"

"I don't know if I can say for sure, but somewhere below Daichi, from what I've been told." Hoshi said with a decisive nod.

"Thanks for your time," the reporter said. Hoshi gave a final smile, then seemed to see someone offscreen and bounded out of frame. The camera caught her leaping into the arms of a tall, dark, and handsome man within the Tami hangar before being whisked away in his arms.