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RP [Independent-plot] ISS Sobek


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ISS Sobek

Sood Zadra UX-3 III

Spaceport planetside

Hanging onto the side of a landing pad the merchant Gunboat ISS Sobek hangs, The unusual dorsal/ventral arrangement of its primary turrets is like two naval ships attached to each other with a hull between them. Lights light up random spots along the hull of the old gunship.

Walking up to the ship is a human, and bunny pulling a small cart. "But Lenna there was more room on the cart and I really needed that optic cable to do the upgrades to the Sobek so we can get rid of some of the miles of copper cable running through our home! " Lenna sighs moving to pinch the bridge of her nose as she says "Niki, Niki Zeck has told me there is no need to do the upgrades while the copper cables are in good condition." the bunny pouts some and hurpts some saying " but it's slow and we need to upgrade it sooner than later as there are some systems that I want to put in that can not run off the old copper cable that is installed now.! " Lenna sighs and turns around to face her long time friend and crewmate. "Nikicon, we can not afford to do a refit on the Sobek right now, Besides we will need the Sobek to be in one piece if the Bronness has a mission for us to do. We still owe on the upgrades that we did to the Sobek. Nikicon nods and sighs softly as they reach the opening of the Craft and walk in.

Later that night Lenna call the crew to the galley as there was a mission at hand and they needed to get ready for the mission. Lenna and Nikicon had the galley all ready set up for a briefing and the chairs were all moved and put in place to center around a screen in the middle that Lenna can use to show stuff needed to the crew.

Sood Zadra UX-3 III

Spaceport planetside

They still haven't come to get me? either they are lazy or it was fine in the first place... Either way, I still need a job... Said the Fox now dressed in a neshaten recreation. Mileena had successfully landed her guppy on the spaceports landing pad near the Sobek, and had gone on to search for work. Unfortunately, due to the time at which she’d arrived, the Fox clone found that almost all of the cargo transport ships were full in terms of crew. But she never gave up hope until she discovered the Iss Sobek.

The fact that there were still crew spots free made her feel extremely happy and hopeful. After a quick meeting, she got her guppy on board and found her cabin. She was one of the last-minute hires, but Mileena hoped that she could smooth things over in terms of the animosity that her lateness caused. Later, she’d gotten the message about the briefing, so she made herself look presentable before she arrived punctually this time. She nodded her head to the captain respectfully, and her first officer before finding her seat. She had to admit though they were different species, she was pleased to see another Anthro on board, and hope to make friends with her.

Sood Zadra UX-3 III

Spaceport planetside

Soon after Lenna and Nikicon board the Sobek,

Above the landing pad, a black-hulled Starbryte shuttle with the words "ROC Courier Services" and some contact info made its way down to land, the hull still warm from a recent entry into the atmosphere. With the supple touch of a pilot that knew their ship well, the Roc alighted gently upon the pad, settling on its landing skids with only a very slight Thunk before releasing pressure from one of the systems aboard. within a couple of minutes, one of the doors just aft of the shuttle's cockpit opened up with a bit of a whir, well used mechanical workings doing their job as faithfully as they had since the shuttle had been gifted to its owner 9 years prior. A lean, athletic figure with black hair cut just above her shoulders walked out, aqua eyes squinting as they got used to the difference in lighting from inside the shuttle. A worn leather jacket that fit quite well was adjusted, the owner contemplating leaving it on the shuttle before deciding to keep it, before a communicator was pulled from an outer pocket of a casually-styled dark colored normal suit worn in lieu of clothing.

"Yup, this seems to be the place," Ellen Katsuragi mentioned to herself, eyeing the hull of a craft that made even the Roc seem fresh as a daisy, before putting the communicator back in her pocket. She looked over the Sobek, noting she'd never seen a ship of this class before, and wondering what sort of stories it would tell if it could talk. After a moment of contemplation, the freelancer made her way toward the boarding ramp, and walked through the personnel door, looking for the place that she was going to be briefed on this mission she had signed up for to earn a little extra money.


After finding her way to the Galley, Ellen sat somewhere near the middle of the room and made herself comfortable. she leaned back in her chair a bit, and pulled a flask from somewhere in her jacket, unscrewing the cap and taking a swig of the contents before surveying those who were around. aside from the woman she was fairly certain was the captain, only a couple of individuals seemed interesting; a bunny girl, and a fox girl. Anthros were becoming more common in the Kikyo sector lately, though Ellen hadn't really seen or interacted with many outside of momentary exchanges for her courier business. Still, the woman waited for the briefing to start, as she needed to figure out where exactly she was going to park the Roc, as leaving it on Sood Zadra was simply not an option.

ISS Sobek


Lenna stood up and looks around as maybe 4 or 5 Neko's suddenly rushed into the room and sat down on the ground near the back, a Graxlat walked in and took a seat, and Then Lenna cleared her throat and starts to talk. " Thank you for coming, As some may have noticed we have some new crew members aboard and I also hear we might be having a passenger arriving that we will take a slight detour to pick up on the return trip. The ISS Sobek has been tasked with taking some supplies to a Station in HX-17 system, as with picking up a few things for the spaceport here at Sood Zadra. While we are at Detritus station we will be met by another Craft that will fill the rest of the Sobek up with foodstuff for Sood Zadra." The screen clicks on as Lenna was talking, Nikicon using a pad before her as pulls up a star map that shows the location of UX-3 and then HX-17 the path that is planned to get there. On the return trip there goes wide as it goes to a place marked "Urtullan", then returns to UX-3. Lenna moves up to the screen as she speaks, " As you can see this is going to be quite the trip for us, the trip out the Sobek will be light, but on the return trip the hold will be quite full." The map zooms into the plotted path and then turns off as Lenna walks up closer to the table.

"I know that some of you have a personal craft, but do not worry The Sobek does have two rather large shuttle bays that your craft can be stored in. I am quite sure that we can fit them in there if not, the cargo hold can be used to hold them and the extra cargo can be placed into the shuttle bay in the place of the craft." There was a pause as Lenna looks around and then asks, " Are there any questions, concerns, or comments?"

ISS Sobek


Mileena blinked as a number of Neko suddenly rushed into the room. Her fingers went straight together as she prepared to activate her Plasma Claws. But as they seemed to not desire to attack for whatever reason, she relaxed her fingers. Her ears twitched as she heard the sound of an unfamiliar being and watched as a Graxlat entered and took a seat. Her eyes shifted back to Lenna who she recalled meeting at the Hanami Festival on Yamatai. Of course she also remembered why he was here, to join the Sobek, and pondered she should get her eyes checked. The Cyborg Fox Binary Clone turned her focus on the starmap, as the path was detailed before the crew. The path she’d taken from Draco Eridanus, to Yamatai had been a long one, as had from there to Sood Zadra, and now she realized she’ll be going places she’d never been. This fact caused her to smile before she returned her focus on the path and the plan.

The fox clone thought the plan was simple and wasn't concerned about having enough room for her ship because she remembered inquiring about it before and was familiar with the shuttlebay sizes. Her ship will fit, she knew this to be true. Mileena raised her hidden cyborg paw. “no questions, I’m ready to do my art, but uh.. I need to know which bunk is mine, and if theres time for us to retrieve our ships to dock in the shuttle bay?” She asked.

The first time it was obvious the fox girl Mileena was not sitting next to an oversized, awkwardly placed beanbag chair, was when it suddenly uncoiled with one long lazy flowing motion. It was a cottony mess in a humanoid jumpsuit, expanding in both directions like a pair of divergent comets. It made warbling grumble-noises as it moved, like a horse badly imitating human speech...

"-Hällo Cyaptain, I woulyd like to know about pyersonal wäepons." An oversized mitten adjusted a dial on the speaker module of their neck, finally turning the noises into Trade language... Well, strangely Germanic, or perhaps Norwegian sounding trade... "You see I am here to take care of people who is getting shöte, and guns are what shöte people, and I will have to take care of the people being shöte... You see?"

It shifted, their placid, dragon-like face blinking out of sink. Kind of like they needed to think about doing it manually.

Then they shifted after a pause, placing their robust mass onto one of the metal chairs, and causing it to audibly protest under the weight.

"...But... But also... People need gun for take care of pirate..." A ponderous clicking. They adjusted their glasses. "What is correct amount of gun that allowed? For Söbek peypöel?"
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek

Dom had just finished reassembling his recently acquired Zen Armaments .357 pistol, after finally having the chance to sit down and properly strip the weapon apart to perform a full maintenance on its components. Unfortunately, since signing on with the Sobek and acclimating to his new job, Dom just had not had any time to do much beyond work, eat and sleep, usually having to multitask and combine two of those tasks in order to do things right. Fortunately he had three decades of familiarity with how cargo operations worked onboard civilian ships, so it wasn't as if he had been presented with a momentous challenge.

The cargo decks seemed to be in good working order and the last walkaround Dom had performed just an hour earlier had shown him that everything was properly secured and squared away. He suspected that it was only a matter of time though until some young cargo handler decided he knew best and managed to muck the whole system up. There was always at least one young'un like that on every ship. Dom let out a little sigh as he realised he was dangerously close to becoming the resident 'old timer' whose sole purpose was supposedly to give the younger crew a hard time. It sucked to be the responsible one sometimes, but as Cargomaster, there was no way he was going to let someone mess with the cargo operations of the Sobek.

As the Captain stood up, Dom slid the reassembled pistol into its holster and sat it on top of the maintenance kit. He ignored the last minute arrivals and focused upon the Captain's words, nodding as she briefed the crew. Dom tried to restrain his wince as she so casually talked about parking shuttles in the cargo bay and securing cargo in the shuttle bay. Oh, it sounded like a fine idea, but it would make the mass balancing a whole degree more challenging and Dom had yet to meet the ship pilot who didn't immediately try to chew out the cargo crew when mis-balanced cargo threw off the ship's performance.

Once the others had finished asking their questions, Dom waved towards the Captain. "I'd like the chance to study the cargo manifest before we have to pack it in, Captain, more specifically the mass and volume data, as well as any special requirements mandated for the handling of said cargo."
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek

Lenna smiles as Mileena asks about the bunks as she looks toward Nikicon there was another image put up on the screen it was the layout of Decks 4 and 6. Lenna points at the four rooms next to the cargo bay and states These rooms are already taken by myself, Nikicon, and Zeck. The other is reserved for another crew member that comes aboard now and then and still has her stuff there. The other rooms here," moves to points at the group of 6 rooms near the aft of the craft and here" points to the other deck. "are open for everyone, they are made to hold up to 4 people but are set up for 2. There is one however that has been set up as a 4 crew room that is already taken here." Points to the deck six floor plan room 4.

We are currently on deck 4 in the main galley of that deck, The deck 6 galley is an extra galley and has not been in use for a while now. Now onto our other question, The nature of this craft was a ship of war in a space navy, and thus is why there are two galleys. And located among rooms where a lot of people can gather are these. " As she was talking Lenna moved over toward a wall and to what looked like a locker. Opening it there are many sorts of firearms, a lot of stun sticks, and a few collars and binders within. "Thanks to a former security officer all the public weapon lockers were stocked. Each bedroom has 8 dedicated weapons lockers where I would ask weapons of personal ownership be stored when not on your person. I ask that you do not take up more than one weapons locker in your room and save the other 4 for emergency uses if we need to double the capacity of the rooms."

Lenna moves to show off her katana hilt on her side and then pats at her side. "I am armed and will most likely be armed at all times while I am on my ship, as with off of it. I have found that as a captain of a cargo ship, and a warship you may get targets on you, that if you present an easy target someone will try to take a shot. The ISS Sobek is more than a Cargo ship and more than a warship, He is both and I ask that you take the same precaution."

Turning back to the group after closing the weapons locker she looks over at Dom as she nods saying "The manifest, and hazmat requirements will be given to us upon arrival with the other cargo ship in HX-17. But I have been assured it was Foodstuffs for Sood Zadra, and the Governess." there was a slight pause to change subjects as Lenna asks "I do hope that makeshift cargo bays of the Sobek have not given you a headache just yet. With all of it in the fore of the ship, it can make the Sobek a little off-balanced with a full load, as with empty as it makes the ship aft heavy. We have learned to off balance the weight with the many smaller supple areas though out the ship. If you need to adjust the ship's weight balance let us know."

There was another pause as Lenna moves up before the screen as she smiles the screen behind her shutting off, and Nikicon moves to stand and join her side. "As your Captain," Lenna says, "And as your Executive Officer," Nikicon adds in before they both say "We welcome you to the ISS Sobek" Lenna then says "WE are not planning to leave till later in the day, as there are a few more supplies that are needed to be loaded and have been delayed. If your craft needs to be docked, please get with Dom our Cargomaster, and get it onboard. Find your roam and move what you will need into your room. If you have issues please contact me or Nikicon and we will see to it.

Iss Sobek​


Her eyes shifted their view from her beautiful captain, and first officer, to the map that they displayed for their crew’s viewing. She’d heard it said by real estate agents that location, location, location was key in finding a place. But the Neshaten Outfit clad Fox as certain that those words didn’t apply here, as it was a ship and she knew that it wasn’t a city or settlement. She watched as the unoccupied bunks were revealed to them, and absentmindedly she used her finger to figure out where she should sleep . Eventually bringing her attention back to her captain and first officer as the topic changed to weapons.

Mileena grinned a little at a private joke she had, since the two of them had met Mileena, she hadn’t appeared to be armed with a weapon back on Yamatai, and at the festival, and she didn’t appear to be armed now. No doubt believing that she was unarmed, they’d want her to get a weapon of some kind. Something, she didn’t need as far as extra weapons were concerned.

Her attention went on as Lenna and Nikicon had welcomed them to the ship, and mentioned that they should talk to their cargomaster, Dom and get their ships docked. This caused Mileena to nod her head as she made a mental note to do just that and began standing from her seat. Try as she might, she couldn’t calm her tail, which was reacting to the effect of her excitement. “understood” She said, before adding “Also.. Mostly because medical scans will likely pick up on it. I have a secret I tend to not tell many people.” She said and lifted her right hand, and her Plasma Claws activated, shifting and taking apart her fingers to shift in her Plasma Claws. As it happened, he hand hissed, as if cold water made contact with something hot. A glowing hot claws were now in their place. Her fingers were soon moved together and this caused the claws to merge into a much larger blade. It made a sound as she moved it, allowing everyone to see. “This is one of the four weapons I have within my body. I rather preferred not to lie here, since I want you all to trust me, as I will trust you all” she said and deactivated her Plasma Claws.

Her tail stopped swaying and began to droop as her nervousness began to form on whether they didnt trust a cyborg or not.

A dragon in their roost, the long-necked form of Holgi was silhouetted against the ceiling lights, blank faced and unreactive. Lost in thought, thinking about the complexities of arming the entire crew like that... You know, being as they were recruited from Sood Zadra, a rather mercenary den of pirates... Perhaps the captain was just a meticulous judge of character?... That couldn't be true, Holgi had been let onboard... Either way, it couldn't be a bad thing if that meant their job was necessary, right?

"Holgi's room will be de' secyond kitchen." More of those warbling noises whilst they spoke, accompanied by exaggerated nodding. "For this I will cook many foods as payment, beca- Goodness greifness!-"

Jolting up from their seat, they reacted to the tiny fox-person suddenly erupting with plasma fire as if they were spontaneously combusting. Their head dinted the ceiling, and then their tail knocked over several stools, before they finally calmed down and lowered their crane-like neck to a more normal humanoid level.

"oh-oh-oh y-yes, I see, the mammal has parts of the metal..." Voice high pitched and nervous, glasses reflecting the light so harshly they turned into pure white disks. There was a certain odd smell now too, like fish oil. "...Yet... Yet it does not burn it's fyingers? Hurm..."

Their species had cyborgs, but nothing this advanced- Nothing this well concealed. It both interested them, and gave them conniptions.

"...P-Please if I am taking cares of you, you are giving Holgi manual please?" She gave a befangled grimace-smile, trying not to be further distracted by Mileena's active and floofy tail. "Are you a b-born person? Or w-w-was you b-born in them... factory?... Hurm..."
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek

Figuring that he wouldn't need much from his quarters beyond a place to sleep and change clothes within, Dom was in no great rush to stake a claim to an available cabin. He'd go around later and scope out the available locations and pick whichever would be most convenient. He filed away the other information given by the Captain with regards to the Sobek and their current job, nodding at the order to help the crew stow any personal vehicles.

Dom watched with some interest as the anthro revealed her implanted weaponry. It was brave of the lass, he supposed, to so brazenly reveal personal information in front of a group of relative strangers. Personally, the spacer wasn't convinced that it rated more than a four on his 'freak out' scale. After all, you spend enough years working the independent space-lanes and you were bound to come across both the weird and the wonderful. Besides, compared to the last freespacer Dom had come across, the anthro barely registered as a cyborg really.

The words and actions of the giant reptilian individual worried Dom a little and he decided that it might become prudent to make sure that there was an alternative source of foodstuffs and medical care aboard. He'd give his unusual crewmate a chance to prove their mettle, but it couldn't hurt to be prepared - just in case.

ISS Sobek​


Lenna and Nikicon watched as Mileena stood up and then activated her plasma claws as Nikicon's eyes grew big at the neat things, Lenna would nod some and then says " It is ok, I did not mean to show off your own weapons or force you to pick something out for yourself. " Nikicon yelps and meeps as the Silbar suddenly leaps up at the activation of the cyborg's weapons and hides somewhat behind Lenna, The nature of them still frightens her preyish mind to the core.

Lenna Looks over toward Holgi and then says, " I'd rather you not as that is being used as extra storage space and I would rather have this gally be used for cooking as it has all the appliances up and running and is also where the ready to cook food is stored. If you need a larger room than what is provided I am sure we might be able to work out something. "

Lenna looks back to her friend, she smiles petting her on the head some, and then looking back to the others around as she says " Is there anything else that will be needed addressing?" The Graxlat stood up and asked "How long till takeoff, cap tin? Will have time to study more of Sobek with Bunny?" This causes Nikicon to nod some stepping back out and then saying "It's Nikicon, not Bunny, or Niki if you must shorten it down." The Graxlat stood there its three eyes blinking randomly unsynchronized before with a grunt it settles down some satisfied with the answers it got.

Then one of the almost late nekos speaks up, "Um not seen the other 4 er research peoples that were going to come along and help with fixing the Sobek, have you heard anything about them?" Lenna nods and then says "Yes 2 have reported and are already at work, the other two are on their way with the last of the supplies they need. " Then looks over toward Dom, "The cargo they are bringing will need to be readily accessible and some are fragile. Once they get here I am sure they can give you more details All I know is it was supplies to try and reverse engineer the Sobek's outer armor that is getting very very thin now and almost gone."

After a pause Lenna looks around looking at each one before her in the room and then says " All right let's do this, meeting over!" Then turns to speak with Nikicon some as the Neko's stand up and file from the galley, and the Graxlat moves over to talk with Nikicon and Lenna.
Ellen stayed mostly silent during the briefing, as luckily this group was actually rather talkative and all the questions she may have had had been answered by now. She mentally took a note of which individual was Dom, as she'd need to load the Roc into one of the hangar bays before they set off. Not really worried about taking up space in one of the cabins, Ellen would just bunk up in the Roc as she usually did when flying solo, and besides, it was probably better for an odd-jobber like her to be somewhere where her various skills might be helpful.

When the fox lit up its plasma weapons, the Courier jumped- less at the weapons, as she'd been in some heavy fighting before, and more at the Silanbar's sudden commotion. As well traveled as Ellen was, she wasn't sure she'd seen one this close before, just a few from a distance other times she'd been to Sood Zadra. this particular one was... interesting.

With the meeting Adjourned, Ellen found Dom And reported, rather Informally. "Good day, I'm Ellen, If I recall the captain said to get with you for the loading of personal craft? I've a shuttle, the Roc, a Starbryte-L that needs to be berthed. I'd prefer somewhere close to the personnel doors as I'll be bunking inside. Will that be a problem?"

ISS Sobek​


As the clone observed the crew, she noted each of their species before her. They were all so different from her, it was fascinating to see. The reptilian was known as a Silabar, if the orientation she’d undergone after being ‘born’ was correct, but she looked dragon like or at least what the pictures showed. Dom was filed away to her memory for later as she needed t talk to him about her exploration ship. But that will wait until later, as she began to demonstrate one of her weapons as a trust exercise of sorts. The first reaction she’d gotten was from the dragon woman, and the words she used confused the fox clone.

Mammal? The word was a foreign one for up to a half second, before she recalled the word coming up during orientation. She remembered that Mammals were warm blooded and reptilians were cold blooded. She also remembered mammals had flesh that ended in skin like humans or fur like her and Nikicon. She wondered if Holgi was a reptilian based on what she saw. “Sure, I’ll see if I can get you one, but for the most part, engineers like myself will be the ones worrying about them.” She said and then wondered if she should talk about her past further, but she wasn’t sure she should. Nikicon knew from the ‘date’ the two had and possibly Lenna did too. “I’ll tell you about it later” she said finally, as her attention went to the captain she’d been thinking of.

Nikicon’s reaction got her concerned, however, but saw Lenna’s head petting. This brought the memory of getting the treatment for the first time back at the Hanami festival when they met Miko, before she was invited to join the Belmont Clan. Her eyes went to the other crew who spoke up, including the one that called Nikicon a bunny rather than her name. With the briefing done, she moved towards Dom, but Ellen got to him before she’d been able to. “Same for me as well. Mine’s a small exploration vessel made by Noval Heavy Industries”
Flexing a good portion of their neck, stomach and tail whilst they mouth-breathed loudly, Holgi stared at the interaction between Leena and Nikicon intently. They were trying to construct a list of rules they should conduct themselves with- The unwritten social hierarchy which these humanoids operated by. What would be considered threatening, what would consider untrustworthy...

"No... Medical history muchly very importante." They said a few moments too late, attempting to re-ignite the conversation with the cyborg fox several moments after they had walked away. "Parts like this is... caüse long term nerve problem... in you bodies? It is güd to keep records, yah? When you are hurt, this is the worst time to do tests?..."

This was all getting a bit complicated for their brain, not bred for independent thought at the best of times. It felt wrong not having a Kuvexian onboard.

"Don't worries. We will talks." Was the final words, before their head rotated back forwards again.

Lumbering waddle continuing forwards a few more paces, they used their height to rather nosily place their drowsy face over Ellen's shoulder- Talking to captain Leena, but with a new pseudo-authoritative tone that said it was meant for everyone in general.

"Kyaptain, please be setting up time for each crew member come see me." A mittened claw stroked the wide octagonal scales of their neck, more specifically the writing-markings that ringed it, then adjusted their glasses again. "No data for many... body types.... injury history... secrets... This problem, yis? Can smell lot of them not born natural, neither. It good them come talk to Holgi about them secrets."

It wasn't just a distrust of digital records, or an inability to read them, as it may have come across. She'd learned to distrust such things because there were a lot of reasons one might want to sneak through checkpoints on Sood Zadra, or purposely make unclear about their genetic heritage in order to make their employment more palatable.

"Also... Holgi willing sleep in doctor room... But Holgi needs a big bath. It impürtant for Holgi health, yah?... She is e-kwat-tic... Akwantenk.... A-kuah-tenc?...

A guttural honk of frustration.

"Holgi needs to be, in the waters, some of her times."
Sood Zadra UX-3 III
ISS Sobek

Dom nodded to the Captain in response to the information on the wayward science team's cargo requirements. The requirements didn't sound overly onerous and he was sure he could find them somewhere appropriate where they wouldn't be too badly underfoot. As he was approached by the shorter fox anthro and the even shorter human, Dom smiled and gave them his full attention as they spoke to him.

"A moment." he held up a finger towards the two women and looked around before raising his voice so everyone in the room would hear him. "Anyone else needing to store ship or cargo before we launch?" After looking through the room for a few seconds he turned back to the two women. "Sorry. Right, "He looked at Ellen. "Starbryte-L. That's an Origin, right? Shouldn't be too hard to meet your needs." Dom retrieved his Emrys Explorer, flipped it open, navigated to the notes app and opened a new file, typing in information. "So, Ellen, the Roc, Starbryte-L, storage needs: easily accessible. She modded at all, or standard dimensions and mass?" He figured that if Ellen couldn't give him the necessary information directly, Dom could easily enough retrieve the data from the manufacturer's specs.

Giving Ellen a chance to formulate a reply, he turned to look at the cyborg. "And your name, miss? Cute trick with the claws, by the way, but doesn't do better than a five out of ten on my 'weird crap'o'meter'. Just don't go poking holes in me or the cargo and we're golden. Now, I'll also need to know your sizes and mass, plus any special needs you have." Dom blinked as his mind replayed his words and quickly moved to stop any potential misunderstanding. "For your vessel, I mean to say."

Sood Zadra UX-3 III

ISS Sobek


Lenna, Nikicon, and the Graxlat spoke together and as Holgi spoke up about seeing her for exam and secrets, she tilted her head some and then said "I will let them know that they will need to come to talk. But for myself, Nikicon, and Zek our records are up to date and we are hiding nothing. Just ask the ship's AI to show ours to you and it will. If you have other questions then ask and we will provide them. " Lenna says as she moves to look at Holgi and then asks "Aquatic as in you live in water? Mhmmmm" Lenna pounders something and then looks around "One moment please" Then moves over to a nearby terminal and punches in a few commands and pulls up a diagram of the ship pulls up deck 5 and goes over something " Nikicon and Dom can you come over here a moment?

Once they are both over there she points out the space aft of the battle bridge but just before the cross in the hallway of that level. "There are some old rooms that are still in there, like decks 4 and 6. Do you think we can adjust one of them to hold a water environment for Holgi? I don't want to flood one of them out, but do you think one can have a large tub placed in it for Holgi? I'm also concerned about having water free moving aboard the Sobek as it can really affect the motion of the craft itself. But if it's in the centermost part of the ship would it be ok?"

Nikicon looked at the diagram and then looked over at Dom, and then at the Graxlat as it spoke up. " with center mass, might be poss bill cap tin, but still make room wet with fill overs." Nikicon pulls out her datapad and starts to look up stuff as she mhmms softly and looks up and then down. Showing the Graxlat what she was looking at and then nodding some " I think we can do that, But it would mean unsealing the hallway and opening up that whole section and You know that was done years ago. Who knows what it's going to look like now after being sealed up so long."

Lenna nods some and then asks "How long and can it be done underway or do we need to hold off a day or two?" Nikicon shakes her head some and then says " I have no clue, it might take an hour to just unseal the walkway, or it might take a week as we will need to repair a lot of rusted out area or get an infestation of critters out. I just don't know till I go open it up. I also think I removed the power and other utilities from that section when I sealed it off. " Lenna nods and then thinks some looking over toward Holgi, "Would that be acceptable if we were to open that area and install a tub for you in there?"
Ellen Nodded to Dom as he asked her the questions, which she quickly answered. "External dimensions are stock but it's a little heavy to starboard due to the hovercar stored on that wall, aside from that it's a normal shuttle." Her part done, Ellen leaned out of the way of the sudden large head of a Silanbar making itself apparent above her shoulder, taking a polite step to the side to let Holgi through to speak to the captain. She heard the questions about medical data and examinations and decided to look through her communicator to see if her records were in order; there was no reason for them not to be as she operated in the more civilized parts of space the majority of the time, and upon finding them, confirmed that all the relevant data was there.

"If you need to have a crew doing some general maintenance and clean up, I can help with that," Ellen spoke up as the Captain, Nikicon, and the Graxlat chatted about opening up a sealed hallway. "I'm not too familiar with this particular ship but most technology made for humanoids tends to work about the same, and I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty, can't be any worse than fighting squids anyway."

Sood Zadra UX-3 III​

ISS Sobek​


Fortunately, as a fox, she could hear poor Holgi speaking after a few minutes when she’d already left her side to go talk to Dom, about getting her ship on board the Sobek. But she had heard her, judging by the look back and then the nod to her statement of them talking later. She planned on doing that since she’d needed to make sure she was in the system, medically just in case of something bad happening. Her attention went to Dom and waited patiently as he helped Ellen first before her.

“Mileena, Mileena Belmont” she said as a way of introducing herself and remembered to add Belmont to her name since she was a part of the clan. She nodded as he commented about her claws, and agreed. “I promise not to, at least when we aren’t attacked, I may accidentally cause damage if we do get attacked.” She said then blushed as he asked her about her sizes and mass, before he corrected himself. “The Sky Fox, is 6.1 meters in length, its width is 4.5 meters, and has the height of 3.16 meters.” She said and still with a blush she added. “And.. I’m 5’6, 36C, standard mass for most of my body.” She said, since he afterall ‘asked’ about her body. Her attention was soon shifted as Holgi’s needs were being addressed. “Same with me as well, since Holgi will be taking care of our medical needs, I’m willing to help with her own.
The large ivory sea drake almost lowered their head and bared their teeth for a moment, as a submissive gesture, but managed to restrain the reflex by crossing their arms, straightening their back, and flexing their tail rhythmically. It made them feel warm inside, that Captain Lenna, the cyborg fox, and the pale Yamatain lady were actually willing to help her out... Normally the solution was to buy a used escape pod and fill it with water, but the cargo bay didn't sound like it had that much room...

Train of thought broken. They thought that Mileena talking about their body's dimensions was information for her, so the doctor lizard took a rather massive physical notebook from their parcel bag, and copied down the vulpine stats with a chalky red pencil. Nodded continuously, the entire time they were writing it down.

"...I am not big for Silanbar, but human thing are small? So Holgi will help cönstrutchion... Techneekal bits, you tell me, I do not mind..." A raise of the nose, blotting out the ceiling light as they loomed towards Ellen, and then Nikicon. A more confident timbre in their voice, trying to sound 'worth the effort'. "Holgi very trained by Kuvexian doctors! Holgi was chosen from many utters, they make her health superveesor of working creature on station!... I will make... very good doctor for Sobek!..."

She showed Captain Lenna a specific page of her book, proudly.

A wall of scribbles to everyone else's eyes. No record of their backwater lizard language on file at all.

Shoved it back underarm, licked their lips, fixed their glasses, then stood back to attention. Glowing with pride.