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RP [Independent-plot] ISS Sobek


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ISS Sobek

Sood Zadra UX-3 III

Spaceport planetside

Hanging onto the side of a landing pad the merchant Gunboat ISS Sobek hangs, The unusual dorsal/ventral arrangement of its primary turrets is like two naval ships attached to each other with a hull between them. Lights light up random spots along the hull of the old gunship.

Walking up to the ship is a human, and bunny pulling a small cart. "But Lenna there was more room on the cart and I really needed that optic cable to do the upgrades to the Sobek so we can get rid of some of the miles of copper cable running through our home! " Lenna sighs moving to pinch the bridge of her nose as she says "Niki, Niki Zeck has told me there is no need to do the upgrades while the copper cables are in good condition." the bunny pouts some and hurpts some saying " but it's slow and we need to upgrade it sooner than later as there are some systems that I want to put in that can not run off the old copper cable that is installed now.! " Lenna sighs and turns around to face her long time friend and crewmate. "Nikicon, we can not afford to do a refit on the Sobek right now, Besides we will need the Sobek to be in one piece if the Bronness has a mission for us to do. We still owe on the upgrades that we did to the Sobek. Nikicon nods and sighs softly as they reach the opening of the Craft and walk in.

Later that night Lenna call the crew to the galley as there was a mission at hand and they needed to get ready for the mission. Lenna and Nikicon had the galley all ready set up for a briefing and the chairs were all moved and put in place to center around a screen in the middle that Lenna can use to show stuff needed to the crew.

Sood Zadra UX-3 III

Spaceport planetside

They still haven't come to get me? either they are lazy or it was fine in the first place... Either way, I still need a job... Said the Fox now dressed in a neshaten recreation. Mileena had successfully landed her guppy on the spaceports landing pad near the Sobek, and had gone on to search for work. Unfortunately, due to the time at which she’d arrived, the Fox clone found that almost all of the cargo transport ships were full in terms of crew. But she never gave up hope until she discovered the Iss Sobek.

The fact that there were still crew spots free made her feel extremely happy and hopeful. After a quick meeting, she got her guppy on board and found her cabin. She was one of the last-minute hires, but Mileena hoped that she could smooth things over in terms of the animosity that her lateness caused. Later, she’d gotten the message about the briefing, so she made herself look presentable before she arrived punctually this time. She nodded her head to the captain respectfully, and her first officer before finding her seat. She had to admit though they were different species, she was pleased to see another Anthro on board, and hope to make friends with her.

Sood Zadra UX-3 III

Spaceport planetside

Soon after Lenna and Nikicon board the Sobek,

Above the landing pad, a black-hulled Starbryte shuttle with the words "ROC Courier Services" and some contact info made its way down to land, the hull still warm from a recent entry into the atmosphere. With the supple touch of a pilot that knew their ship well, the Roc alighted gently upon the pad, settling on its landing skids with only a very slight Thunk before releasing pressure from one of the systems aboard. within a couple of minutes, one of the doors just aft of the shuttle's cockpit opened up with a bit of a whir, well used mechanical workings doing their job as faithfully as they had since the shuttle had been gifted to its owner 9 years prior. A lean, athletic figure with black hair cut just above her shoulders walked out, aqua eyes squinting as they got used to the difference in lighting from inside the shuttle. A worn leather jacket that fit quite well was adjusted, the owner contemplating leaving it on the shuttle before deciding to keep it, before a communicator was pulled from an outer pocket of a casually-styled dark colored normal suit worn in lieu of clothing.

"Yup, this seems to be the place," Ellen Katsuragi mentioned to herself, eyeing the hull of a craft that made even the Roc seem fresh as a daisy, before putting the communicator back in her pocket. She looked over the Sobek, noting she'd never seen a ship of this class before, and wondering what sort of stories it would tell if it could talk. After a moment of contemplation, the freelancer made her way toward the boarding ramp, and walked through the personnel door, looking for the place that she was going to be briefed on this mission she had signed up for to earn a little extra money.


After finding her way to the Galley, Ellen sat somewhere near the middle of the room and made herself comfortable. she leaned back in her chair a bit, and pulled a flask from somewhere in her jacket, unscrewing the cap and taking a swig of the contents before surveying those who were around. aside from the woman she was fairly certain was the captain, only a couple of individuals seemed interesting; a bunny girl, and a fox girl. Anthros were becoming more common in the Kikyo sector lately, though Ellen hadn't really seen or interacted with many outside of momentary exchanges for her courier business. Still, the woman waited for the briefing to start, as she needed to figure out where exactly she was going to park the Roc, as leaving it on Sood Zadra was simply not an option.