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SYNC Inquiry of the Status of Chusa Mikael Harris


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RP Date
YE 46.1
To: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, Taisho
From Mizumitsu Benji, Taisho

Dear Taisho of the 5th Expeditionary Fleet,

I am reaching out of you in regards to a former subordinate previously assigned to my office. With the dissolution of the Close Protection Specialists as part of the Military Police Corps, he has reverted back to the Infantry Corps. As he is a part of your entourage I wish to know your plans and intention for him before I cut orders for him. The Star Army Rikugun is in need of commanding officers that have experience in an expeditionary role with the establishment of the 1st Expeditionary Area Army. While he is behind the curve when it comes to new education requirements, that can be fixed having him undergo additional classes at the Rikugun University's Expeditionary Command Course and Command and Staff College.

We have not received any requests for Rikugun forces to be deployed to the Kosuke Sector, but know we are already ready to assist.


Taisho Mizumitsu Benji
Chief of Rikugun Staff, Star Army of Yamatai

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