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RP [Open RP] Children's Day


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RP Date
2月 4日 YE 46
RP Location
Kaiko Park
Though Hanami festival had passed in the month prior, Kaiko Park still boasted a wide swathe of colorful pink cherry flowers that ringed the wide field in its center. Under the white and purple wisteria in bloom were trails that led from different monuments and attractions all set up for children of Yamatai. Even the main field was mostly in shadow as the silver and blue livery of the YSS Kaiyō II Fuji-class had taken up residence in the often open lawn. Its cargo hold and power armor bay doors were open with ramps leading up each and streams of children from all over the Empire streamed in to the berths of the vessel. With splendor in their eyes, they could look upon the ubiquitous Mindy armors or the more rare Kirie of their war hero, Ketsurui Aiko, with its snappy crimson livery gleaming under spotlight. Set up for the children was a tour of the whole ship; they could sit on the bridge where captain Hoshi lifted some up and had them sit in her own captain's chair or stop by the wardroom to look at the strange sentient alien plant life or have a taste of food cooked up by the chefs and served by some of the Kaiyō's own crewmen. In the medical bay, Muyomi was administering ST backups to those who would find it a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even amongst multiple the multiple lives Yamataians could live.

Beyond the ship's hull, the park was lively with the brilliant primary colors of carp streamers that contrasted with the great greenery that the nature preserve was known for. Food made with children in mind was being cooked up in stalls that had windows short enough for children to order for themselves. Grilled mac and cheese sandwiches, bellflower-shaped chicken nuggets, and space-getti were some of the fares being sold. An aerial flag football game was happening around the ship's starboard nacelle using the ship as an added obstacle to bounce off of. There were fishing games and miniature neko tosses in similar booths. There were even some booths for making one's own special doll for the day and there were simplified type 35 uniforms in all the occupation colors or kimono to dress the dolls up in once made!

Anyone in service to the Star Army could volunteer to shepherd anywhere from one child to a small handful for the day since there were a lot of orphans from Tsubomi visiting the park for the day. Either that, or they could help out a bit here and there in other ways, like working stalls or simply wandering the park, making sure nobody was lost. Today is a day for children to be the focus, though!
OOC Notes
There's a lot of reasonable ways to explain your character being here, use your child-like imagination!
D3 had no clue what was going on, she just noticed a large group of people roughly her size, that she identified as varying children, and she scooted on over and joined the line, blinking as she walked with them, the kids around her looking at the new arrival and waving to her. D3 waved back and gave them a thumbs up some of the kids laughing and giving her a thumbs up back as they walked on.

This following along led to the same place that the last event seemed to have taken place at, or at least it seemed much the same, and so D3 Continued to follow the group of children. Everything seemed sized for people of D3's size and she let out a little puff from her nose as she looked around. It was about then that she wandered away from the group of children and started to look around on her own looking at all the stalls and games.

Continuing to wander around D3 was unaware that the children had thought she was part of their little orphan group, but that wouldn't be an issue till later, for now the small D3 continued to scoot around the place letting out little nose puffs as everything was actually easy to reach for her for once! And so she continued to scoot about as fast as her little legs could carry her.
At the fore of a gaggle of knee-biting Tsubomi orphans was a Kaiyo woman of darker complexion of most Yamataians, whose crimson-eyed gaze constantly fell over her charges out of fear of losing them. There seemed to be no end to the unexpected duties that came of a Star Army career for Molli Byrne, one of the Kaiyo's Nepleslian crewmates, who arrogantly assumed that dealing with a bunch of children would be, well, child's play. The Ittô Hei found that the Mishhu and the NMX Neko had been more manageable adversaries, as the children who dilligently followed at the rear were fond of tugging on Molli's skirt and peppering her with questions. She'd had to adjust her uniform constantly in order to maintain a degree of modesty, much to the Nepleslian's chagrin, as she'd spent all night ensuring the Type 30C uniform was immaculate. The questions weren't any better, as they came at a higher rate than a full-auto machine gun.

"Can we see the princess?!"

"Uh... Ah ken ask...?"

"I didn't get to fish!"

"We were fishin' fer ten minutes...!"

"Is my doll pretty? Look!"

"Eh? S'cute as a button, whatsyername...?"

"Why are your eyes glowing?"

"Huh? Y-Y'kent just-!"

"Why are you part-robot, Byrne-senpai?"

Finally, Molli spun around to face her group, all of whom abruptly bumped into each other as they came to a stop. She placed her hands on her hips and put on the biggest, fakest smile she could. "Ah may be'n amazin' Kaiyo war hero, y'little shrimps, but ah kent guide ya 'n play twenny quest-yuns at th'same time!" she said, obfuscating her exasperation behind a little boastful excitement. The children looked among themselves with confusion.

"Why does Byrne-senpai talk like that?"

"It's hard to understand you, Byrne-senpai!"

A girl who looked no older than ten summers elbowed the boy who said that. "Idiot! You can't talk to a member of our military that way!"

"Hey! No hittin'!" Molli said, clicking her tongue disapprovingly. "Ah, uh... Ah know ah ent good at talkin', alright? S'probably why ah've been missin' what a lotta ya want," Molli scratched the back of her head, a little embarrassed with herself, "But th'day's still young, alrigh'? You'll get used t'how ah speak, an' we'll have a great ol' time!" The Nepleslian beamed, more earnestly this time, and the children that understood her smiled back, then translated to their peers.

"Now who wants t'see the Mindys? Y'might meet more'a my people! Maybe even th'princess!" Molli said, clapping her hands together. That made the children perk up, but the ten year old raised her hand with a curious expression.

"The princess isn't Nepleslian, Byrne-senpai. How is she your people?"

Molli blinked, "Er, what's yer name again...?"

"Himiko," the girl responded, smiling politely.

"Righ'... Ah'm a Nep, but ah'm still Yamataian. Th'princess, me, everyone on th'crew're like a big family. S'what I meant by 'my people.'"

Himiko tilted her head to the side, but if she was confused, she didn't say. "Oh... Okay!"

"Now let's get movin'!" Molli said, and the tour resumed. Their next stop? The power armor bay!
The ship was abuzz with activity, with children and their families exploring the Kaiyo. There was lots of yelling and giggles as the children explored the ship's interior. The ship's resident nonyamataian, had decided not to be in the way too much, so he took up residence in the dojo. Dressed in his green officer's jacket and cap, he leaned against the far wall, simply listening to all the chaos. After a little while, a group of children entered the training space. They started running about until they saw the hulking ID-SOL standing there. Many had returned to hide behind the parents, though William didn't blame them. He probably looked pretty intimidating, what with him being 8 feet tall and built like a brick house. He smiled knowingly and gave them all a wave.

That was when he noticed one of the younger children had not moved from his spot. He stared at William. After several long seconds, the child made his way over and pulled on William's pant leg. Taking a knee, William smiled. "What's up, little guy?"

"How come you so big?" The child asked innocently.

William chuckled. "I ate all my vegetables. Even if they were yucky." He replied.

"Oh... I don't want to be big that bad." The child replied, causing the ID-SOL to laugh. The child followed up the statement by asking. "How come you in here?"

"I like to train in here with the other samurai." William replied, moving to sit. While the two conversed, the other more hesitant children began to inch closer until they surrounded the big man.

"You train with the samurai?! But you aren't a Yamataian!" One little girl exclaimed.

"You're right. I'm a Nepleslian. But my mom is, and she's a samurai. Plus, I am friends with Princess Aiko," he explained. That last statement excited the children.

The boy who had spoken to William first began climbing into William's lap. An older woman, who William assumed was one of his parents, began to make her way over, but William waved a hand, signaling that it was okay. "What's the pwincess like?" The little boy asked.

"She is very strong and a great warrior. But she is also very kind. She can be serious, but sometimes she is pretty silly too." William replied with a smile. More children began sitting next to him. "Tell us a story about the princess!" one child demanded. Many of the other children chorused this as well. "Okay, okay! Now then... where should I begin? How about I tell you about the first time I met Princess Aiko?" This was followed by a resounding "YES!" from all the children. So William began to tell the story of how he and Rei had first met the princess, surrounded by children and their parents as he weaved his tale.
Yoshiro took his young siblings Sho and Aoi around the festival as his mom walked beside him. He was happy to see his family again. "Brother, are we going to see your boss person?" Aoi asked as she ran around.

"We will see when they get here. Now be careful with yourself and stay with mom. I don't want you to hurt yourself." Yoshiro said and smiled. "My boss person is going to like you very much." Sho was looking at the ships as they pass them.

"Whoa, that's so cool! You get to fly in that ship?" Sho asked "I have a ship that I'm assigned to but its not this one." Yoshiro said and smiled at Sho. "I serve on that one, called the YSS Resurgence." Yoshiro pointed to his ship.

Sho looked on in awe and was amazed. Here was a ship, which has been like a home to him on his deployments. "My ship has been through a lot. We had to work hard to protect our home and work hard to protect our loved ones too." Yoshiro said and smiled at Sho.

Sho looked at his brother and felt very proud. Yoshiro patted his brother and sister on the head on the way to the Resurgence.
With a gentle touch, Hoshi tucked her pink hands underneath the armpits of a five-year old and lifted up, watching their delight in being airborne if only for the short passage between the bridge's floor and the captain's chair Hoshi lifted him into. She watched that delight spread as he took in his surroundings from this new vantage. The children's glee was reflected in Hoshi's sea-blue eyes as she experienced her own ship through their eyes on this day just for them.

There was something about talking with all of these children and sharing in their whimsy that showed the veteran captain the other side of Yamatai. Though normally it would instill a sense of confidence and pride (these were after all the people the Kaiyō and Star Army protected) today was different. Despite all of the excitement, there was wishfulness to the captain's thoughts that she wasn't prepared for.

"I've never been in a chair like this," the boy said. "It's squishy!"

"Become a captain one day and you'll be in one just like this all the time," Hoshi said, a crease forming under her eyes.

"He's not a Nekovalyrja," said a nearby girl, old enough to know her species name but young enough to not say it quite right. "Can he even use it the right way?"

With a little timidity, he clarified, "You know, I'm a Geshrin so I'm not a Neko."

"Doesn't mean you can't be a captain," Hoshi said as she thought of her boyfriend, Nicholas Saiga. "I know a very fine Geshrin captain. He's been a Taisa as long as I have."

"Wow," the boy said, all pomp now as he leaned back in the captain's chair with a smug smile.

Turning to the girl, Hoshi wrinkled her nice as her smile bounded up and said, "And a few great Nekovalkyrja who aren't captains, too!"

Amongst the children, their excitement was palpable as the little girl readied for her turn on the chair. Within the little captain, elation at realizing something she wanted was rising. With a contented smile, she thought again of Nicholas and what he would be like around children.