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Sweet Eerie Peace


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YE 46.3

To: Arkas Vyros
From: Anna Kaine

It's been a little too peaceful around here lately. What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?


To: Anna Kaine
From: Arkas Vyro

Its why I fly solo, if it gets too peaceful I can just scurry away to find some trouble. I'd recommend you the same but you do look good on a Nepleslian uniform ;)

Nothing much! It has been a tame couple of months. Stowed away on a pirate ship by mistake (client gave me the wrong hangar number). Almost froze my eyebrows off on a cold world. Helped an soldier boy fix an underground fight. Had an interesting encounter with some very hungry and unfriendly wildlife on a forest planet while checking in on an old acquaintance.

Oh! Had a couple of drinks and some good company in a bar on Kyoto. Some very... interesting characters to say the least. I'll tell you about this part later.

But I promise none of them was as good company as you are! And speaking of company, how is that amazing fur torpedo fo yours? Gunther was his name right?

To: Arkas Vyros
From: Anna Kaine

You know, if I was within arms length you might be getting smacked for that uniform comment :p

That does actually sound pretty tame, though I might suggest more accurate clientele next time. Though judging by the looks of ya I can see why wildlife tried to eat you on the forested planet, especially if they like spicy food!

I am just dying to hear about the "interesting" folks you met. Gunther is his name indeed, he likes you though. So, you can call him Gunny. Actually, I can probably bring Gunther along if you'd like? He's been doing great and it should be fine as long as you don't smell like steak or anything suspicious.