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RP The Real Reason (We Needed You, Tetsuya {Airwin})


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RP Date
YE 46.2
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United Norian Imperium
This writing is stuff I have been working on while I've been at the courthouse and doctors' appointments. Enjoy.

New Vaalor City, Noria​

The appearance of the deceptive Craethel IFFs on the scanners served as the triggering signal, prompting the implementation of the meticulously crafted emergency plan devised by Tetsuya. The Senators convened in the Senate Chamber, while the Home System Admiralty assembled at U.N.N Sector Command located in Noria Citadel. Every detail, including Tetsuya's six-minute descent down the lift to the bunker beneath the palace, unfolded seamlessly as if orchestrated with precision.

As Tetsuya descended, unaware that the plans were of his design, he remained unsuspecting until the lift came to a halt and its doors slowly opened. Before him stood Ujin, accompanied by two other Quen, brandishing their weapons with a focused aim directed at him.

"You claimed your readiness to serve the people of Noria, Aestaesys, and now you'll have your opportunity," declared Ujin, while one of the Quen firmly grasped Tetsuya and propelled him towards the control room of the bunker. "We have six minutes until the UNN is within visual range to witness the false flag garbage haulers," reported the other Quen officer. "Aurelia confirms the Admiral is in their custody, and Cae'Aester Rin is en route to the Senate Chamber; both have signaled their readiness."

Ujin swung open the door to the command center, revealing the medical pod that had been prepared. "I must apologize for the deception; it's nothing personal, just a necessary condition for absolving those crimes. The people demand assurances, and so do I. Consider this: the service you're about to perform for Noria will secure your place in history, free from the burden of those unfortunate mishaps, as you called them," he explained, as Tetsuya found himself compelled into the vacant pod.

Ujin pivoted towards an open, secure medical-type kit case and extracted a compact device, resembling other Masamune-wave transmitters in production. "Unfortunately, your dark passenger has to go. There won't be room for it. I would suggest that this will not hurt, but we both know I would be lying," he remarked, inserting the device into the port on the side of the pod. "Would it bring you any solace to know your father is just upstairs? Probably not, hmm?" Ujin added, delivering a somewhat stinging slap to the side of Tetsuya's cheek as he reached into the still inactive pod. Though Tetsuya struggled, the sedatives quickly took effect.

While Ujin manipulated the controls, one of the other sentries exited the room briefly, returning with an even more heavily armored secure case, which was then placed on the table with a resounding crash. The Masamune wave device sprung to life, initially emitting a faint hum in the room. As the waves pulsed through Tetsuya, his screams reverberated, filling the space. The waves traversed his body swiftly, coursing from head to toe and back again, compelling voidic material through its access portals and then sealing them shut entirely.

"Don't worry; that was the worst part, young man. The rest will not be as traumatizing but rather more life-changing," Ujin assured as he moved towards the other case. This case, noticeably sturdier, bore the sigils 'Classified. Preservation Research Division,' along with various warnings about the contents being sensitive to extreme temperatures and infrared radiation. Ujin opened the lid, revealing yet another case inside, adorned with a simple symbol featuring a crystal. Breaking the seals on the second case, he explained, "Don't worry; those were not Craethel ships. Just a diversion to bring you down here where we could be alone," Ujin clarified.

We initially intended to assign this duty to one of your sons," Ujin reflected, his attention focused on the intricate security lockout of the second case. "He fulfilled the role admirably for a brief period, but regrettably, he fell in love and became uncooperative," he elaborated. As one of the coded locks yielded to Ujin's efforts, he shifted his attention to the second one.

Recalling one of Tetsuya's recent speeches, Ujin remarked, "You mentioned in one of your speeches that sometimes history calls upon great people to lead. It was a remarkable speech, truly awe-inspiring... Sometimes, though, those great individuals need the assistance of other exceptional people to set things on the right path, especially after those unfortunate mishaps we previously discussed." After a few more entries into the controls, the last lock clicked open. Ujin lifted the lid of the case and addressed Tetsuya, stating, "Sometimes great men need to emerge from history as well."

Within the opened case, Ujin revealed a containment cube with an IDE setup encased in a crystalline matrix, bearing the symbol of the Falcon etched into its side.

Ujin gazed down at Tetsuya as the tube began to fill with stasis fluid. "Your grandfather, Caecyan, was a great man, Tetsuya. Soon, so will you be. You're about to embark on a peaceful slumber, one of the most restful you'll experience in your life. Upon awakening, your life will be revitalized. Everything you believed you lost will be recovered in one form or another. Two voices will meld into one, and much like your beloved phoenix, you'll rise once more, soaring on the wings of a falcon," he assured.

Opening the crystal matrix encasing the IDE setup, Ujin smoothly slid the cartridge into the machine as Tetsuya became completely submerged in the liquid. "However, we've taken precautions to avoid the missteps with your son. I trust you'll forgive me, 'brother.' Now, rest peacefully," Ujin whispered, concluding the ominous procedure.

"The IDE merge to host has been initiated. Warning: this procedure cannot be reversed. Warning: this procedure will merge host IDE and stored IDE. You have chosen to proceed." the mindhive announced.

Ujin observed the unfolding process, almost as if he harbored a hope that his words might reach an audience. "Tomorrow, blue and stardust smoke will ascend from the towers of Noria, dear brother. It will be the most magnificent sight witnessed in centuries. Noria yearns for her champions to return; her people need you now more than ever, as our cherished world has been tainted by sorrow and evil. Tetsuya, you will forgive me, for you are now part of a greater whole. This is an honor for you, a chance to rectify your mistakes," he murmured, his gaze fixed on the progressing indicators.

"I was correct, and you were mistaken, my dear brother. The Builders and Espra were nothing more than false gods. What your people need now is a new faith, something akin to a returned legend that can guide them to greatness once again. Do not fret; it won't be like that last disorienting flash you experienced. You won't be disappointed. This is the oath I made long ago on the finest day of your mortal life. Now, rest. I will see you a few mornings from now."

Imperial Residence - Three Days Later​

The world dissolved into darkness, a serene tranquility and peace, later disrupted only by the melodious sounds of birdsong emanating from the courtyard.

The fog of sleep lifted with each blink, and he found himself emerging from the realm of dreams. A low grumble escaped his lips as he slowly opened his eyes. The symphony of birdsong, the distant rumble of E'lsari cascading over the cliffs, and the sweet fragrance carried by its mists from the blossoms in the courtyard greeted his senses. His musculature ached, and he observed twisted leather adorned with beads and features, complementing his now blue-tinged platinum hair. As he roused, he turned over, only to feel a sudden emptiness in his lungs as he laid eyes upon strands of teal blue beside him. He blinked and the teal color strands to a pinkish color and everything fell into place.

...Celes?....What happened?

Feathers and Moon Reunited beneath the Chrystalian Stars
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Vespa Lakara​

Lilenrius Facility

The fixation on crafting the superior Norian extended beyond Princess Aerum and her Vespen Norians. The pink-haired, blue-eyed pinnacle of her 'superior' caste served as the heart of their most advanced state in the Vespa Lakara System. Controversies were once again hushed as the elitists dispatched refugees from their pristine cities back to Noria and other citadels in Telegath and Aetlantea while the Quen worked to restore those systems.

Tetsuya shared that same obsession, but for him, it ran much deeper and more personal. Even Celes's meld with Teal's soul hadn't diverted his attention from other necessities. When he visited the elitist state, the Jol'Aestaesys delved into grueling hours deep in Lilenrius, his tired eyes fixed on projected screens, obsessing over seemingly trivial details like the fit of one hand into another.

Similar to Aurina, the existing project, Crystal, or rather Azuracerau, was a product of meticulous and precise craftsmanship. There were undeniable similarities to the refined military form, almost resembling the Yamataian vision of their Nekovalkyrja, but molded into unparalleled beauty meant to resonate with the Norian spirit. Perhaps Tetsuya had been influenced more by his time in Yamatai than initially realized.

The image was crafted to evoke profound emotions, capable of bringing soldiers to their knees, igniting their bravery, and even their rage. It had been perfected and then refined further because what nature provided was never sufficient for the Jol'Aestaesys; leaving anything to chance was unacceptable, even beyond physical biology. It was undeniable that loyalty could also be perfected, an evident trait among Vespens for the crowned princess or her father.

This new iteration, a prototype of Neo-Vespen vision, aimed to be even more distinctive than its predecessors, designed not to populate a nation, but to lead it.

The developed IDE had been meticulously perfected in a virtual space, undergoing compatibility tests in the most rigorous ways imaginable. Was it a perverse obsession to craft a spouse from scratch, to wield the powers of a deity over one's own future, and to christen it Asuna or Kingmaker? Such secrets were confined to the Jol'Aestaesys and his daughter; scientists had vanished for lesser transgressions in the past, and errors had been made, though none dared to label Severce's Sepra as a mistake and survive the repercussions. The Sepra body types were flawed, however, initially serving as super soldiers until they evolved into something to be dreaded and ultimately banished to the stars. Even their Queen Nexia had proven inadequate, seeking solace among the castoffs on a feudal world.

Azuracerau had to not only complement Tetsuya but also Celes and her precursor, Aurina, who remained an influential figure within the Imperial Bloc. Aurina's voice carried significant weight in the United Norian Navy, rivaling that of Aurelia.

As days blurred into one another, deep beneath the surface of Vespa, a dwindling list of tasks awaited completion. Soon, the carefully constructed impression would be imprinted, and a new soul would join others like it in history. For now, it remained nothing more than a doll-like figure confined behind a transparent pane, suspended in fluid. It represented another stride toward a brighter future for Noria, albeit potentially posing as a rival to the female leadership within the Imperial Bloc itself.
Tetsuya sat in a chair a short distance away from the containment area, his gaze fixated on his beautiful creation, soon to take on a life of its own.
JP - Andrew and Azura
Vespa Lakara
Lilenrius Facility

At the Lilenrius Facility, Tetsuya meticulously monitored the projection models while he integrated the IDE (Integrated Digital Essence) into the Mindhive's control system, gearing it for transfer into the meticulously crafted body he had spent the past several months perfecting. "IDE has Imperial Lockout, please provide authentication," chimed the Mindhive as the processes entered a hot standby mode. Meanwhile, the fluid in the tank housing Azura began to bubble as gases were filtered through it, and the harness retracted from her nude form. Tetsuya inputted his identification credentials into the terminal, initiating the upload process of the IDE, transferring it back into the awaiting biological form.

The majority of the facility had already been cleared for security reasons, emphasizing the utmost secrecy surrounding the NeoVespen program. The creation of a new body for the Jol'Aester had been a top priority, a venture so clandestine that it had resulted in the loss of several lives.

"Upload Complete," resonated the Mindhive's voice through the internal communication system.

In a swift motion, the liquid inside the tank drained, flooding across the floor and disappearing down the drain. The tank pivoted upright, readying itself for Azura's emergence into the world she had been meticulously prepared for. She would awaken devoid of memories from her previous IDE, yet retaining all its skills and functional knowledge, equipping her with the essentials for this fresh start. The virtual sessions she had undergone with Tetsuya had primed her, shaping her for this monumental moment. As the pod opened, the Jol'Aestaesys felt a mix of anticipation and anxiety, eager to welcome this new addition alongside Celes, as they collectively led the Imperium.

Azura felt like she was locked in a dream for the longest time.She had always wondered why but couldn't think of anything off hand.The world around her had been quiet for such a long time that the introduction of new sounds frightened her.As she felt her surroundings change however she knew that this time something was different but still wasnt sure of what.She tried to open her eyes and for a moment they felt so heavy they almost felt like they couldn't move.So she tried again and gave herself a moment for her vision to adjust since the liquid around her wasn't there anymore.

As her vision began to clear she was in a daze but immediately her eyes focused on the man in the room feeling this overwhelming sense of familiarity to him but having no recollection as to why.She then felt feeling coming back to the rest of her body and everything felt heavy as her legs gave out and she collapsed.Still inside the tank she tried moving something smaller like her fingers.A small smile came to her face as she realized that she was in a body and no longer just floating along. She then tried to move her arm which at first felt heavy but as time passed it felt more natural as she pressed her hand against the glass.

She looked up once again making eye contact with the man in the room and tried to speak but all that came out was a whisper so she stopped for the moment at least and just observed him.

It was improbable that the initial brain fog would endure for long; the memories forged during their interactions in virtual space would swiftly flood back, engulfing her mind like a tidal wave. Tetsuya observed her from behind the same transparent pane she had been secluded behind for months, overseeing every refinement of her body's design. To him, the woman she was on the brink of becoming remained largely unformed, as she still possessed her own journey to carve, even though he had crafted her to what he deemed perfection. With his arms crossed over his chest, clad in the formal black-paneled Imperial version of the U.N.N uniform, he presented a stern demeanor. His hand casually reached for his Quintessence Pulse Pistol (QPP) holstered at his side as the nurse brushed past him.

The Norian nurse, adorned with red hair and blue eyes, meticulously checked the various medical systems on the pod before assessing Azura's vital signs. "She is stable, everything appears to be in order here, Tia'Aest," she reported to Tetsuya with a respectful bow. Acknowledging her report with a slight nod, Tetsuya then aimed the QPP at the woman's head and pulled the trigger. In an instant, a flash of purple energy surged from the barrel, striking her and sending her crashing to the floor. She convulsed briefly before drawing her last breath, while Tetsuya calmly stepped over her body and reached for the controls to open the tank. Unfortunately, endeavors such as this carried consequences, and the risk of knowledge could not be entertained. The nurse could be restored to a state before she held any memory of the facility, him, or Azura.

As the pod prepared to open, the barrier between him and her vanished, causing Tetsuya's hand to tremble slightly as he holstered his sidearm and waited for her to show signs of life. These initial moments were crucial; they would determine whether his painstaking efforts to create her were indeed viable.

As she sat there quietly observing the man in front of her a woman appeared and her voice was new to her however suddenly her head to start hurting as memories of him started flooding back all at once.She grabbed the side of her head in slight pain as they came back like a wave.As her mind began to clear she finally realized why he seemed so familiar to her.They had met many times in the virtual space and he was her only friend at least thats what she believed he was to her. Things like her feelings and emotions where still a bit on the fuzzy side to her.

She tried to stand up her body feeling a bit less heavy as she attempted to use her legs for the first time.She felt someting was off however with the way he looked at her but wasn't sure why.He didn't look the same as he did all the times the they met.The man before her seemed much darker and mysterious but she wasn't afraid of him..least as far as she knew.Time almost seemed to stand still for just a moment as she took a step foreward trying to keep her balance but feeling on the shakey side it was going to take a bit for her to adjust.

She once again tried to speak but again her voice came out in but a soft whisper.She felt disapoointed that she couldn't speak to the man whom all she knew at this point was her creator but even that title didn't seem to fit in her mind.He was much more than that but even with her memories having come back she still had to sort them and figure out what and who she was to him.It was a mystery that peaked her interest.

Tetsuya observed Azura with a careful eye, understanding that it was normal for her to still experience some lapses and difficulty with memory recall. The room maintained a chilly yet comfortable temperature, ideal for their species at around ten degrees Celsius. He reached for one of the blankets situated on the medical bed to the right side of the pod, unfurling it and gently draping it around Azura's form. Despite having rehearsed his words countless times, he found himself uncertain of what to say. Speaking in a calm tone, he hoped to aid her recollection. "Azura, you're free now from that dark and cold confinement. I am here, it's me... your Tetsuya, your Caisen. Do you remember me?" he inquired, his concern evident despite the low likelihood of memory failure.

As they conversed for the first time, members of the Astradrim Valariel stormed the deeper levels of the facility, commencing the reset process. Every fragment of data, every iteration of the perfected Norian genome used in creating this Neovespen, would be eradicated, leaving only one copy in the possession of Tetsuya and his daughter, Princess Aerum. The echoing discharge of rifles reverberated through the corridors, a necessary evil akin to the nurse's demise.

She took a step back out of reflex not being used to the physical touch of anyone after such a long time in confinement.She after hearing his voice for the first time in a long time her eyes went wide as her memories started to sort themselves just a bit more than previously.She reached her hand out her voice still not working for the moment and softly placed her hand on his cheek studying his features.As she searched his eyes she found what she was looking for.She simply nodded and gave a soft smile,then taking a deep breath and tried to speak but this time it worked,"Tet..su..ya..?"She felt proud of herself that she was able to finally get her voice to work though it was a bit foreign to her.""Tet..su..ya...Cai..sen?"She then placed her other hand on his cheek and tilted her head in curiosity.

Tetsuya simply nodded, overwhelmed by the completion of his creation. She was undoubtedly an evolution of what he had begun with Aurina, stemming from the foundational work Aerum had laid when she initially crafted the perfected vespen body. This creation would serve as yet another contingency, a safeguard against potential crises like the Craethel War.

"Yes," he affirmed with a nod, withdrawing his hands from the blanket he had wrapped around her and gently taking hold of her wrists, which still rested against his face. Gently pulling her hands away, he folded them within his grasp. "The worlds that will bow to you await, but they can wait a few more days..." he reassured her as he guided her over the body of the fallen nurse on the floor. Leading her toward the isolation doors, a squad from the AV awaited them just outside. "I have so much to show you. Welcome to the universe, Azura..."