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Approved Character [Uprising] Suzume Itatski

History could use some work and you can copy additional info for skills as sample skills are listed in the RECON training section in the wiki.
You might need to chat with @IQ and figure out who wants to be a medic more than the others.
Once that's one the tol should be cool for approval
I was under the impression that we needed one. Im fine with @IQ taking the role, Makes more sense than my musclecat trying to be one tbh. will fix history tonight/tomorrow morning to flesh out a bit more. To squeeze her into jacks characters family she had to be pretty young but ill add some more fluff, aye.
We probably don't need two medics in a ~5 person infiltration team but I'll leave it between you guys to sort out who wants to do what between you :)

With IQ taking the bait Taking the roll of medic ive wiped that part from Suzume's history and skills. Shes a plain-jane trooper now. Ive added a bit more fluff and made the history a bit longer but considering how young she is i'm not confident how much else i can cram in if its still not enough.

The skills however i have copied from the RECON page understanding they where the basic, Required skills. Ive beefed up a couple that where pretty vague or not very filled out and she also has linked the star army common skills now too.
Updated Suzume to current year-ish since shes been on reserve for like 3-4 years to go into @Rizzo 's La Pross plot. Other than all the changes to the ranger stuff since all that happened and navigating that to just being a single link in her skills now, the only real updates is her history in the shiroyama, brief time on the Artemis and the following years in reserve. We never really got any medals or promotions for any of that tho...

(and also like 70,000 or so in back pay as an E2. Im prob going to have her get scammed and lose most of that.)

Ill track down threads and jps another time to link. Most of the shiro ones had stupid names to remember and I'm not doing that with my limited time right now.

@rizzler as the GM.