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What 5 Books To Bring To The End Of The World.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

🎖️ Game Master
No fancy how it happens and why you can only have five required books, you can just have only five! Think of it as a different version of what items would you bring to a deserted island game.

So if civilization as we know it were to collapse as we know it and you were one of the lucky survivors which five objects of reading would you want to bring with you be it for reading, culture, learning, etc?

Books on building bridges or boats?
A world atlas?
A fictional series like the lord of the rings?
A big book of Suddoku puzzles?

What comes to mind if you could choose five books?
Mine, because I didnt include it in the first post would likely be the Hobbit and the three LOTR books making four from those alone, and then because I only had one left would be Make another signal by Jack Broome because I like something comedic and uplifting.

Plus I have plenty of survival and navigational skills and don't need books on those and I don't want to be the guy with books on mathematics and science trying to bring the world back someday; That's someone elses job!
Spent a bit of time traveling light and didn't have the capacity to keep books around, so I opted for a thesaurus. It was a really good choice because some words were really inspiring and I would just come up with stories around them in my head. I would probably bring that again in a "no books but this one" scenario since it's tried and true for me personally. I even spent a few days alone in a tree with just that for entertainment.

Other than a thesaurus, the complete works of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Doyle, Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse, Being There by Jerzy Kosinski, and 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

I have some newer reads I enjoy a lot that want one of these spots but I'm giving it to my old favorites that have truly stayed with me in my brain (and shelf) over the years.
1. The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - my dad had this on his shelf when I was a kid and I spent a lot of time reading it. A treasure trove of science. Expensive.

2. FM 21-76, The US Army Survival Guide (apparently the new version is FM 3-05.70). The May 2002 version of this is available for download from a very reputable website (FAS) but also has a destruct notice on it. Confusing. The older versions are approved for public release like most military field manuals. Also they're on Amazon.

3. Star Army's wiki, in printed PDF format! I love this universe and the folks in it.

4. Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership - I read this years ago and it was inspiring and the advice is timeless, whether you're in ancient China, modern America, or scifi SARP. Made a reference to this in a recent RP post.

5. The Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual, because it's one of my most beloved books from when I was young.

Note: Amazon links in this post support SARP
Most of my books are series. I used to be able to read each of these series once a year but since having kids that I don't have quite as much time. Also whenever I do get some free time I'm trying to post here. But anyway.

1. Bible
2. Lord of the Rings (1)
3. Aubrey Maturin (21 book series)
4. Gaunt's Ghosts (16 books, but available in 4 omnibuses)
5. Thrawn series Star Wars (any book with Thrawn really 3-10)
Five empty notebooks because if you are experiencing the end of the world you are going to write a better story than anyone before you ever could have.