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Teien Eden

Teien Eden is a NPC played by Ametheliana.

Teien Eden
庭園 エデン
Species & Gender: NH-40 Nekovalkyrja Mishhuvurthyar Female
Year of Birth: YE 35
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army First Officer
Rank: Shosa
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Teien Eden In RP

She has been involved with the Kuvexian war aboard the YSS Kaiyō since the ship's maiden voyage. She is known for inciting romantic fraternizations amongst crew members, her determination, and having a deep love and kindness for those she comes into contact with. She married Teien Misaki, has a daughter, and commanded the Kaiyo's SOFT 501 team as the ship's XO and often commands the away missions. She once was given an unbearable amount of knowledge by an AvaNet Avatar, though much of it was brought from her digital mind when it caused her and others pain. She has gone with the YSS Kaiyō II to another universe, Ayenee, and blasted her way through an aether ball while protecting it. Back in the Kikyō Sector, once more, she remains ever capable and confident.

Physical Description

She has a black princess cut hair style that splays out in many segments towards the waist, Hanako-gold eyes, and a lean and tall figure with an ample and full chest. She also has large elf ears and has curvy hips.


Jovial and quick to appease those around her, she is affectionate and kind to a fault. She is a go-getter and smart, on top of it, making her an easy asset to the Star Army of Yamatai. Since her wife's transfer off of the Kaiyō, Eden has become less inclined to make new friends and, most notably, does not seem to “ship” her crew with one another.


She was born in YE 35 and immediately put on the YSS Hana that was then a part of the Star Army Second Fleet. She served well there and was moved to be a part of command. She rose through the ranks until reaching Taii, at which point she was asked to man the gunship she serves on, now, the YSS Kaiyō.

Once aboard, she acquainted herself with her crew during their first briefing, then they were off to be one of the first to disturb Kuvexians in their space. Before they could, though, they became entwined with pirates that they had to vanquish.

The below quote was taken from her transmission to the away team in the heat of battle.

Quote from Mission One: Ichi
“'This is the first obstacle of many in our path to victory over the Kuvexians! I do not want to see any of you get maimed or murdered by pirate scum when the real prize will be the heads of the Kuvexians to be mounted above Taisho Yui's hearth.'“

After the mission, they de-briefed in the wardroom of the Kaiyō, where the crew partook in trust falls at Eden's urging. After wards, she spoke to them about the mission.

Quote from Post-Mission One: Yame!
“Finished, she clasped her hands around the empty box and said, 'This has been an excellent first mission, everyone. We are off to really instigate Kuvexian space and get closer to our end goal every day. Let us hope the pirates we have and are going to drop off to a port are the last we will encounter for a long while. And if they're not, we'll treat the next just as bravely as we treated the first!'“

Some time later, an unknown craft is spotted and power armor filter out of it. While engaged in a ruthless battle with the power armor, an NMX Neko in a Reaper Power Armor shows up and shoots down the pilot of the craft, a shuttle that has a self-destruct button. The button is pressed by one of the enemies and the shuttle explodes with all of the enemies.

Quote from Mission Ni
”'Always explosions with this crew,' Eden murmured out loud as she watched the spectacle before her.”

The next mission, a fleet of L'Kor are engaged after Star Army Intelligence is able to give the Sixth Squadron more information about the enemy, now known as the L'Kor. They are able to read them Rights of Early Contact.

Quote from Mission San: Kaizen
”'We have encountered those that are in line with the Kuvexians—the L'Kor. They threaten our abilities to end the war with the Kuvexians easily and swiftly. The Sixth Squadron is closer than ever to space they occupy and we have begun the process of outing them from their hiding. The last time we were up against them, they committed seppuku, mass suicide. We don't want them to be so lucky next time. They will die when we permit them to. They will live only if we permit them to.'“
Quote from Mission San: Kaizen
“To all on the bridge and on the away team, Eden said, “I want this battle to be one sided. We will crush them quickly and decisively!” Her fist had balled and she was grimacing, as if impaled or hurt to the extreme. “Continue the barrage against the still-standing ships! Let the Kaiyō away team take care of the battleship. I have all the faith in the universe that they will.”

During the next mission, they go to the planet Komorebi that is determined to be safe and is also uninhabited. The Sixth Squadron seeks to investigate more about this planet and each of the ships deploys teams to uncover the planet's secrets. While down there, one crew member touches some oozing red liquid and starts hallucinating while another falls hundreds of feet and is impaled. Deciding to head back, most of the team prepares to leave while Amanozako and Mochi go to investigate a path that led them to a shuttle and bomber, which the sixth squadron begins to tow away.

A month and some days later, the Kaiyō crew goes through a trust exercise again, this time playing “one truth and a lie” where the crew went around the room and told the rest of the crew one truth about themselves and one lie and the rest of the crew had to guess as to what the truth was and what the lie was.

Quote from Post-Mission Four: Shinjitsu
“Eden gave a small laugh behind her hand as Saki went up and then telepathically reassured her with a feeling of happiness after having heard her speak out to the group. Eden said, “If you were a compulsive liar, I would be in a lot of trouble, wouldn't I?” Eden thought to say something to the effect of asking if Saki were truly pregnant as a joke, then decided to remain professional and got back to the game, saying, “You are a lot less shy than you used to be, Saki. We all appreciate the leaps and bounds you have come. Though the shy person you used to be is no less great than the one that stands before us today, just different.”'

A few days from then, the crew are awakened to find that NMX Forces are attacking the squadron. On board is one Ghost Mishhuvurthyar, as well, which phases broodlings into the captain, Teien Eden.

Quote from Mission Go: Dôshiyô
“Shadows emanated from the walls and the lights around them seemed to be snuffed for an instant and then relit, but on a much lower wattage as the Ghost Mishhuvurthyar transferred out of the plane of existence between the Taii and the Juni. Teien Eden breathed in a sharp gasp that was choked and wet. Her eyes bulged and her hands groped in front of her wildly as she looked at the ground in front of her and fell to her knees. Eden palms pressed onto the ground in front of her and her black hair spilled out around them as she shook violently.Ghost Mishhu broodlings began gnawing at the insides of their new, warm, edible womb inside of the captain. The Ghost Mishhuvurthyar's grey mottled body blipped back into existence on the other side of the Taii, closer to the bridge than it had been a mere second ago. Eden cried out and turned off her pain receptors, but the excruciating feeling of having her insides decimated by the fist-sized broodlings was an ache she couldn't get rid of so easily.”

Quote from Mission Go: Dôshiyô
“Help! Saki, my love! Help me! Kill me,” Eden's message to the XO said as she aimed. “Saki, kill me.”

The samurai, Rei aboard the Kaiyo eventually killed the Ghost Mishhu and Eden was ST'd back to life at which point the battle was won.

Eden and Saki became engaged, as well!

Saki rolled up to lay upon Eden's chest, placing her arms to act as a pillow while the placed her head on top of them and looked into Eden's eyes. Internally, she was keeping herself from crying but kept it submerged for the moment, “E-Eden, w-w-will you m-marry me?” Her words stammered out enough to make her feel like she had ruined it. Her eyes went down a little as well as her ears as she seemed to look embarrased and well as slightly terrified.
“I will,” Eden smiled as she said this and moved her hand so that she was holding Saki in an embrace. She kissed Saki's lips fully and moved her head back, smiling, as she looked at her lover's chocolate brown eyes. “I absolutely will!”

After this incident, Eden was promoted to Shosa.

Afterwards, the crew went to Planet Yamatai for the wedding of Saki and Eden.

Quote from Post-Mission Five: Kekkon
That is, until Eden slipped into view of the Kaiyō crew —if they were looking— just as a ripple of sunlight bounced off the water's edge and splashed its brightness across her fully white shiromuku kimono. She bore a takashimada style of top knot and dangling kanzashi in her tightly bound black hair. Two slivers of her red nagajuban could be seen peeking out as the clothe pressed against her collarbones and chest. Her makeup had been done by Hanna earlier and smokey brown and blue shadow emanated above her golden eyes.

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai was the officiator.

Quote from Post-Mission Five: Kekkon
“Loyal subjects of the empire…friends, family, crewmates, and brothers and sisters in arms, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage and exchange of vows between Teien Eden-Shosa and Norogumi Misaki, Chui. Marriage is an ancient tradition from the days before known history, where two or more people who love one another declare the unbreakable permanency of that that love to all. It is a commitment and a lifelong bond and should not be entered lightly or with second thoughts or reservations,” she said.

“Do you, Teien Eden,” Empress asked, “take Norogumi Misaki to be your lawfully wedded partner in marriage, to love, no matter what happens, as long as you both exist?”

Without hesitation and with a happy heart, Eden replied, “Yes,” while she looked into Misaki's lavender eyes. “I do.”

The next mission the squadron found an escape pod some distance away and the Kaiyō was dispatched to deal with it as on board was an old friend of the Shosa's, Teien Eden. When they got there, the pod was decimated and three hostile cruisers decloaked. They then began to fight the Kaiyō before revealing themselves to be the Elefirn. While this was happening, Noroumi Misaki was giving birth to Teien Kikyō.

The Shosa then struck the ship with the Kaiyō's main aether array. The ships were destroyed, but the Kaiyō rocked and tumbled until they were steady again, only to find that they were looking at a duplicate of their own ship.

On the main viewscreen after the two ships set up communications, the Kaiyō found that the other ship was named the IYS Kaiyō of the 28th Fleet. It was larger, but had an identical bridge crew, save that the Elysian on the bridge looked to be a Neko. The captain identified herself as Norogumi Misaki and the two ships exchanged crew members to tour one another's ships. Eden found that when Saki spoke to her over encrypted channels, Norogumi Misaki could hear. They also found that these Neko and Minkan versions of themselves were under the rule of Eve. Norogumi Misaki gave Eden a plant and sent her back to her ship and the IYS Kaiyō crew returned to their own. Moments later, the YSS Kaiyō began to be towed by the IYS version of itself.

After a month of this, there was a disturbance above the transparent Zesu window of the wardroom that the crew happened to notice and soon, it became apparent a battle was ensuing around them. This, coupled with the appearance of an entity that dubbed themselves, “All Knowing” and got dubbed All. All helped them get out of the alternate universe, but not before completely destorying their own ship. Part of what they needed to do was board the IYS Kaiyo and in doing so, Eden was unable to kill her wife's counterpart and got shot in the back of the head while she made sure the device that could save the YSS Kaiyo was put into the Plumeria-class.

When back in Yamatai, the crew were reassigned to a new ship, the YSS Kaiyō II. Eden was now the XO of the ship and not the Captain, but she took it in stride. Two missions later and Misaki asked for transfer orders.

Then, Project Star Princess began in which the crew explored the ancient ruins of Temple of the Stars in Star Prefecture on planet Yamatai. The expedition gave Eden a wealth of knowledge about the Kikyō Sector's history through an Avatar of AvaNet within the temple.

After that mission ended, the crew went to Ayenee, where they came across new crew that joined on from all kinds of universes, including Ayenee and including the universe they had slipped into in which the IYS Kaiyō existed.

The first scouting mission had them looking for pomegranates and Eden's team ended up in a forested location that made everyone feel very, well, drunk-like. There were casualties.

They then went to Naze Sorairo, or blue sky universe. The Kaiyō II brought the crew inside of a hollow water planet that held within it what was an aether sphere. Eventually it became clear that the aether sphere was inhabited and deadly, all the while a crew member was experiencing a bloodlust illness. Eden made the call to extract the crew member. Clad in Mindy, they hurtled through the aether sphere until they were in the nude and in the hollow water planet's innards, out of the aether sphere, but exposed to enemies. The Kaiyō came in and saved the day.

Then, she commanded the away mission on Planet H. Some died, but many more were saved. The planet had become weaponized and was headed straight for core Yamatai. Teien Eden evacuated the crew and led an assault on a nearby Kuvexian observation ship. She and her crew took the ship from the Kuvexians, once more with casualties and injuries.

Eden then helped brief the crew on going to the alternate universe her crew had been trapped in once before. The enemy had found ways to create Transuniversal Teleportation Drive and had already sent a scout in and out of the Kikyō Sector. They went into this universe, were greeted by another ship nearby that had recently left transuniversal travel captained by Pumpkin. The WARMS had also picked up on a Plumeria's main aether array being shot in a number of minutes. Meanwhile, the away team staged a hostile takeover of an enemy ship's bridge. The enemy ship, being from this universe held by Eve, had an IYS designation for Imperial Yamataian Starship. In this universe, it was Eve that had come to power.

The away team captured the captain and MEGAMI unit of the ship and were able to discard it. But just then a scout ship came into view of Pumpkin's ship and the Kaiyō II. Pumpkin's ship used its main weapon array to destroy it. After some discussion, Eden agreed to become a NH-40 Nekovalkyrja Mishhuvurthyar. She is now leading the away team's assault on the bridge of the ship Eve is likely on.

Skills Learned


  • Starship Operations
  • Knowledge: Star Army history and law in the Yamatai Star Empire
  • Leadership
  • Emergency
  • Medical
  • Equipment

Social Connections

Eden is connected to:


Inventory & Finance

Teien Eden has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Quote from Mission Thirteen: Miyabi
He slowly walked over to the XO station and looked at the seat. This is where Eden normally sits. Her firm booty forming the seat into submission.

Teien Eden has been saving her money since her wedding a year ago and has 80,100 KS.

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

Picture titled “Eden with Ise” where one sees a puffy jacket clad Eden holding the type 28-f Neko Ise is drawn by Primitive Polygon

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