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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Sixteen: Hatsuyume


Gravity smiled sheepishly as Nora scooted away. Gravity, for all intents and purposes, was like a grown tiger cub. Very playful and full of energy, she often got overexcited and forgot that other people didn't like to play as rough as she did.

"You could have told me you sacrificed children to the gods of vanity and I would have believed you. But it's good to have you back!"

Klaus was at heart a simple man. A man who enjoyed the simple yet elegant things of life, such as good food, good friends and being able to sleep in after a mission. But alas military life carried heavy burdens, and being woken up by someone knocking on the door was just one of them.

As he proceeded to shake off the sleep, he realized something. Today was his birthday. Today was his birthday and he wasn't in Ralt with his mother and grandfather. It was expected for this happen. The Star Army takes cares for you, but also demands sacrifice from you, like his grandfather said. Still, he felt a sudden sense of melancholy.

After quickly collecting himself and taking care of his morning necessities, the young man quickly went to where the rest of the crew was gathered. He didn't bother with an outerwear coat, as he was Raltian, and in Ralt you learn what true cold is. He missed home.

After catching sight of the rest of the crew he approached Hoshi. "Reporting for duty Chusa." He said respectfully but lacking his usual excitement.

Ragnar was not entirely sure if this was shoreleave or some sort of weird secret mission. It was cold, the snow was nice, and the crew was leisurely getting up. Having woken a bit earlier to get a workout in, it was refreshing to stretch and have true gravity around him. Not wanting to put things off longer than necessary Ragnar made his way to the gathering crew following his final pull-ups done outdoors. The cold was refreshing, if numbing, but he’d be sure to make sure everyone was wearing proper winter gear. Approaching, Ragnar realized he never spoke to the captain face to face before. Might be best to keep it that way?
Planet Yamatai
35日 9月 YE 40

Saya blinked a little as she heard the sudden thumping on her door and tried to get her bearings. For some reason, as she opened her eyes she was in a massive field of flowers with sparse trees dotting the landscape. Her vision focused further and for a second her heart leaped into her throat as she saw a massive ax in a downswing frozen inches from her face. Her eyes shot wide and she scrambled back for a second until she spotted what looked so weird. It seemed frozen in time, as did the large angry looking orc who wielded it and eventually everything came back to her. She had been up late as she worked through her story. She had been in the middle of setting up a combat scene out on the road for the players when she had fallen asleep.

She felt a yawn escape her as she pulled up the system's internal clock to check the time and as she spotted it she panicked yet again.

"Nonononono I'm late! This isn't good!"

Saya ripped the headset off of her and shot out of her bed. She quickly changed into her service uniform and straightened it out before she bolted from her room without even a check of herself in the mirror. The pink haired medic ran as quickly as she could through the halls to get to the meeting place. Eventually one of the ship's medics finally made it to where the others were, a little out of breath and her hair and unfortunate mess half out of its normal beautiful french braid. She bowed as she entered and spoke.

"Ma'am! I'm so sorry for my tardiness, I slept through my alarm I had set and I feel really bad for it I'm really sorry."

She hadn't even spotted Wyatt yet, much more concerned she had upset Hoshi then anything just then as the half undone braid flopped over her shoulder and dangled in her view as she remained bowed. She jerked a little at the unkempt looking braid and began to fidget a little as the need to fix it washed over her like a hundred ants that crawled over her skin.
Planet Yamatai

Masami was a little upset to see Asuka leave her so quickly, especially considering the extremely convoluted emotions that she felt Asuka impart upon her via touch-telepathy and the redhead's confusingly abstract response. She wasn't a poet by any means, but something told her that she had offended Asuka in some way by offering a seat to the shy-looking blue-skinned Nekovalkyrja. It didn't help that the new Neko had decided against sitting with her as well, but she couldn't fault her for wanting to speak with the captain, which was something that Masami wanted to do herself at some point.

Unfortunately, Masami could not suppress the despondent frown that came upon her features when Asuka left to go sit by the fire. She leaned back into the couch and crossed her arms over her chest, before looking towards Kiyomori with a somewhat forced smile on her face.

"Uhhh...yeah. Have fun with that! Good luck and uhh...we'll talk later...I hope." She replied awkwardly, speaking the last few words with an almost inaudible amount of volume.

While Masami's 'playful air' was somewhat dampened by the departure of Asuka and Kiyomori, the big-eyed Nekovalkyrja still managed to attract someone's attention even when at a emotional low point. To say the least, Masami was quite surprised to feel the warmth of another Nekovalkyrja, who had decided to take one of the seats next to her on the couch.

"Oh! Uhh...hi!" Masami said, her eyes taking in a heart-shaped visage with rich olive skin and golden-yellow eyes which reminded Masami of the color of her own eyes. ""Umm...Hildr! Nice to meet you, I'm Sadow Masami!" She said, as she utilized her digital mind to look up the name of the olive-skinned Nekovalkyrja sitting next to her. "Good to have someone warm next to me...it was getting cold alone on the couch..." She added a little shyly.

Hildr gave a nod and a smirk at the acknowledgement from the other Neko sitting on the couch, now alone. "Yoroshiku, Masami," the redhead replied, sinking down off the armrest to the cushion right next to Masami, briefly brushing hips with the pink-haired woman as she settled into her seat, tucking her feet up partially underneath herself. "This cold has been getting to me, too, I'm sure we can keep each other plenty warm," she said with a playful wink, her crimson tail wrapping around her waist as she regarded Masami.

Hildr's grin fell to a look of concern as she hesitated a moment, glancing over at the woman who had been sitting on the couch before - the relevant data pulled up in her mind as Deio Asuka, Itto Heisho, sensors officer - before returning her amber gold eyes to the woman next to her. The exchange between them hadn't been missed, nor had the frown that had crossed Masami's face. Hildr smiled warmly then, trying to shift the other Neko's attention onto something else.

"I'm surprised by how cold it is, though it does have a cozy feeling to it too. Got the cocoa and the fire, just need a nice fluffy blanket and a good snuggle partner to make it perfect," Hildr mused, closing her eyes to imagine the coziness. She sighed softly as she opened her eyes again, flashing a wide grin to Masami and giggling a little, like she was sharing a secret joke between them.

Odo woke with a start. Something was wrong, something was off. He rolled over and saw the time on his display, and silently cursed. He was late. He jumped out of bed, and pulled his service uniform from his chair where he had sat it last night. He got dressed in record speed, if there was one thing he knew, you always dressed faster when you were late. The engineer took a second to look in the mirror and straighten out any creases he had, and then took off towards the designated room.

Once he walked in, as quietly as he could, he was relieved that he wasnt the last person there, there were still crew memebers not present. He looked around and noticed new faces, as well as some he had seen on the ship. None that he had interacted with before. He smelled coffee, and made a bee line towards it, pouring himself a cup and putting a decent amount of cream and sugar in it.

A combination of still being shy and new, as well as half asleep, kept him to the outskirts of the group, leaning against a wall and just paying attention to the rest of the group who seemed to know each other better. Once he woke up, maybe he would be a bit more sociable.
Planet Yamatai
35日 9月 YE 40

Sacre had a lot of paperwork to do, never ending piles of it that seemed to come from nowhere. Promotions, Transfers, routine notifacations, inventory, and more all seemed to need her to read and do something with them. That and the Separa'Shan members of the crew needed addtional precautions to make sure that they would be able to stay warm in the cold winter. However, Sacre was for the moment done with everything that she needed to do. She entered the room and scanned it for Gravity. Spotting her girlfriend, Sacre blushed slightly, and started to make her way towards Gravity.
Planet Yamatai

A loud clanking sound came in through the door, along with a robot. She was covered with white snow that blended in with the gynoid's hair and plastic. Rather than brush it off, Chlorate just walked in, leaving the snow all over her- not noticing any snow she was leaving behind, either. "Hello Chusa Hoshi," Chlorate greeted with a wave. Snow fell down from her waving arm as if her movement caused a short lasting miniature avalanche, pooling onto the floor in a melting puddle. She proceeded to approach the fireplace, the heat of which started to cause her own personal snowfall to turn into rain.

Kikios Leka walked into the cabin as well. She thought it was good to see this many people here. She was about to proceed further into the cabin, but she stopped after just one step. She sniffed. She turned her crested head to the side to identify the source of the smell- Ah, there it was- the smell was coming from the hot drinks. Kiki looked at the coffee pot, tempted to pour a cup of the caffeinated copper beverage.

Masami's brief feelings of despair melted away like frost on a windshield when Hildr pressed her hips against Masami and offered a playful wink. Her initial shyness fell away to reveal a coquettish grin, and in turn, she leaned against Hildr's shoulder as well.

"A blanket would be nice right now...but your body heat is more than enough to sate my...hmm...thirst for warmth." Masami replied as she stared at Hildr and batted her eyelashes in a coy manner, before letting a series of giggles escape from her lips as well.
Planet Yamatai

Royce's recent life, if anything, had been a winding spiral of ups and downs, and all around. The last time he had seen the crew of the Kaiyo was on a fateful mission too long ago, it was there he stumbled across a single piece of data, a location, that sent him away from the ship and on his own for a long while; partly at the direction of the Star Army, and partly of his own whimsy and morbid curiosity. Ambling slowly through the torrent like storm of snow and utterly depressing cold he found himself re-tracing and thinking back to the moment that started it all, and what led him back to where it all began; the Kaiyo II. Those forested eyes squinted through the cracked, blue tinted lenses of the aviator style glasses he wore upon his face. His breath a dense cloud that whisked behind him as he moved, tossed about by the turning currents of the wind much like how he felt the last few nights had treated him in general.

What had began as some much needed relaxation, finally back on the empires home planet whilst his superiors contemplated just where to send him next had turned into them at a loss, and him sent back to the Kaiyo for the time being, or rather where the crew was at least. Turning his head he let a deep breath slip between his cracked and cold lips while he rolled his head with an irritated sigh. One hand was slid comfortably into his jean jacket pocket while the other held a large military duffel bag over his shoulder. His fingers were bone white, having lost a lot of their feeling at this point which was to him a blessing, he only hoped it wouldn't come full circle to chastising him again for his stupidity. They had told him Takekumori was cold, sadly he didn't pay it much mind but it wasn't a mistake he would make again he promised himself as he grumbled a few curses under his chilled breath.

Finally, he stood at the edge of the small village. He bellowed a long, drawn out yawn as he glanced around. His head tilting to the side as he took in what surroundings he could. Not only had he not prepared for this measure of extreme cold, it seemed the craft he had chosen to take to the mountain was just as prepared as he was, which was to say; not at all. He didn't press forward however, he just stood there, lost in his own thoughts for a moment before retrieving a somewhat crumpled cigarette from his jackets pocket. With a somewhat shaky hand he brought it to his lips and managed to do the same for a small box shaped lighter that sent small sparks and a flame across the top with the flick of a button.

Inhaling deeply he closed his eyes, a small cloud almost as dense as his breath slipped from his mouth as he forced himself to just wait, to think things through. The problem was, he never said goodbye. He always had an effect on people, a sort of gravity about him that attracted others. Animated, warm, and absolutely terrible at saying goodbye. Though the later is something people experienced on their own after he had vanished. Hoshi was the first to come to mind, that small woman would surely find a step ladder and strangle him. He couldn't help but to rub at his neck as he tossed the idea around in his seemingly empty little head, it wasn't likely to be a fun reunion, awkward at least and frightening at most.

He doubted she had even been told what happened to him or where he had gone, which admittedly was a little bit of everywhere. He took another small drag from the cigarette that hung from his lips and finally started moving forward again. She likely had thought him dead, the whole crew did for that matter. He'd be akin to a strange little ghost wandering back into their lives, haunting them for awhile longer before the Star Army figured out where he needed to be next. Lost in his own mind he turned his gaze towards the Cabin where the crew was, though unsure if that was the actual right building he shuffled a hand through his pockets. A bit of lint fell from the pocket as he pulled a small piece of crumpled paper from it and looked it over through narrowed eyes. Stuffing it back into his pocket he spit the mostly smoked cigarette into the snow and made his way to the door.

Royce didn't bother knocking, the worst he figured would happen is a very confused and upset local giving them a piece of their mind about barging in. With a held breath he opened the door, a sudden and welcome warmth hitting his form as he shuffled inside. Setting his bag next to the entrance he began shaking his whole body, starting with his head. Like a wild animal slinging water from it's fur he shed the countless flakes of snow from his form. His hair tangled and thick like a mop atop his head, wet from the snow and his body shook a bit from the sudden change of temperature. Heaving a breath he reached to his face, pulling the all too worn glasses from the bridge of his nose and sliding them to the front of his jacket before glancing around at the others with a raised brow. He had a sinking feeling he was in the right place.

"It is really cold out there."

He said stating the obvious to no one in particular while feigning that friendly sense of care free he was known for as he brought a thumb to the side of his head, rubbing at it gently while a small warmed smile teased at the corner of his lips. "Just, wow.." For the time being it seemed he might be able to blend somewhat in with others having recently entered, he thought it wise to find a nice quiet corner sometime soon; not for hiding of course, he'd never do that. At least, that's what he lied and told himself.

Hoshi smiled as Chlorate came in and laughed the words, “You’re an abominable snowbot, Chlorate! Who-hoo, you must be careful about scaring little Nekovalkyrja such as myself, I don’t know if any of us have seen such a scary sight before!” The captain looked as Saya approaching with her disheveled braid and forward words, but simply smiled while saying, "That's quite alright, it is. Warm up and relax a second!"

She looked to the Raltian while she was kneeling near the fire and began in a more serious, “Hey, Klaus, I wanted to tell you before you saw and were surprised tha-“ Hoshi’s eyes had turned towards the door and lit up. Her pink lids closed over her deep indigo eyes, though, as she turned back to look at Klaus, but when she looked at him, she said, “Is that-?” as her brow furrowed and her lips stayed parted after she had spoken. She blinked another time and looked back toward the approaching man, then had dropped her fire tool and was off of the ground and speedily flying through the air. Her body impacted Royce’s gently, but the pressure was significant after she had wrapped her arms around him. The old Nekovalkyjra’s face had found a place against his jean jacket’s chest, smooshed against patches and fraying sections of the denim, avoiding the side of his jacket which his blue aviators were nestled in. Her head shook in two jerky motions and she pushed him away while holding his upper arms so that she could look at him more fully.

“I was involved in tracking Project Star Princess until you went dark. I didn’t know if it was you or my clearances,” she laughed and sighed all at once, looking at him with happiness welling in her eyes. Her expression became tinged with sadness the more she spoke the sentence, “I am happy you are back with us, for however long or short that may be.” Both corners of her lips pushed up as she said, “Thank you, it means a lot, especially now.” She looked as if about to say more, her voice had grown quiet and her eyes were studying only Royce, but they shifted perceptibly to the crew in the room and said, “I should let another make that announcement. For now, just know it comes at a time that,” she tilted her head, looking for words, “You are coming at a time that helps more than you know, now. Thank you.” Her eyes were focused again on Royce as she let her hands slide down to hold his in hers, rather than holding him around the biceps as she had been doing, which now seemed awkward to her to have been doing. A soft, but visible blush spread across her cheeks while she looked to Royce.
Sometimes what was most expected wasn't as strange as the actuality, and Royce barely had even a fleeting moment to brush idle snow from his form before the small visage of a flying woman came crashing into him. As much as things changed, they stayed the same; and this was one of those things. His arms wrapped around Hoshi reflexively and he spun carelessly with her before she suddenly pushed him away for a better, longing look. His gaze slid away from her for a moment as he turned the words over in his head, then finally spoke in response. There was a calmness in his tone, and a crooked half smile on his lips as he did. "It.." He frowned, his head bobbing slightly in the collected pause. "Might of been a bit of both. I mean, honestly I barely knew what was going on most of the time, I just kept moving." There was in fact, a lot that happened in a short period, and if the Star Army had a way around it, he was sure he wouldn't even have clearance for most of it.

His expression softened as the roller coaster called Hoshi bounced from expression to expression, fleeting emotions bringing rise to new ones in the finite time she hovered in front of him. "They don't know what.." He paused again, choosing his words as carefully as he could. "Hopefully I'll be able to stay for good this time." He finally said with a solemn nod. He knew he was lying, and a deeper part of him knew she understood that as well. For the time being though, he was for better or worse; home. "I was just told to report here of all places instead of the Kaiyo, and I have no idea what my assignment is on the ship yet. It might be in the paper work, this was all pretty last minute." He was sure of one thing though, he didn't like the ominous tone in her voice, she knew something the others didn't as far as what was coming, and didn't seem to want to say for whatever reason.

He looked the same, and even tried to behave the same, though from how he spoke she might realize something had changed with him, something subtle. If it was a shift for the the positive remained to be seen. He was happy though, despite the astounding poker face he seemed to be putting on, there was always that small smile teasing the fringe of his mouth, and it grew slightly as she grasped his hand, his fingers curling around hers in a subtle manner. He had been told not to say anything about where he had been, and he was glad she knew; somewhat at least. His thumb moved over her hand as he cast his gaze around the room to the others gathered. As much as he had learned and come to understand, his relationship with Hoshi was still one of the mysteries he hadn't even begun to figure out, though he doubted he was as confused as the rest of the crew upon watching the pair. He blinked to them all, raising his free hand and open palm to them in a quiet gesture of greeting.

Armed with hot chocolate and standing at attention in a corner while slowly sipping the delightful contents, Ragnar glared at some of the soldiers gathered and arriving.

While he had opted for a sleeveless holiday sweater, comfortable winter boots, and what would be considered cold weather sports pants; he found it oddly unacceptable that so many crewmembers seemed to have forgotten or ignored cold weather clothing requirements. He intended to bring it up to Sacre; his direct line superior. However she appeared busy with personal matters...as well as the captain...or 90% of the crew. The tin handle began to visibly twist in his iron grip.

Enjoy it scrubs...I’m prepping the mother of all safety briefings and there will be slideshows. He bitterly thought while contemplating if it was the lack of discipline that annoyed him or not having taken the time to get to know anyone very well.

As the Santo Sei made her slow approach, She had heard Masami’s words, and it took her a moment to realize the emotions behind them. Masami was distraught, she hadn’t gone through something like that before, as far as she remembered, but she was certain, it must make Masami feel bad since she seemed so social. She knew she wanted to spend time with Masmi, whether that be as friends or more she didn’t know. She blinked her eyes when the doors opened and a great deal f people had arrived, all of them appeared to seek Hoshi’s attention, each wanted to report in, but she decided maybe she should stay back.

She could wait since she didn’t deem herself so important, or high ranking that the attention must be on her. The Santo Sei stepped back, as she watched their captain react to meeting another man. She turned to look back to Masami, and she saw another had joined her. She again realized she didn’t know her, but it was alright. Masami seemed happy that was good, still “I… I am sorry for leaving like that, my worries and duty, overrode my senses before, I could have waited.” She sent to Masami only as a private message as she had done before.

She saw the open palm gesture, and she did one of her own as her tail swayed behind her gently. She glanced around to the people that had gathered. She observed them silently.

Hildr's eyebrows shot up, taken aback by the sudden shift in Masami's mood, not to mention the other Neko pressing close to her. But that feline grin soon reasserted itself as Hildr leaned back into her new acquaintance. "A girl after my own heart," she teased, sliding her arm behind Masami on the couch back to press the two even closer for maximum snuggle mode. "Or, at least, my warmth," she added with little giggle of her own.

Hildr's fingertips gave a light, teasing brush against Masami's shoulder then, another forward tease, but her fingertips stopped as soon as she felt skin. Not cloth. The redheaded Neko's eyes widened and her eyebrows arched questioningly once more, patting at Masami's shoulder once to confirm. "Oh uh...g-guess I know why you're feeling cold," she said with a nervous giggle, a flush spreading on her cheeks.

Hoshi’s smile pushed her cheeks against her eyes, which had begun to look tense below her blueish side swept bangs. She looked about to speak, then closed her mouth and shook her head, placing a chilly hand on her temple before removing it and looking up at him.

"I sometimes wish life were only moments like this one," Hoshi said, finally, "full of wonder, happiness, and love. That wouldn't be right, though. It wouldn't make sense. I hope every tribulation that comes will strengthen these moments within us." She closed her eyes for a long moment, then sighed out again as she gave Royce a lasting hug, though it was more brief than the one that had come before it.

"Any other last minute surprises?" Hoshi asked, and, as if the question was only rhetorical, she said, "Good, we're to set out, then. It's not too far, come on, now. Ragnar, you are going to want to cover up those arms a bit. It's a cute look, but you're going to get cold." She looked once more at Royce, giving him a wide and tight lipped smile, before nodding tersely and setting about shooing the crew to get up and at 'em.


What seemed like too many long minutes in the cold later, they were further from the base of the wolf mountain and the homes that sat in its shadow. The birch trees around them had long lost their foliage, branches, and limbs. The barely-visible winter morphs of the snowshoe hares in the area were made most apparent by their shallow tracks in the snow. At times, the group seemed as if traveling with the rabbits, following their lead, but they disappeared and Hoshi still led them on until they were again following bounding bunnies into a clearing, void of trees, within the mighty forest they were within. This time, the hares split into two directions, as if running on the boundaries of something. When Hoshi turned and stopped at the edge of the clearing, the Fuji-class came into partial view. It seemed that the snow on the ship had settled after some time of stagnation. The thick layer of white snow that sat atop the ship's many parts began melting and dripping, in all areas besides for the large layer that was over the shuttle bay entrance. A low but audible cracking and splintering sound made Hoshi twist her head to look, before turning back to crew with a large smile.

"Just getting the ice out of her joints!" Hoshi's positive demeanor continued as she ushered the crew in through the shuttle bay. While one of her hands glided against a Mamushi craft, she asked, "Boss, where is Belmont-chui?"

Boss replied, "He is in the onsen."

"Oh," Hoshi said, looking surprised while she let her hand fall. "Then where is the Chusa?"

"The onsen, Chusa," Boss replied.

Hoshi sighed out, seemingly exasperated, "I hope that doesn't get annoying. Where they expecting us?" She was already on her way to the zero gravity passageway, to deck three.

"Yes," replied Boss.

YSS Kaiyō II

Hoshi stood at the threshold between the onsen and the changing room, where she requested everyone change into what they felt "would be most comfortable for a splash." She gave certain smiling looks to each crew member, each sort of an expression of her feelings towards them as she passed. She was the last one in the changing room and the first one in the onsen from this group, but once everyone was in, Hoshi closed the door to preserve warmth.

Eden and Alastair were in the onsen's steamy pool and the golden eyed figure spoke first.

"Some of you have seen me before and know me. I am Teien Eden, a Chusa of the Star Army of Yamatai. You may have looked to me for support, friendship, and love. I have looked to you for those same things, as well. The changes we have undergone, whatever form they take, will never change what we need from one another, what we look for in one another." Eden gave pause, looking from some of the assembled crew to Hoshi, "That is sure." She blinked a few times and her expression drifted, "We have a mission that will take us far from home. Well, we have a string of missions planned, as a crew." Her expression had grown stoic and cold, "Calling our next journey a tour of duty would be closer to the truth."

She looked back to the crew, "We'll be taking some major installations, not as a member of any squadron or larger support group. There are forces behind and in front of us, so to speak, but we will be alone out there for a time. It will take a few months to get out there, I would say three or four, so by the time we have a serious briefing in the wardroom where we're all clothed," Hoshi gave a giggle before she slipped into the water while Eden spoke, "you may have forgotten my exact words that I say now, so know that I love you. Hoshi loves you. The person to your right, left, and all around you loves you. If they're on this ship," Eden nodded tersely as she looked to each of them, "they love you."

She breathed in, "And I do believe that goes both ways. We fight an enemy today and will likely be fighting them tomorrow, but when we're not fighting, when that's happening... I want you to remember you are loved by the people you fought alongside." Eden's mouth began pursing and moving from one side to another and she put her the thumb of a clenched fist up to her mouth as she looked down, then she smiled and dunked herself underwater. She came back up from the water a millisecond later and the hime cut that seemed recently perfected was askew around her happy expression. "That's all, thank you for being here. Happy Holidays, as well! If you don't celebrate Yule Tide, then I both apologize for the gifts in your cabins and recommend you celebrate Klaus' birthday, instead! And if you do celebrate Yule Tide, celebrate Klaus birthday, as well! It's a party!" With that, she splashed a large wave of water that hit Hoshi square in the face and chest and both began laughing, although Eden's expression was a little more carefree while Hoshi was tight lipped and the expression changed to a grimace as a plop of water landed from her bangs to the water below.
YSS Kaiyo II

Gravity was suddenly back aboard the ship, standing before an onsen, completely naked, and staring at Eden (also naked), who the pilot had thought was gone for good. Confusion wasn't quite the word she wanted to use. Just... surreal.

Shrugging, the azure neko slid into the water. Adapt and move on, she always said.

"Now all we need is a dare hat." She joked aloud, sinking down to her chin.

Klaus watched as the crew started slowly filling the cabin until the sight of a snow covered Chlorate caused him to double take. That's Mark's daughter, right? Boy, I do not envy him. He thought as he watched her bring the reckoning of snow upon the mere mortal crew of the Kaiyo. He chuckled at the thought.

At Hoshi's calling for his name he turned to her and as she trailed off, he asked "Before I saw what Chusa?" As he said that, Klaus noticed her wandering gaze. Follow her line of sight, he saw another crewmember he never saw before.

As the Raltian turned to face Hoshi, he found the space in front of him devoid of Hoshi. As he turned to the new mystery crewman, he saw Hoshi there hugging and... groping him?

Klaus tilted his head to the side, and sweatdropped at the scene before his eyes.

Before he could question Hoshi again, she ordered them to move.


As everyone entered in the onsen, Klaus, wearing red swimming trunks, looked for a nice corner for a corner to relax, and maybe brood a little. But before he could do such a thing he saw the famed Teien Eden. He'd heard of ever, but never actually saw her. As she delivered her briefing and then her speech, he found himself regretting not meeting her sooner. Here was someone who he didn't mind serving under. Someone who understood what Yamatai truly was about. Not technological or military superiority. Justice, mercy, kindness and love. Things that are not real unless there's someone believing in them. He smiled despite his state of sadness and homesickness.

However, he perked up as the subject of the conversation turned to Yuletide, and his birthday. He was stupefied that they knew it was his birthday. Before he could retort, part of Eden wave hit against him. As he was in the process of entering into the onsen, he was caught off balance. but luckily, or unluckily depending on who you ask, Klaus's fall was stopped by two bodies. Two female bodies belonging to Eden and Hoshi.

Leaving behind a perfectly good and perfectly warm cabin to instead trudge through the woods with little to no idea on where the Chusa was taking us was not Nora's idea of how she thought this morning would play out. As a gush of wind rushed through the trees, whipping about her snow-white hair and reaching up under heavy, type 32 coat to attacking her stocking clad legs, the girl's body quaked as a shiver shook her whole being. Her tail, fluffed against the cold and at least somewhat shielded from the cold by the thickness of its coat, tucked between her thin legs as a sigh escaped her. It looked a little funny, as she had to waddle with her legs a bit spread out to allow room for the fluffy appendage, but at least it shielded some of her legs from the cold.

For what seemed like forever, they trudged on through the snow. Though, Nora's mind did have some entertainment as they walked, her eyes observing the tracks in the snow curiously. When the group finally reached their destination, an apparently empty clearing, the girl let out a small "Awwh!" at the sight of the small group of large-footed and fluffy rabbits native to these lands racing away from them. Upon further inspection of the clearing, the daur realized that they had indeed come out here for a reason. The ship that was home to the crew sat nestled in the snow in the middle of the clearing. As the ship was fired up, some of the sheets of snow and ice began to sluff off as it warmed. "Yes, time to get back inside." she thought as she huffed out a breath, the steam created from her warm breath meeting the frigid air billowing away as the winds carried the drifting steam away.

YSS Kaiyō II

Yet another unexpected turn of events, it seems the ship would be having some close time in the onsen installed on the ship. Nora always seemed to forget that this ship was all about the unexpected when it came to..well..everything. Moving into the dressing room and ordered to change into whatever clothes or lack thereof would be deemed necessary for a dip, the daur stripped out of her uniform down her jet black undergarments, which doubled as both workout attire and swimwear. Folding her clothes, she placed them in a locker before teasing her long ponytail into a loose bun, holding it in place with a borrowed chopstick.

With her skin still cold from the treck in the snow, she hurried along with the first couple of crewmembers changed into the room that housed the onsen, taking some relief in the warm steam circulating in the room's air. As more crew members filled into the room, the daur began to grow self-conscious at her own and everyone else's attire. Particularly, she grew a tinge green with envy at the supple bodies of several other nekos in the room, some of which had no problem's showing it all off with not a single article of clothing on their person. Her fox-like ears fell back as her head turned down to glance at her own figure, which didn't particularly have much curve or suppleness to it. She closed her eyes and let out a slow breath through her teeth, her head shaking as she dispelled the thought. By then, Eden had started her speech, which brought Nora's attention back to the present and onto much more important things. When the talk was ended on a playful note with Eden splashing the Chusa, it was finally time to enjoy the embrace of the warm waters of the bath.

The daur skirted around others in order to be one of the first into the waters, her mind on its warmth. She clambered up the small steps that lead up to the rim of the bath before much more slowly sinking into the water, the heat of it stinging her cold skin. Huffing out a breath, Nora pushed on anyway, at first rigidly moving through the waters before gradually loosening as she adjusted to the high temperature. By the time she reached the other end of the onsen, her body felt heavy. She slipped onto the ledge that acted as a seat all the way around the tub, her arms hanging out over the side of the bath as she brought her legs up onto the ledge next to her. "Hhaa~..Now, this is what I'm talkin' 'bout." She was indeed so relaxed that her words slurred slightly.