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RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Sixteen: Hatsuyume


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The Captain's attempts to shield the Gynoid from sight caused Wyatt's amber gaze to drift over briefly to check what all the fuss was about, eyes never dipping beneath either individual's collarbones before they drifted back towards the middle of the onsen - watching the ship's last Belmont attempt to explain his way out of this situation, the smallest of snickers sneaking out from underneath the knife-eared Minkan's gloriously spruce mustache before his face returned to its usual impartial self with a small sigh.

The muscled arm wrapped around Saya's shoulder shifted slightly though remained in place for the most part as she resting against his lean chest, Wyatt cleared his throat quietly and then opened his mouth to speak, "Besides the obvious changes to the ship's roster has much happened during my absence?" the Minkan asked no-one in particular, willing to hear out anybody who'd give an answer, being a good little operative of course he had done his best to read up on anything official but knowing the nature of this ship a lot had probably gone undocumented.


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Chlorate looked down at her body, which was robotic and lacked skin or human features. She was totally confused by Hoshi telling everyone to look away. She had been on the ship without clothes before, so she didn't understand why Hoshi was concerned about people looking at her. Did she spill oil in the water? Maybe a screw or a plastic panel came off? Evidently not, she noted, examining herself for something that might be awry. "But... Chusa Hoshi... What is wrong?" she asked, attempting to clarify the problem. "Am I ugly?" she asked worriedly, deducing that it might be the reason the pink neko asked everyone to look away, with no other reasons she could think of.

"Erm... Okay..." Kikios Leka said, the crestless cockatoo turning to look away from Chlorate. She wasn't sure why she should avert her blue gaze, but she figured she should. She faced the edge of the onsen, exposing her feathery white wings to everyone behind her.


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YSS Kaiyo II

Klaus Kurogane was very either very lucky or unlucky, depending on who you ask. He had, by mere chance, literally fallen onto two beautiful women. The only downside? Said women were also his superior officers.

As soon as he realized who he had fallen into. He shot straight up, and tilted his head upwards, looking towards the ceiling. His stance strong, and his arms at his side, all in all a perfect at the ready posture, if not for his red face.

"I am so sorry!" he half screamed. Such as his embarrassment that the mild mannered Raltian was reduced to almost hysterics. "Please accept my sincerest apologies!" He then proceed to bow to a near perfect 90 degree angle. Unfortunately, it also caused his head to be submerged. Then again, death by drowning was looking like a good alternative to this whole debacle.

Nevertheless, Klaus head rose and as we turned towards Hoshi to apologize even more, he heard her command to avert their gaze.

And so he did, staring into a empty corner of the onsen, where he moved to. The whole thing was embarrassing, but he didn't mind. He saw the smiles in Eden and Hoshi's faces and that was what mattered. That people where smiling on this day. It was his birthday and so it was his job to make sure everyone had a good time. That's what his name means. Klaus. Victory of the people.

He was content. And he thought of home and family. And came to an abrupt realization.

Grandpa, must NEVER know of this.

Klaus swore he could hear him now, laughing like the madman he was.