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Joe Mortar

Joe Mortar is an NPC.

Joe Mortar
Given Name Joe
Family Name Mortar
Species & Gender Nepleslian Male
Organization: Pizza Boyz
Occupation: Manager
Rank: Top Dog
Current Placement: Funky City

Character Description

Joe Mortar stands 5'10โ€œ and weighs 270 pounds. He has an enormous pot belly that is never fully contained by the cheap, worn-out t-shirts he wears. He seems to ooze grease through every pore, so his clothing always appears shiny and wet. The hair on his head is thinning and his hairline is receding, making it look like wisps of smoke rising from his scalp.

History & Relationships

Joe worked as a mechanic until YE 40, when his shop went bankrupt. Being out of a job and knowing that the landlord was having trouble leasing the property, he started asking around about opportunities that could use cheap real estate. He made contact with a friend of a friend who worked on behalf of an anonymous benefactor who wanted to start an orphanage. In exchange for the job of running the orphanage, he set them up with a very good deal on the building containing the car shop. This orphanage would eventually become Pizza Boyz Combination Orphanage and Pizzeria.

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Hyralt on 2021/01/12 17:55.

* Approval Thread.

Character Data
Character NameJoe Mortar
Character OwnerHyralt
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationFunky City

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