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Cecily Winters

Cecily Winters (Tinacen: DiZimanova-Tsetsiliya) is a player character played by Cecily.

Cecily Winters
Species & Gender: Female (Zhenren Upgrade)
Date of Birth: ER 754 (25日 9月 10 BYE)
Organization: , Yugumo Corporation
Occupation: Vice President of Armaments Development and Acquisition, Yugumo Corporation
Rank: Buchō (部長) (Vice President)
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Thin, athletic, and very clearly an excessively tall Shukaren Daur of some variety. It isn't the pale, moon-tanned skin or the way her eyes are silver-purple with canine pupils that gives away her heritage, it's her lack of human ears. That lack of human ears, instead having white, ink-dipped vulpine ears that protrude her head, pairs with the array of white-furred, black-tipped fox tails that emerge from the base of her spine, dancing and waving as in possession of a mind of their own. In contrast to the white fur, her hair is as black as night, waist long, and shimmering and rippling like a sheet of falling water. She's never seen without a pair of simple ovoid glasses, the way they balance on her nose and cling without ears to rest on suggesting a very custom job.


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Cecily was born in ER 754 (10 BYE) in the city of Netoshen, Nesha Prime (Planet).

Project Ninetails

A black project by Ryu Keiretsu's subsidiary Advancer Enterprises, with financing by Yugumo Corporation to determine exactly how Human a subject needed to be for the Zhenren Human Upgrade Package. Cecily was the voluntary subject. As a Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species), her species had been hybridized with the foxlike foite in the distant past, and as such, was 50% human-derived at most, and likely less. The project was a success, outside of the extended recovery period beyond that experienced by more baseline stock such as a Nepleslian. In addition to increasing her height and mass, the augmentation package also caused her vestigial split tails to bloom into nine, full, fluffy, healthy ones.

Skills Learned

Cecily has the following notable skills:

  • Fighting
  • Engineering
  • Culinary
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Physical
  • Vehicle
  • Chemistry and Demolitions only for munitions loading

Social Connections

Cecily Winters
is connected to:

  • Mishitari (KAIMON Consort)
  • Lisa Winters (Daughter)
  • Mrs. Winters (Wife)

Inventory & Finance



NBY Account # 20211202847493497480249
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS 3,000 KS Savings
35,100 KS 32,100 KS Signing Bonus
35,100 KS Total

Cecily currently has 35,100 KS.

OOC Information

This article was created on 2021/12/01 16:45 using the namespace template.

Note this character is permanently retired from play after the passing of Cecily on 2023-03-14, who will always be missed.

In the case cecily becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM?
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year?
Character Data
Character NameCecily Winters
Character OwnerCecily
Character StatusPermanently Retired Character
Current LocationPort Jiyuu
PlotsBastion of Winter

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