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Valencia Ramiro

Ramiro Trinidad Valencia is a player character played by Gabriel and is currently stationed on the YSS Eucharis.

Ramiro Trinidad Valencia
Species: NH-22C Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 9日 9月, YE 12
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'6“
Weight: 140lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai, 1st XF
Date of Enlistment 13日 9月, YE 30
Occupation: Starship Operations
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6”

Mass: 140lbs

Build and Skin Color: Slender, yet muscular. White

Facial Features and Eye Color: Blue eyes, stern and serious expression.

Hair Color and Style: Brown hair, short enough that it doesn't require a style

Distinguishing Features: Flexible and a large forehead

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ramiro usually comes off as relaxed and laid back, but he takes his work very seriously. He can go from casual to stern in a moment, and it's usually because his casual posture and mannerisms hide his stern and focused mind. Outside of a professional environment he is much more fun and humorous, even playful at times.

Likes: Whoever likes him back Dislikes: His enemies Goals: To do what he can, the best he can, in the most efficient way he knows.

Ramiro's History

This is the character history for Valencia Ramiro

Family (or Creators)

Ramiro was born a Geshrin. His ancestors lived on Nepleslia for generations, and aligned themselves with the Tre Empire after the schism. There is a long history in Ramiro's family of joining the military, and his family had been members of the Nepleslian military longer than anyone in the family knew. Ramiro's grandfather took the family fled to Geshrintall when violence with the Reds began breaking out near their home. Hoping to help curb the violence against the Reds, both Ramiro's father and grandfather both enlisted in the United Empire Forces through the Uesureyan Star Empire. The family stayed true to their “Green” heritage and despised the Yamatai Star Empire once it was founded. They were distrustful of these new Yamataians, having completely dissolved the other UEF factions and the Tre Empire, nor did they like the idea of being ruled by a single sovereign. Ramiro's father transferred to a Geshrin body in YE 2, believing that the government was cataloging citizens who remained Nepleslian and putting them on lists. Around the time of Ramiro's birth, Ramiro's father became paranoid of the Yamataian government, and believed that the government was after the family. He planned to raise Ramiro as a soldier to spy on the Yamataians, and that the family would eventually move back to their ancestral home in Nepleslia.


Ramiro grew up in a deserted area of Yamatai, about 100 miles south of Mezerit, in the forests and small mountain ranges of the eastern portion of the continent of Easterwood. His father, having been a soldier, drilled Ramiro and trained him to one day grow up to be a soldier. Much of his knowledge on fighting and survival was gained from the instruction of his father. In secret Ramiro was always a book worm and loved to fiddle with technology. He would spend his free time hidden away, learn about different types of vehicles and starships. He aspired to one day work on a starship for the Yamataian Army. Despite his father's allegiance towards Nepleslia, Ramiro embraced the Yamataian culture and truly wanted to serve the Empire. Also, Ramiro scorned his father by focusing his interests on a non-infantry occupation. To his father, the idea of being a POG was disgraceful. When he was 14 years old Ramiro ran away from home to pursue his own dreams. For years he lived on his own, hopping from place to place, occasionally being taken in for a brief period before taking off again. He used his knowledge of the wild and his light fingers to ensure that he stayed fed. However, he never strayed too far from a town with a library. During this time he continued learning as much as he could. Anything that might be useful one day to enlisting to fly starships, he wanted to learn. Once the technology was available he had himself changed into a Yamataian. After his change, a few months before coming of age, he returned home to visit his family. During his visit his father flew into a rage, attacking Ramiro as he rambled on about disgracing the family and ancestors. The last thing he heard from his father as he fled were the roars of his father as he screamed that he was disowning Ramiro. When he turned 18 Ramiro enlisted into the Star Army of Yamatai as a Starship Operator.

YSS Eucharis

After finishing his training Ramiro was sent to Gemini Star Fortress where he was to wait for the Eucharis to complete its current assignment. There he met one of his fellow new recruits to the Eucharis, Sune Jalen. Once the Eucharis returned from its mission the new recruits were interviewed and all accepted at which point the crew went on a shopping spree together and then went down to Hanako's World where a beach party was held.

Mission 6 - A Closer Inspection

The YSS Eucharis' 6th mission started with the ship needing to travel to HX-2. To get there the ship was to travel by the galactic south of the Samurai Sector and explore the uncharted territory there. It was on this trip that Ramiro helped to identify and chart HX-21, 22, and 23. After a battle simulation outside of HX-23 the ship received word of an imminent attack upon the Ketsurui Military Sector and Nataria. It was then that Ramiro received a distress call from the destroyed YSS Sakura. On the way to Nataria the Taisa ordered the ship to stop at HX-12, the location of the distress call. There they discovered a man stranded on his own by the name of Yarani Tasuka who was a crew member of the YSS Sakura and YSS Goban. After rescuing Tasuka the ship continued as planned to Nataria.

Mission 7 - Battle at Nataria

Valencia Ramiro

Mission 7.1 - Universe at War

The beginning of mission 7 started with the YSS Eucharis arriving outside of Nataria in the midst of what seemed like a civil war. Yamatain ships were fighting other Yamataian ships. Also SMX Gunships were seen in the area. After investigation it was determined that the SMX ships had somehow corrupted the crew members and computers of some of the Yamataian ships and turned them against each other. The Eucharis got into a slight confrontation with another ship before it was decided the ship would fly to the supply depot to retrieve codes that would allow the crew to take control of some shut-down ships that were in the area. After a space race with one of the SMX ships and at the cost of two wing ships, the Starling and the Aurora, the Eucharis made it to the depot, retrieved the codes, and planted crew members on one of the dormant ships. As they waited for the away team to return a biological hazard was discovered. After analysis it was discovered that bugs had gotten on the ship and were eating the computer chips. They attempted to EMP all they're equipment in an attempt to kill the bugs. Once the way team returned with the needed key card the Taisa set all the other ships in the regiom to self destruct and then launched the damaged, half destroyed, ship out of the systems just in time for the explosion.

Mission 7.2 - Sorting it Out

After arriving at Yamatai the crew was whisked off the ship and stripped of their uniforms before being allowed to leave while the ship was disinfected. So, half-naked, the crew caught a bus to a nearby bar where they met up with some new recruits and Ramiro was promoted. Ramiro then took some personal time to call up his family back home, which was just a quick update on how he was doing, and then a quick hangup before his father had time to get angry at him. Ramiro then followed the rest of the crew on a tour of the Palace which ended abruptly with the collapse of a crew member.

Mission 8 - Veritas and Elysia Novus

Mission 8.1 - Universe at War - Rescue at Veritas

The mission begins by the crew of the YSS Eucharis heading quickly back to the ship in order to begin there next mission. The crew lifts off and Ramiro finally decides it would be a good idea to get a memory backup. The Eucharis speeds to Veritas where it docks and the crew learns of a possible NMX attacks and is split up into different teams. Team Alpha would secure important technology and SAoY personnel, Team Bravo would secure the facilities VIPs, and the team Ramiro was on, Team Charlie, would get to the facilities computers and download the data on a new type of ship. As the crew was about to exit the ship they were ambushed and one of the crew members was killed.

Mission 8.2 - Charlie Team/Blueprints

Ramiro, along with the rest of Charlie Team quickly went through customs and then head to one of the service elevators. Three floors above their desired floor the doors opened and the tam was ambushed by heavy gun fire. The team quickly ducked, covered, and eliminated their opponents. From there the team though it safest to continue down one of the maintenance conduits. One floor above their destination one of the hatches opened and a curious Elysian stuck his head into the conduit. After easily disabling the opponent the team continued out of the conduit and towards the blueprint room. Once in the room they quickly disabled the disguised spies and secured the perimeter just in time for an announcement that NMX forces had entered the system and were engaging the station. Charlie Team quickly rounded up the designers, downloaded the blueprints, hot wired a cart, and began making their way back to the Eucharis. On the way there was an explosion that threw the cart. One of the designers was killed and Sune broke his leg. Ramiro then helped to splint Sune's leg and then made his way towards the Eucharis with the the rest of the team. Along the way a message came over the intercom that said NMX forces were on the station and that self-destruct operation had been initiated. Shortly after the team was ambushed at which point Ramiro got really annoyed, flipped a lid or two, and went completely crazy on the Elysian attackers, going through a couple heavy NSP shots, and the remaining half of his SMG magazine. After over-killing the opponents Ramiro made a deliberate attempt to search for the SMG that he had thrown at the opponents and restocking on ammo. Charlie Team then made it back to the ship and Ramiro and Kumiko took up a defensive position at the bottom of the ramp to the Eucharis.

Mission 8.3 - Escape From Veritas/Battle of Elysia Novus

After waiting for the rest of the crew to return to the Eucharis Ramiro head to the bridge and piloted the ship through a quick getaway from the station, which self-destructed several seconds later. He quickly discovered that the Chusa had been left behind, that Pineapple had ran back for her, and that the Telemachus had been left behind so that Pineapple would have a way to return. After spotting the shuttle they quickly assessed that it was not Pineapple piloting the ship so they hesitantly destroyed the shuttle. The Eucharis then proceeded on to Elysia Novus where an enormous battle was taking place. Once they arrived at Elysia Novus the ship was immediately fired upon by several NMX Destroyers. After getting severely damaged the Eucharis was backed up by Elysian ships, which scared away the enemy Destroyers. As they were about to return to Yamatai they discovered that there were intruders on board. Ramiro and Sune went to stop the intruders and quickly found one in a Mindy. After Sune and Ramiro ran from the power armor they tried to use a back route to the power armor bay. Once inside the bay the discovered that two of the Mindys were gone and they discovered that someone had accessed the shuttle bay. They quickly suited up into two Mindys and entered the shuttle bay to find that one of the shuttles were missing. After chasing down the shuttle the two stolen power armors flew out of the shuttle and engaged them. Before the battle even got anywhere a torpedo from the Eucharis blew up, disabling all of the armors. With some help from the YSS Aeon, which had been sent to assist the Eucharis, the shuttle was destroyed, Ramiro and Sune were retrieved, and the Eucharis was towed back to Yamatai.

Following the Battle at Elysia Novus, Ramiro thought it was time for a change of pace, and requested transfer to become an instructer at Fort Ready II

Fort Ready

For almost a year and a half, Ramiro was an instructor UX-13 Training Center (Fort Ready II). He instructed a basic training class along with Aendri Shasos'Shol, following the curriculum outlined by the Basic Training Program. Upon completion of the Basic Training Program, Ramiro and Aendri ran the recruits through two final simulations, a power armor combat scenario involving the recruits combating Rippers and a combat scenario involving close-combat due to an enemy breach of their starship. Upon completion of the simulations and the recruits graduating from the program, Ramiro requested a transfer, having missing the life on the front lines.

Return to the YSS Eucharis

In YE 33, Ramiro returned to the YSS Eucharis.

Mission 12

Mission 12.1 - Encounter at Shara

Upon arrival back to the YSS Eucharis, the crew traveled to the Shara System where they would have the honor of conducting First Contact with the Gartagen civilization. Upon exiting the ship, Ramiro made contact with Solar Commander Di, whom he gave a tour of the ship while they asked each other questions regarding the operations and programming of technologies. Once the tour was concluded Ramiro followed Di to a banquet hall where the two discussed the use of technologies such as utilities, emergency services, police, personal electronics, and other things of that nature. During the conversation Ramiro had the opportunity to sample Gartagen cuisine. Upon completion of the meal, Ramiro rushed back to the ship, which was to depart immediately.

Mission 12.2 - Interception

After leaving Gartaga the Eucharis went immediately to the Ether system where a Gartagen force was combating a small group of NMX ships. The Eucharis got int a space battle with several of the ships. After some damage was dealt back and forth between the two opposing forces NMX reinforcements began to arrive in the system. Severely outnumbered, the fleet closed in on the Eucharis, about to destroy it. Just then, the 1SF and 1XF folded in and began attacking the NMX forces. Even with the the help of the 1st Fleets, the ship had taken too much damage and Ramiro brought it to the surface because Hanako though it best for the crew to attempt ground combat. After the ship landed the crew assembled in different armor and vehicles for ground combat.

Mission 12.3 - Red Snow

Once the ground mission began the Away Team was attacked by a tank and several other ground units. After a fire fight, in which the crew took a Neko prisoner, they decided to use information obtained from the prisoner to access data files in a nearby NMX Neko Production Facility and then destroy the facility. The team arrived at the facility and proceeded towards a hidden rear entrance while Ramiro stayed behind in the tank, since he had not brought any armor. Ramiro waited for the team return and was alerted by a large boom. After surveying the area, he saw the away team rushing back towards the tank, followed by a horde of NMX. Once the crew members has returned and Hanako was safe inside the tank, the crew rushed away from the horde. Just then, Yaichiro showed up with the YSS Eucharis and decimated the NMX forces with the ship's anti-armor weaponry.

Mission 12.4 - Warm and Wet

After successfully escaping from Ether the YSS Eucharis went to Yamatai for repairs. While the crew was there, they enjoyed some Rest and Relaxation time in one of the hot springs which Hanako had reserved for the crew. After some small discussion meant for the crew to get to know each other a bit more, they proceeded to the dining room for a meal. An outburst from a commonly insubordinate Elysian crew member, which resulted in him breaking some of the fine china, led to Hanako pulling the crew member outside. After a moment of rage in which she pummeled the Elysian, Hanako Dishonorably Discharged him. The crew then enjoyed a tour of the palace as well as some shopping in a Kyoto Shopping District.

Mission 13 - Ghost Towns

The crew's R&R was abruptly cut short by a Parasite Outbreak in Kyoto. For the safety of the Princess, they Eucharis departed immediately to rejoin the 1XF which was on its way to help with the rescue effort is the Jiyuu system. After rejoining the fleet they were given the task of rescuing as many citizens as possible in Tokyo Residential District 78 as well as locating and rescuing Wasuremono Koharu. After the ship landed, Ramiro paired up with the SAINT Officer to take out two snipers. After dealing with the snipers, Ramiro joined up with a small team that was going to deal with Koharu's extraction. Upon arriving at Koharu's residence the team found a communication device which they used to retrieve Koharu's coordinates. After getting Koharu aboard, Ramiro arrived at the bridge just in time to deal with a battle pod assault. Once all of the immediate combat was resolved Ramiro piloted the ship out of the system.

Mission 14

Valencia Ramiro

Mission 14.1 - Nataria Reclaimed

The 1XF and 1SF arrived at Nataria just after the system was retaken by the Second Draconian Fleet. The Eucharis' mission was to take an armor team down to the surface and secure data from an NMX Neko Production Plant. As Hanako and Sune went aboard the YSS Miharu to retrieve their mission logs, Ramiro was placed in charge of the armor team. As they were about to deploy they were informed that Yamatai was under attack. Their mission was retracted the and crew sped towards Yamatai to aid in the battle.

Mission 14.2 - The Battle of Yamatai

The ship arrived at Yamatai just in time to see the NMX fleet decimate Hoshi no Iori. The fleets sped forward to engage the NMX just as Taisho Yui sprung the ambush trap that she had prepared. As the 1XF and 1SF engaged the NMX, the Yamatai Defense Fleet sprung from hiding to assist with the defense, and the Second Draconian Fleet arrived to add to the firepower. Now outnumbering the enemies two to one, the Eucharis assaulted and destroyed one of the NMX's primary assault ships, causing secondary damage to many nearby ships. Even though the Star Army continued to obliterate the NMX forces, the Eucharis took a great deal of damage since it became a primary target for the NMX due to it being a primary ship as well as housing a Ketsurui. Ramiro piloted the ship as well as he could, even though it continued to take damage, shooting down NMX transports as he went. After a major hit to the rear of the ship NMX parasites breached the ship, infecting Pineapple, who proceeded to equip herself with a PA and destroy both of the engines. Crippled, the ship plummeted towards the surface of the planet. As the rest of the ship evacuated, Ramiro and Takeyu stayed behind to attempt to safely land the ship. After an emergency crash-landing in the ocean, Ramiro and Takeyu fled the battered ship to rejoin the rest of the crew on the shore. From there, the crew spent the rest of the battle combating enemy ground troops on the planet. After a fight with some NMX tanks and Rippers, the crew boarded a shuttle which Ramiro piloted to the Kyoto Starport.

Mission 14.3 - Aftermath

With the battle over and the Eucahris being repaired by KFY personnel, the crew had room to breath. After Ramiro got a mental backup, he cooked up some bacon and sausage for the crew (since the cooks were busy being respawned) to make sure that they would all be ready for work. Before work began, however, Hanako held an awards ceremony in which Ramiro was promoted to a Juni, along with receiving several other awards. After the ceremony, Ramiro helped Takeyu with some ship repairs, taking care of some faulty wiring as well as replacing some parts to the main weapons array.

Mission 15 - Gifted

Having finished up some of the minor repairs following the Battle of Yamatai and the Eucharis now underway, Ramiro was assigned to a boarding party lead by Jalen Sune although they won't told any details of the mission. After configuring his power armor with some shield modules Ramiro joined the rest of the crew for some Yule Tide festivities, during which he was able to spend time with an old friend, Konoka Miyazawa, who would be joining them on the mission. During the festivities Ramiro was gifted a model of a Nepleslian Tank from Hanako, and it was also when he was informed that the upcoming mission was to rescue a duplicate Hanako who was thought to have died and thus respawned as the current Hanako. Soon after an unidentified ship attempted to make contact with the Eucharis despite the Eucharis being stealthed. Ramiro contacted the ship which identified themselves on behalf on Kage Yaichiro who had asked the ship to deliver repair parts and gifts to the ship (the gifts consisted of a Limited Edition and Individually Numbered Yui Scout Ceremonial Sword, 10000KS, a snow globe with the Eucharis inside, a model kit of the Eucharis, YB-28A Triple Power magazine for the NSP, with scope, rails, and charger). After docking with the ship the Eucharis continued underway, aiming to get as far from the ship as possible. When they finally arrived at the target planet, the NMX weren't far behind. A lengthy wait was quickly followed by a difficult decent as the NMX began assaulting the planet.

Once on the planet they were immediately engaged by hostiles. After a short skirmish Sune was hit and killed by an enemy, at which point Ramiro activated his full set of shield modules and used his Aether Sword to cut down as many enemies as he could. Fearing that they would be overrun and without an officer in charge, Ramiro assumed command of the team of crew members with him and ordered them to retreat. Shortly after, the NMX dropped Aether bombs on the sight of the skirmish, wiping out any enemies and friendlies left behind. In the aftermath of the explosion Ramiro gathered what surviving members he could, only Bors, Akemi, and Konoka, and made his way to a nearby mountain where his IFF had been pinged with a friendly signal. Though several attempts were made to contact Hanako Two and the other Eucharis team, he received nothing beyond the initial ping. On the way there the team had to pause in order for first aid to be administered as needed, during which much of the NMX forces left the area which made open communication possible. Finally getting in contact with the rest of the crew, Ramiro found out that the other team hadn't been hit as hard and wew able to set up a temporary base, as well begin planning the search. He also found out that another of his team mates, Suzuke, had survived the blast and was out solo somewhere. Ramiro the ordered the team to the rendezvous point. Hanako was able to send down shuttles with sensor equipment to begin surveying the planet while the rest of the crew rendezvoused at a temporary base on top of the mountain. There the crew had time to rest and get new equipment, however an NMX scout shortly arrived into the system which meant that more forces weren't far behind. Ramiro met quickly with Helen, who assigned Ramiro's team two of the six zones that they had divided the planet's equatorial area into.

Grabbing Konoka, Ramiro went to search the furthest of the zones, allowing the rest of his team to rest a little while longer due to more extensive injuries, after which they would search the nearer zone. Flying into a low-orbit to allow for quicker travel around the planet, Ramiro and Konoka headed to their assigned zone before reentering the atmosphere and conducting a search pattern while sending IFF pings and radio communications. Eventually he found trees cut down, small farmland, and other signs of life. After reporting to the rest of the crew, the NMX Scout began bombarding his location, at which point the Eucharis began moving into position to take it out. Pressed for time, he and Konoka quickly located a cave where they found Hanako Two and were picked up by the now resurrected Sune in one of the shuttles. The NMX Scout now destroyed, they were on their way back to the ship when a fleet of NMX forces arrived and began attacking. In an effort to save Hanako Two, Ramiro had her don an AMES suit and seal herself in the cockpit while he and Konoka, still in Power Armor, exit the rear ramp and protect the shuttle. With some help from Konoka, Ramiro managed to destroy enough enemy battlepods to allow the shuttle to safely land within the Eucharis. Returning to his post on the bridge, Ramiro set course for the Virginia system and while en route reminisced with Sune about their time with Hanako on board the Eucharis

Mission 16 - The Nest

Once again, the Eucharis had some minor dock time in order to patch what damage could be patched in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, the crew had a day or two to relax before they were ordered back on the ship. During a meeting in the Wardroom they were told that they would be attacking a major NMX hub. 50 infantry were to be assigned temporarily to the ship and each crew member would be given a small team of infantry with which to complete the mission. The crew was then split into two task forces, the other to take out the main reactor and his to secure an enemy ship. After arriving in stealth to the NMX space station and loading up into the shuttle with the rest of the people on his team, all led by Helen Klein, the shuttle made its way to the space station and latched itself onto the hull. After the shuttle automatically drilled its way into the hull and opened the airlock, sewage began to flood the ship. It would seem that they had drilled right into one of the sewage storage areas. After making their way past the sewage they proceeded up a nearby ladder. Upstairs was a meat processing plant which Ramiro stated “Looks like the butcher shop my family used back in Mezerit. Although, since they are squiddies, that's probably exactly what this is.” They made their way further into the station before being detected and an alarm sounded against them. During the combat that ensued Ramiro stumbled on a group of captured Gartagens who identified them as military. They held out as long as possible, killing as many enemies as they could. Ramiro, in an attempt to take as many of them as possible with him, sprinted at a group of Rippers and hacked away, taking out a few of them before on them took his head as a trophy.

Waking up bare-ass in the Eucharis Medical Lab, Ramiro was informed of the situation before he head off to the Power Armor Bay to suit up in order to rejoin the fight. A soldier from the YSS Vesper brought over a teleport module for him to use, at which point he teleported back to the rest of the team. Appearing in the middle of a firefight, he immediately began laying down cover fire to allow some some of the other soldiers time to regroup with the rest of the team that was farther ahead. After catching up with the rest of the team they were able to board an enemy ship and hack their way into the bridge. Once they got inside the found an aether torpedo in the middle of the room. Jumping out of the armor, still bare-ass, Ramiro went to work at one of the terminals trying to disarm the torpedo through the ship while someone else tried to disarm it directly. With moments to spare Tomomi was able to disable the torpedo, after which they all got the ship up and running. Piloting it out of the NMX Hub, they discovered a mass space battle had been going on while they had been inside. Buying some time and firing on whatever he could see, he waited for the Eucharis to contact them, after which they were ordered to fold to HX-22.

Mission 16.1 - Hanako's World

After their latest mission the crew of the Eucharis stopped by Hanako's World for some well-needed rest and relaxation. After accompanying Hanako shopping as her temporary personal body guard the two retired to the beach for the rest of the evening where Ramiro erected her a small sun awning before laying down and resting on the sand. When the evening grew darker Hanako built up a bonfire and the crew sat roasting marshmallows for the rest of the evening.

Mission 17

Mission 17.1 - Odds and Ends

With shore leave over the ship stopped over at Gemini Star Fortress before departing for UX-11 IX. Once they landed they were tasked with sorting through some containers of odd-and-ends items and were told they could take what they please. Ramiro was in charge of driving the tank in order to move around some of the larger containers. After the rest of the crew had finished going through the containers they reconed a busted up UOCPF ship while Ramiro continued hauling the containers. Meanwhile Hanako was reviving a Lorath Occhestian slave that had been contained within the items. Clothing the slave she found him a place to stay for the time being. Afterwards the crew returned to the Eucharis at which point Ramiro towed the UOCPF ship back to the Second Squadron Base. There the crew had an awards and promotion ceremony.

Mission 17.2 - Friends

Following the awards and promotions ceremony the crew stopped by a restaurant called Sam's Island Grill. After a quick meal and some flirting with one of the waitresses Ramiro went to bed a little early while the rest of the crew stayed up and played truth or dare. In the morning Ramiro woke up early because three of the crew members, Sune, Konoka, and Reika had been transferred to another vessel and he wanted to see some of his oldest friends off as they caught their shuttle. Climbing on top of one of the Eucharis' wing he looked just in time to the shuttle lift off. He sent an open telepathic broadcast to them, saying his goodbyes, before he climbed back down and head to the bridge. But entering the bridge, he found that somebody was in his seat…

Mission 17.3 - Peoples of the North

The Eucharis was on the way to Lorath space to drop of the Occhestian that the crew had found on UX-11 IX. Midway they stopped in Gartagen space in order to check up on their progress fighting the NMX on the system of Ether.

Missions 18 and 19

Ramiro took part in YSS Eucharis Mission 18.1 - Winter Leave, Mission 18.2 - Into The Night, Mission 18.4 - Back to the Ship, Mission 19.1 - Derelicts, Mission 19.2B - Clues, and Mission 19.3 - Return to Eucharis.

Kyoto War Academy

With the war winding down, command had deemed that Ramiro's skills would be best served educating the future leaders of the SAoY. Ramiro was transferred in YE 35 to serve as an instructor at the Kyoto War College. He considered returning to a combat role about a year and a half later, but command deemed his ability to train others too important. While in Kyoto Ramiro took up tinkering with ship parts as a hobby, and purchased a condo in the city.

At the Academy, Ramiro was mostly responsible for teaching officer training courses related to the Starship Operator MOS, along with some other generic courses. Often he would only teach one unit of a larger course that was divided among many instructors. These courses include Starship Weaponry, Starship Operations in the Post-War Theater, Military History, Starship Piloting, Space Combat Tactics, and Fundamentals of Star Army Operations. Since he isn't an officer himself, he never touched any of the courses on the orders process, combat strategy, or operations planning. He also conducted various research work and wrote manuals and guides as part of requirements for academic contributions. Lastly, he would sometimes be asked to help with technology development by ensuring that new equipment or programs developed for Starship Operators were designed in a way that maximized their efficiency and made them easy to use or learn.



Ramiro is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He character is fluent in Trade (language), Yamataigo (邪馬台語), and Nepleslian. He can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. He is also proficient in many computer languages meant for coding and programing. While he has SPINE capabilities, he is old-school and is not proficient in its use.

Technology Operations

Ramiro is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. He also has experience with the computers used on a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship and is extremely proficient at the use of terminals, computers, and other systems on these gunships. While he has SPINE capabilities, he is old-school and is not proficient in its use.

Starship Operations

Ramiro has advanced knowledge on the workings and operations of a variety of starships and spacecraft. He specializes in the overall operations of starship systems, and has developed a knack for integrating and coordinating subsystem operations to increase efficiency and maximize utility. He has career experience aboard a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship and excels at starship operations on this type of gunship. His primary experience lies with piloting the starship, starship systems, sensors, and starship weaponry.


When being schooled Ramiro took advanced courses such as Trigonometry and Calculus. He has hands on experience applying these types of mathematics to real-world situations.


Ramiro is experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons he was trained in include energy pistols, knives, grenades, energy rifles, and power armor. When a child his father drilled him and trained him in the arts of fighting. He also received hand-to-hand combat training after enlistment, followed up with a rigorous training program. Through adaption and hands-on experience Ramiro has become proficient with the use of Light Sub-machine Guns (SMGs).

Survival and Military

From the military skills his father taught him as a child and from his love of nature as a child Ramiro knows the in depth details of how to survive in the wild and live off the land. He also knows how to track, navigate, and in most cases can camouflage well enough to not be noticed by people passing by. These skills, however, are slightly rusty since Ramiro hasn't had any experience in this area since enlisting in the military.


Ramiro was regarded as a natural born leader when he was a child. His father, being a military enthusiast, sent Ramiro to leadership camps and forced him to take courses to enhance his leadership abilities. Upon working aboard the Eucharis he quickly learned how to adapt to changing situations and how to gain respect of new comrades. Through his seniority on board the ship Ramiro has learned how to both lead people of equal and lower rank, and has learned how to help leaders when he himself is not one. He also has experience as an instructor at UX-13 Training Center (Fort Ready II) where he instructed for over a year, and at the Kyoto War Academy where he instructed for four years.

Star Army History (Knowledge)

Having taken advanced training prior to his placement at the War Academy, and due to his years of teaching at the War Academy, Ramiro has attained an extensive understanding of the history of the Star Army of Yamatai. He has taught introductory courses on this topic and read thoroughly on this topic during his time as an instructor.

Inventory and Finances

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Medals and Awards

Rank Pin Date Received Reason
Santô Hei Santô Hei 13日 9月 YE 30 Starting Rank
Nitô Hei Nitô Hei 12日 2月 YE 31 Enlistment Appreciation
Nitô Heisho Nitô Heisho 19日 4月 YE 31 Missions 6 and 7
Jôtô Heisho Jôtô Heisho 14日 4月 YE 33 Missions 12
Nitô Juni Nitô Juni 28日 8月 YE 33 Battle of Yamatai
Ittô Juni Ittô Juni 25日 6月 YE 34 Assault on NMX Rabaal Nest
Award Name Pin Received Reason
Training Award Training Award YE 30 Basic Training
Exploration Exploration Award 22日 2月 YE 31 Exploration of HX-22
Service Award Service Award 19日 4月 YE 31 YSS Eucharis Mission 6
* Service Award (2st) Service Award 19日 4月 YE 31 YSS Eucharis Mission 7
Star Army War Medal War Medal 19日 4月 YE 31 Second Mishhuvurthyar War
Notable Career Award Notable Career Award 13日 9月 YE 31 One Year in the SAoY
* Service Award (3rd) Service Award 28日 8月 YE 33 Battle of Yamatai
Combat Award Combat Award 28日 8月 YE 33 Battle of Yamatai
* Star Army War Medal (2st) War Medal 28日 8月 YE 33 Second NMX War - Battle of Yamatai
Good Conduct Award Good Conduct Award 28日 8月 YE 33 Conduct during the Battle of Yamatai
Experience Award Experience Award 28日 8月 YE 33 Completion of 5 missions
Distinguished Career Award Distinguished Career Award 13日 9月 YE 33 Three Years in the SAoY
* Service Award (4th) Service Award 25日 6月 YE 34 Assault on Rabaal “Nest”
* Combat Award (2st) Combat Award 25日 6月 YE 34 Assault on Rabaal “Nest”
Character Data
Character NameValencia Ramiro
Character OwnerGabriel
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankChui
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Operator
SAOY AssignmentFort Minori Reserve Center
DOR YearYE 43

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