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Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver

In early-mid YE 41 Galactic Horizon went to work developing a line of robust and sturdy firearms that still shared a lot of features with more modern weapons on the market, something you could drag through hell and back with the comforting thought in the back of your mind that the gun by your side would continue firing – this line of weapons began with the Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver, more commonly referred to as the RCR.

About the Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver

There’s an old trick most people who put a lot of time and dedication into the art of firing a revolver know, a certain way of dampening the recoil that just makes you look a bit silly if you try it with a semi-automatic – usually when a revolver is fired, the cylinder rotates clockwise; this creates a rotational force in the gun that the shooter can correct with wrist/elbow movement.

The RCR takes this concept of recoil dampening and bakes it into the design of their first revolver, taking the right bit of kick out of its recoil to improve the accuracy and liken it more to the solely backwards shunt of a semi-automatic pistol while maintaining the rugged design and reliability of a wheel-gun.

Nomenclature Information

Statistical information about the Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver’s measurements and nomenclature.

  • Designer: Galactic Horizon
  • Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
  • Name: Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver
  • Nomenclature: GH-W2-5B
  • Type: Chemical Projectile Propulsion
  • Role: Anti-personnel Revolver
  • Length: 28cm/11inches
  • Mass: 4pounds/1.8kg


Upon first glance the Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver is just another wheel-gun, a rather sleek one with a clean finish but closer inspection reveals the cylinder that appears slightly larger than it needs to be due to the counter-recoil mechanism it is based off of, in addition to this the cylinder sits flush with the barrel though other than and the fact the barrel is in line with the bottom of the cylinder this it just appears to be a modern revolver – complete with two rails, running across the top and bottom of the barrel, and tritium-laced sights.

Discharge Information

Below is information related to what happens each time the weapon is fired.

  • Muzzle Flash: A cone of fire out the barrel’s end.
  • Retort: A loud bang followed by a supersonic crack as each shot breaks the sound barrier 1)
  • Effective Range 1,800meters/1968.5yards or 650meters/710yards2)
  • Rate of Fire: As fast as the shooter can squeeze the trigger.
  • Recoil:Due to how low the barrel is the recoil kicks back with each shot rather than pushing the barrel up like most other firearms, and in addition to this the gun’s unique solution to revolvers kicking sideways noticeably when the cylinder rotates eliminates this factor entirely, causing it to recoil straight back into the shooter’s hand – Moderate recoil for a revolver when using 7.7x30mm ammo, light when using 7.7x15mm rounds.


Below is information about the ammunition this weapon uses.

Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Damage Quickchart
(Type/Mode) Purpose
Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Subsonic Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
Galactic Horizon 7.7x15mm Damage Quickchart
(Type/Mode) Purpose
Galactic Horizon 7.7x15mm Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: Double action revolver that can counter the rotational energy of its own cylinder – uses teeth on the front of the cylinder to spin the counterweight anti-clockwise and mitigate the sideways pull of the cylinder’s clockwise rotation as the weapon fires, gun kicks straight back into the user's hand instead of flicking the barrel up due to the “underdog” style barrel. Manually cocking back the revolver's “faux hammer”3) makes the next trigger-pull much lighter.
  • Loading: An ambidextrous cylinder release paddle situated above the trigger on either side can be depressed to allow the barrel and cylinder to swing downwards on a hinge, as it breaks open a spring-loaded ejector pushes out empty shells before resetting to make way for new ammunition to be loaded in – if opened slowly the shells are pushed most of the way out though not ejected, allowing the user to check the cylinder without ejecting unused ammunition.
  • Mode Selector: N/A
  • Firing Modes:Semi-automatic
  • Safety Mechanism: This particular gun features a grip-safety, a small tab on the back of the back of the weapon’s grip that allows It to fire when depressed, it is slightly curved and shaped in such a way that gripping it as one would normally grip a handgun disengages it for as long as it is depressed - in addition to this it maintains the heavy trigger pull that makes revolvers so safe in the first place.
  • Weapon Sight: two tritium-lit prongs at the rear of the gun are lines up with a single tritium-lit post at the end of the barrel, alternatively it can accept alternate optics via the top rail.
  • Attachment Hard Points: A rail along both the top and bottom of the barrel.


A lot of the RCR’s internals are forged from anodized Skusten for improved reliability and longevity of the firearm, this revolver should last the buyer a lifetime if not outlasting them entirely - the underside of the grip even has a metal butt-plate capable of breaking cinder blocks with a single swing.


The Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver is available on the open market for anybody to purchase.

  • Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver: 400ks/800rn

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Cylinder: 25ks/50rn
  • Hammer: 15ks/30rn
  • Trigger: 15ks/30rn
  • Frame: 35ks/70rn
  • Counterweight assembly: 40ks/80rn

Optional Attachments

  • Suppressed Barrel: 85ks/170rn
  • Speed loader: 25ks/50rn
  • Polychromatic laser pointer: 50ks/100rn
  • Vented counterweight assembly:4) 40ks/80rn
  • Flashlight: 25ks/50rn


Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)
Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm 40ks/80rn
Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Subsonic50ks/100rn
Galactic Horizon 7.7x15mm 40ks/80rn

OOC Notes

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unless subsonic ammo is used
dependent on ammunition
external component that links to the weapon's actual, internal hammer. Mirrors the actions of the internal hammer
weapon cannot be effectively suppressed with this, improves heat management

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