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Galactic Six

Galactic Six is the brand name used by Galactic Horizon and Section 6 when they pool resources, manpower, and ideas to manufacture new products together via splitting the workload and funds evenly between both entities. The two entities have been close ever since Galactic Horizon first set up shop on Planet Osman in YE 40 and this just proves they can continue to synergize well with one another despite whatever the world may throw at them.

About Galactic Six

Donvan Black arranged a meeting between the higher-ups of Section 6 and Galactic Horizon in YE 40 to propose a new joint venture for both entities. Although little more than a paper trail, it allowed for both sides to work better with one another to pool resources, ideas, and manpower together for an equal split of the payout; additionally, the undertaking is relatively inexpensive to maintain due to the entities just using their pre-existing infrastructure.

Below is the Galactic Six logo, which was inspired by the logos of Galactic Horizon and Section 6.


“Synergy, Unity, Results”

General Information

Below is general information about Galactic Six.

Galactic Six
CEO Riccard Black & Mark Oaklen1)
Faction Section 6 & kingdom_of_neshaten2)
Product Symbol G6


Below is a list of products designed and/or developed by Galactic Six.


Galactic Six is run by Riccard Black and Mark Oaklen (the two individuals are co-CEOs of Galactic Six), with all decisions being made once the duo has come up with a unanimous decision. The two usually communicate via conference calls or other long-distance means from their own respective companies and meet up when discussing business with new clientele or a face-to-face meeting is preferred.


As stated above, Galactic Six makes use of Galactic Horizon and Section 6 infrastructure when working on projects, with both sides doing whatever they can to help out; due to how close the two entities have always been, this eases the process of information and/or prototypes being sent where they need to go.


Galactic Six uses a combination of the personnel structures from both Galactic Horizon and Section 6, with Riccard Black and Mark Oaklen being the two co-CEOs in charge of it all.

OOC Notes

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The two individuals are co-CEOs of Galactic Six.

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